miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2016

true love is usually the most inconvenient kind

-The Selection ~ Kiera Cass

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anyway, as you know I have 7 free days of Kindle Unlimited and I'm squeezing every minute of it haha it'll get over on sep the 2nd, so I have to hurry up if I want to keep on reading :P
well well, something important: I have a little secret.. this is NOT the second book I've read so far.. I'm gonna cheat in the future (sorry!), hope you don't mind!

okay, I don't have a lot to say plus I don't have so much time to make a longer entry, so let's start with this one!

The Selection by Kiera Cass
this is the first book in The Selection series, and, I have to say, I was dying to put my hands on it!
honestly, the cover is too pretty that it was the main reason why I wanted to buy it, but, as I always do, I put other books first in my "books-I-want-to-buy" list so it had to wait.. well, even if I already read it, I want to get it, it won't be soon T__T but one day.. one day..

according to the opinions, this series is a combination between The Hunger Games and a Reality Show; honestly the thing of THG caught my eye but the reality show one, well, let's say that is not my thing :| so I wasn't sure about what to expect..

first things first, it's a "dystopian fairy tale" so it kinda reminded me a lot of The Hunger Games and Divergent.. and I'm sure as hell the book is not what I thought, it was an easy reading full of funny parts, but also it has its "touchy" parts, and, honestly, I didn't expect to have such a great time while reading it..

the plot is really easy to follow: 35 girls fight for the Prince's heart..
but of course, they don't fight haha they enter a competition to win and everyone in the country gets to see what's going on, that's where the "Reality Show" part gets in..
and I'm sure you already caught the idea: the girls are fighting not only to get the Prince's heart and become a Princess, no.. they also are fighting to become the new Queen

I liked a lot the main character, America, even if sometimes she was quite annoying, I saw something in her that reminded me to myself; I liked how strong, intelligent and cute she seems, I just hope she doesn't turn into someone different, I want her to keep her essence

the prince, Maxon, is akwardly cute haha he seems to be really nice and charming.. a gentleman!

I think this book summons every person's dream: become part of the royality
even if some of us don't want to accept it, at least once in our lives, we thought that being a princess/prince would be a dream come true.. maybe that's why these books have been so sucessful

this was the kind of book I wasn't able to put down, it got me laughing, screaming and crying..
the way the author writes is really easy that it's very very easy to understand and you get completely inmerse into the story that before you notice, you're finishing the book

in general I liked a lot the book, and I repeat: it's not what I thought; maybe it won't make it to my "Top 10 books I've read this year" but definitely it won't be part of the worst ones haha

if you want to read my complete review (in spanish) click here n__n

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woah.. I can't believe august is almost over O__O time passes by flying when you're having fun, uh? that can only mean one thing: October is around the corner! haha it's time to get spooky haha

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