jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

harder and harder everyday.. ஐ

"I don't quite know
how to say
how I feel"

so, I'm sick T___T what a surprise.. now I feel a little bit better, but yesterday I was dying LOL my throath was burning x___x
and.. well, my lap has not "enought memory" so I'm pissed off.. I'm gettin' tired of this bullshit u___u
I can't play on FB 'cause there is some kind of stupid alert "not enough memory" "close IE" c'mon! I want to play the Sims LOL

whatever.. I've been watching some movies.. I went to rent them this tuesday..

[REC]2: ohhh my.. well, I think REC and REC2 are uhm.. fine? maybe the 3rd one was the worst.. not so bad.. but.. do I regret watching it? YES
maybe I spent 2 hours of my life watching another stupid movie..

Trick 'r Treat: on the movie box said it was good, "the best halloween movie" critic made me rent it.. but ohhhhh sweet deception.. it was not what I expected u___u Anna Paquin was on it.. I thought it was gonna be awesome, but it wasn't >___<

The Avengers: well, first of all, I was one of the few persons who didn't watch it on the big screen, I mean, I didn't go to the teathers to watch it.. I thought it was gonna be boring and stupid like the individual movies (Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, but I like Thor though..), so my mom wanted to rent it, even knowing she already watched it.. and made me watch it.. so.. it was a little bit boring for me.. I have to say some parts were funny (thanks Tony!) and the fact that Loki's on it makes it good :P (yeah, I love him!)
she said I'm like Tony Stark (maybe she's right)..

so.. don't hate me haha I don't like The Avengers, and I'm waiting for Justice League, I think those heroes are way better :P

no 1000 pictures today.. I'm tired and don't have enough energy to post a lot of stuff :P

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars♫

viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2012

oh snap❢ I said too much✿

"Yellow diamonds in the light
now we're standing side by side"

finally! so here I am to show some pictures I took from the festive parade ◕‿◕
ohh I just saw some fireworks! yeah FIREWORKS  why? I don't have idea haha but, as always, I took some photos n_____n show you later :P

"Hay sueños que no mueren con el hombre"
"There are dreams that do not die with the man"

miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

☁' jumping on the cloudy sky..

"All you need is something new
but you're too blind to follow through"

well, I wanted to update on sunday.. but I was too tired.. monday was a lazy day LOL so I decided to write tuesday.. but.. ohh I was too lazy :( so today is the day haha after saying "I'll do it tomorrow" for.. 3 days? 4? finally I'm here :P

saturday night was pretty funny.. at my house (from the 1st floor) I'm able, every year, to see some fireworks (for the anniversary of El Grito de Dolores previous of the Independence day)
this year was too cloudy :( I was able to see a few, like 4 T______T fireworks..
and only one picture LOL

not cool ¬¬ but then I realized I still have two photos of 2010..

and past sunday (16th) was another festive day.. PARADE day! yay!! n______n
I went and took some photos haha! but I'm not gonna put the images on this post..

not too cloudy eh? was a nice day.. but first of all, this is the way they "decorate" the streets: they put some sparkling deco.. with the colours, obviously, of the flag
btw, I loved that picture haha, the sky looks really pretty

helicopters! took it when I was on the parede, well, before it started.. so I HAD to take a picture of them.. actually they were 3.. but only two passed by when I took the picture T____T the other one was red >____<

at the end of the parade I, of course, had to eat some ice cream haha and my mom got me a cotton candy ❤_____❤ I LOVE cotton candy! and mine was big and delicious and pastel purple! I totally loved it!
btw, my ice cream was.. cookies (not cookies and cream, was "Marias" cookies I don't really know if those cookies can be found in another countries.. O_____O) and VIOLET! yes, violet flavoured ice cream.. if you ask me is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! I think is my fav flavour..

so.. in the next post I'll show you the pictures I took of the parade LOL
ohh I'm really happy now! on monday (17th) Grimm is back! yay! second season, the wait finally ended! was amazing!  I'm diying to see the next chapters! and.. ta-da! today I saw on the tv, my beloved show, American Horror Story *--* is gonna be on air again! second season!! on october.. OMFG I love that program!

whatever.. see you!

Cinema Bizarre - Dark Star♫

sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2012

►Festive days❤

¡Viva México!★

haha another special entry LOL
today and tomorrow (sept. 15th and 16th) are festive days in my country :P
so I wanted to.. write? haha ◕‿◕

a few days ago I went shopping with my mom and we went to a candy store and I found a typical candy of my country with the colours of the flag..
I just had to buy it.. and of course, eat it :P I love cocadas! (candy made of coconut)

ohh it was delicious! and the vivid colours made it even more special..
and I have some.. mexican themed goods too LOL just to have a fun night or for tomorrow :P

there are my lovely mexican ribbon tie (black and white) and my tri-coloured mexican scarf (I also can use it as a belt haha and once I wore it as a top.. not too hard to made it look like that)

there is my body crayon :P I paint my skin with it LOL so the colours of the flag are on my faceeee :)!
so.. tomorrow will be a parade (for the festive days) and I hope I'll be able to take some pictures :P
if I take some I'll upload them tomorrow.. or monday haha ◕‿◕

see you!
and ¡Viva México! ❤

Belanova - Hasta el Final♫

lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

SAD september 10th ❤

---Special Entry---

my wrist/hand looks really bad :S ugly photo LOL sorry about that u_____u

domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

♰wasting time on memories♰

"Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed"

the other day I found my beloved HP notebook ◕‿◕ and I noticed I had a drawing there haha! I used to draw a lot on my notebooks.. yeah.. I also paid attention to the class :P

as you can see the notebook (I used it for Anatomy) is from HP3 (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) and the drawing.. I like it a lot! it was on the first page of the HP notebook haha! I'm not food at drawing  >______< that frustrates me!

another drawing I gave to my sister years ago.. I just love "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy"  is a little bit stupid but LMAO I love it! Grim is just too adorable I had to edit the photo.. it looked old and dirty u_____u

that.. well.. is in another notebook but I like a lot the frame I did haha!
I wrote there something I once saw on Internet.. I loved the text..

and now, another topic: Poupee ◕‿◕ finally I reached a new record!

aww finally more than 1000 shells (of each one) and some halloween candies n_____n'
yeah.. I don't use so much the shell spring.. but I'm gonna use some of them.. Halloween (my fav season-event of the year) is coming  so I better keep shells/candies and save ribbons.. well, I have a personal record there too LMAO but I want to but a black ribbon for the head (1st anniversary) but I can't find it >_____<

wish me good luck! :P see you

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song♫

domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

The 74th Hunger Games❤

"But now we've stepped into a cruel world
Where everybody stands and keeps score"

well, as I said before, I got my THG copy when it came out.. but unfortunately they gave me the DVD version.. and I wanted the combo (BR´+ DVD) one LOL so they said "maybe we can change it to you next week" so I waited.. and waited.. and waited.. and finally past friday I was able to get it!! so now I have the version I wanted.. maybe a little bit silly, but, c'mon! I had to have it :P

I just love THG haha! I can't deny it

when I got my copy (the 1st time) I also bought a Collectible Miniature Figurine LOL there are 27 to collect T_______T and last week I bought another one.. so now I own Tribute Girl from District 8 and Tribute Girl from District 11 aka Rue!! they are a little bit expensive.. that's the reason why I only have two LMAO maybe I stop buying them when I get Peeta

and the other day I was cleaning my room, but just a little bit haha and I was checking all the magazines I own (some of them from 2006 O_____O) and I decided some of them, the ones I don't want, were going to trash..
I figured out I had a magazine with two pages of THG LOL so I kept it haha!!

now I'm the happiest girl on planet :P just love THG
see you!

Taylor Swift - Eyes Open♫