martes, 26 de junio de 2012

❧make me feel like a QUEEN! ♚

grrr this weekend my INTERNET died.. I was.. going crazy T_____T
no internet = me insane

whatever.. finally I have internet again!! yay ◕‿◕
I went to buy my sis' bday present n______n her birthday is gonna be soon.. so I better prepare.. ❤ 

uhm.. what else? ohhh I'm obssessed with the Vampire Diaries! OMFG! I just love Damon❤ LOL

domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

✂----- Sunday, bloody sunday.. -----

ohhhh this past wednesday I watched the season finale of The Secret Circle
it was amazing! ◕‿◕ I just love that show.. but on friday I was looking the FB page.. and OMG! the show was cancelled!! I was (well, I am) so sad!! how could that be possible?? it was a great show u_____u

I had a great feeling about it since the channel (in my country) announced the "new" show..
now I'm hooked.. but there's not gonna be a second season.. what can I do? I could read the books but.. they are not sold in my country ¬¬

well.. I think maybe I have to order them in english.. maybe that's the only way to know how TSC ends..

btw I'm in love with Cassie&Adam  they are just to perfect together.. ◕‿◕

"Feel that? The tingling when my hand was touching yours?
That's your energy connecting to mine.."

"A drop of water, as light as air,
a drop of water as light as air"

see you next time n_____n

Sharon Van Etten - We Are Fine♫

jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

~☁ Rainy days.. ☂

haha I wasn't able to access to my acc :( but finally!!
so.. these have been crazy days! first is warm, a lot of sun.. and then BAM!
RAAAAAAIN.. ❤ like a monsoon LOL I just love rain! ❤‿‿❤

my garden looked like a river haha! and my dog wanted to go out and play on the water ¬¬ WTF!