viernes, 25 de julio de 2014

★' meow meow.. ≧◡≦

"You're like perfection, some kind of holiday
you got me thinking that we could run away"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
I know I said a lot of things before like I was going to change the blog's look, also that I was going to be more active and have more pictures (not shitty entries anymore..) but I guess I've failed in all of them.. T____T is just that I've been super busy!
if I'm not helping my sister, I'm playing n____n' (woops!); yes, as you read it: I've been playing.. what? well, take a look :P

domingo, 20 de julio de 2014

[☠] happy birthday ღ•*

"I'm a warrior
I'm stronger than I've ever been
and my armor, is made of steel, you can't get in"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
well, finally I'm here! is just that I was busy and I forgot to update here u____u
anyway, on friday 18th was my birthday :P uhm.. I'm not gonna say I was super happy or really excited about it because if I say it I'll be lying.. maybe you don't know, but I don't like my birthday.. I don't know exactly why..

this year it felt different.. maybe because I'm starting to think I have depression >____< or maybe it was the fact that day my nephew had to go to his ceremony for his school's certificate.. and, of course, his mom, sister, my mom and dad went with him.. and I was at home with my other sister and my other nephew, but he's a baby, so he sleeps alot.. basically I was alone at the living room..

okay, that was a lot of sadness, even for me.. so I better start talking about my presents :P that's why I'm here this time!!

domingo, 13 de julio de 2014

°just like the sky.. ♚

"Get me out of my mind and get you out of those clothes
I'm a liner away from getting you into the mood"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
oh sorry for being so lazy about updating here; is just that most of the time I left this behind and I'm still busy u____u and, of course, I'm getting uhm.. worried? nostalgic? about my birthday (in a few days..) is just that it makes me a little bit sad and I don't know why..
but anyway! finally today I decided to make a new entry even knowing I don't have so much to say and I don't have so much images.. but here we go! :P

martes, 8 de julio de 2014

❧nothing else to say '☥

"But even if the stars and moon collide
I never want you back into my life"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
first of all sorry for being so absent u____u is just beacuse I'm very busy and right now I'm sick >___< again! I can't fucking believe it :(
what have I been doing? uhm.. I'm helping my sister with her baby's 1st year party, is in a few months, but we still have so much things to do!

I don't have so much pictures to edit, so I'm gonna talk about some beauty stuff :P