martes, 16 de agosto de 2016

At last, the wheel comes full circle

-Clockwork Princess ~ Cassandra Clare

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great! welcome to a new entry n__n I've been quite busy these past few days and also, I'm sick ¬¬' but I guess I'm feeling better.. but just a little bit x__x
it was kind of weird reading while I'm sick.. 'cause I have a lot of sleep and I'm tired and also I have a lot of nasal weeping haha and everytime I cried it felt strange but it was a great excuse for all the tissues and the red eyes haha

ohh I also have some good news: finally, new episodes of Miraculous Ladybug are airing in my country! I know I already watched them, in french of course haha, but I was excited to watch them in spanish *-* they started airing yesterday (one new everyday) and they started with Origins part 1! how cool is that? today they aired Origins part 2.. and it was so amazing.. the umbrella scene *-* ohmygods!

okay, let me tell you one thing: I'll come back in an hour or so to edit this, okay? I'm a little bit hurried right now and still in shock/crying like a baby.. so.. I'm sorry!
I promise I'll be back n__n

as I said a few hours ago I'm here to edit this :P so let's start with this 'cause I just started to think it will be a long entry..

as I said up there, I was reading and today I finished my book (finally!) and guess what? it made me cry like a baby but it was so beautiful! I'm still denying it's over.. I'm in some kind of post-book depression.. and it's awful x__x

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
this is the third, and final, book of The Infernal Devices trilogy, which is also the prequel of The Mortal Instruments series.. and let me tell you this is such a beautiful trilogy! I really fell in love *-*

finally, after more than half year, I was able to open and read this volume.. as you know I received it as a gift before I got the second book.. so I had to wait! it was a real torture, but I survived :P

what can I say about this book? well, I guess I already told you: it's so perfect that it made my black heart to beat and brake again and again and again, but ti totally worth it!
if the previous book made cry a little and I thought it was amazing, this one is even better! the author really played with my feelings and I died a few times x__x

as the previous books, it was easy to read and the plot kept interesting until the last page..
this volume is full of the infamous and lovely love triangle, and you'll find a lot of romance in it; it was cute and bittersweet, and the ending.. ohmygods it broke my heart in a thousand pieces..

we get to know what is Tessa, why she was created and what is that clockwork angel necklace she owned.. the main issues are, finally, solved!
we also see a lot of the love triangle and how it ends.. which, obviously made me cry a lot

I don't think I can talk about this book without spoilers, so here they come, sorry!


one thing I really loved was to see Magnus, a lot of him! and the fact that he met Alec's ancesters was incredible, and what he said "all Lightwoods seem the same to me" haha sure Mag, sure..

it was a big surprise to confirm that Tessa's mother was a shadowhunter and her father a demon.. she survived 'cause her mother didn't know what she was and didn't have runes.. plus she was a Starkweather! haha I knew it!

another big surprise was Ithuriel, the soul of an angel trapped in Tessa's necklace.. and thanks to that she was able to defeat Mortmain and save the world!

about the love triangle.. ohgods.. it was painful! at first I thought Jem, my baby Jem, died.. and I cried a lot! and Will wasn't by his side T__T
then we knew that he, Jem, decided to became a Silent Brother! and he fought with the members of the institute against the infernal devices which, finally got tied to demonic forces..

Tessa and Will had their romantic/passionate moment! and it was so pretty but kinda creepy haha

when Tessa saved them all Changing into Ithuriel, the angel who lived trapped into her necklace, was amazing! she is so powerful! O__O
but then she wasn't able to come back to "reality" unless she and Jem broke what they had: their compromise..

I cried like a baby when finally Jem said goodbye to both of them, Will and Tessa, and the "promise" he made to Tessa, saying to meet each year, for one hour on the Bridge *-*

haha then the pain began: the Epilogue.. it takes place in 2008, and yes, she's still alive, she's immortal! but the sad thing was when she remembers her life with Will.. ohmygods.. she even tells us how he died!!WTF?! it was heartbreaking T__T
then.. Jem.. which was no longer  Silent Brother! O__O so was mortal again.. and at the end they decide to stay together.. ohmygods how cute is that??

at the end she was able to be with the two loves of her life..

don't get me wrong: it was incredible the fact that she was immortal and that she was able to live her life with Will and Jem but it was kinda sad.. I mean, she's gonna be like Magnus: seeing the ones she loves dying, going away from her.. and that's awful and horrible..


so, this book was incredible, even if it had some flaws it's still perfect and, again, it made me cry.. well, I guess I'm still weeping over it.. and I guess I'll suffer thanks to it for a week more or less.. but believe me qhen I say it worths it, totally

finally, let me tell you one more thing:
I'm another victim of Cassandra Clare

it was a long journey through the books and now, more than ever I need to read the main saga to understand them more.. but, of course, I got spoiled a lot in tumblr. over the time so I almost know what happens.. I know it'll be hard to catch up all the details, but I've been dying to finish this series since long time ago..

luckily I have someone who will loan the books I need to read, so next month (or after, but before the year ends) I have planned to read them, then buy them (slowly of course) to have them in my collection, and, when my collection is complete I'll re-read the whole saga in the correct order *-*

my babies *-*

otherwise, I was checking out the images I haven't uploaded before and I noticed I had one I wanted to show you like, two months ago haha

Flowery pattern skirt
okay, this one is super lovely and cute!
I'm not a flowery person so it's not common to see that pattern on me.. but I fell in love with this pretty skirt *-*

well well.. it seems that I was right: it was a long entry after all haha
sorry if the entry makes no sense, is just that I'm still sad over the book.. I was thinking about starting another one on thursday but I guess I won't 'cause I want to mourn Clockwork Princess properly haha maybe on saturday or something like that :P

anyway, as always thanks reading/passing by!
have a wonderful week n__n

bye bye!