domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016


-Loki ~ Mike Vasich

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry! hope you're doing great n__n I've been quite busy doing some stuff, but finally I'm able to come and make a new entry :P

so, I've been reading another book haha but I've also been doing an intense research around my house.. I need to find my USB wire!
maybe I haven't mentioned it here, but here's the thing: like one month ago my oldest sister was looking for an USB wire to her camera 'casue she wasn't able to find hers when she moved so I loaned her mine, which, luckily, fit her camera..

the point is that like two weeks ago I asked her if she could give it back 'cause I needed it.. she said she already gave it to me! I was like "WTF sis, no.. I don't have it" but she insisted and so did I..
at the end she told me sha was going to look for it in her house and I said I was going to do the same at mine..

to this day I'm still waiting for my USB wire T__T I need to upload a lot of pics to my laptop! and there's when that "problem" enters here: I needed a picture from my camera for this entry.. but I guess I'll have to come later to edit this with the proper pic ¬¬

anyway, let's start with this!

look at it and tell me it isn't perfect *-*
I fell in love with it when I saw it! and so kindly my sis bought it for me! now he's part of my growing collection of small lego figures n__n'

thanks to Marvel movies I LOVE LOKI!
is probably my favourite villain and, also, I love the actor who plays him!

I have to say I guess it was signal for the book I had to read..

[image to be edited soon..]

Loki by Mike Vasich
okay, I found it for "free" for Kindle Unlimited, and, like I always say: I don't like to read on my lap and/or phone.. but I did it..
I even finished today, at 1 a.m. T__T

okay, I wanted to read it 'cause the name, obviously, caught my attention, so I gave it a try

this book is actually pretty obvious what it is about: Norse mythology; so if you like it then you'll find this book interesting, but for me it doesn't give us something new; the main plot is how and why the Ragnarok arrived to the Nine Worlds

at first I thought it was written only on Loki's perspective, but, surprisingly, sadly and even gladly, I found it it wasn't, we are able to read on different character's PoV

I don't really know a lot of Norse myths, so I'm not sure if the "short stories" the book has are the "real" ones or not, but I'm thinking they are, so every few chapters you can read one of those and then the next chapters are about it in an extended way..

for me, all the book is a big "it's Loki fault", and through it I could feel more sympathy for him, even if he acted wrong at the end, well, after all it wasn't the one to blame
I was also quite angry with the characters' behaviour (especially the Aesir) with everyone else who was not like them  :|

after all, it was a nice book BUT I have to say that at the begining I considered to stop reading it 'cause I thought it was kind of slow and a little bit boring but I kinda forced myself to continue reading and, through it, I considered quitting again or even to skip some pages, which I didn't do :P

I guess the "short stories" tell you everything you need to know but the author gives them perspective and make you see the other side of the story (which reminds me of Wicked..)

so yeah, I liked it; even if I found it interesting but I don't think this is my kind of book, it bored me sometimes and I honestly thought I was going to get more Loki of it..

if you want to see my full review, in spanish of course, click here n__n

so now I think I'm kind of ready for the next Thor movie haha I want to see my baby Loki so badly *-* and also, Karl Urban is going to be on it too! what else could I ask for? I only hope not to cry too much :P

otherwise, I decided to paint my nails! well, I actually painted them on friday.. but here they are..

the design is pretty simple, it doesn't have so much science.. but right now I'm thinking it kinda looks very serious and probably formal..

I used a dark aqua shade as a base in two nails; on the other three I used a soft brown (like an almond shade haha), in two of them I used some nail tape to do a triangle with the aqua polish; I put a round gold stone to all the nails, then added a matte top coat to all of them..

now that I see them, it kind of looks that they perfectly match the entire entry! haha they are like some kind of Loki nails LOL
but I swear it wasn't my intention..

well, I guess that's all for now, sorry for the long entry..
as the book image says I'll come back soon (I don't know when exactly) to edit it.. I really hope it'll be soon u__u

anyway, thanks for reading/passing by! I don't know when I'll be doing the next entry, so, for now, I hope you'll have a wonderful sunday!

bye bye!