viernes, 5 de agosto de 2016

don't forget: we're the bad guys

-Suicide Squad (2016)

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great, as I promised, here's the Suicide Squad themed entry!
finally the movie hit teathers today! and I couldn't be more excited *-*

as you know I bought my tickets for the midnight showing but I didn't get the printed tickets, so we got there quite early to go and pick them up :P
long story short, there were a lot of people! our showing was almost full.. luckily we got our stuff and got into the showing without problem..

well, we better start with the entry!

first of all, here are my tickets! I want them to be printed 'cause I collect them.. n__n'

okay okay, let's move to the point here: what do I think about the movie?
ohh what can I say about it? IT'S AMAZING! I loved it!
I saw it had bad reviews and all of that, but honestly, I don't like to judge a movie by that kind of things, I always like to watch them by myself and make an honest opinion about them..

so yes, I was dying to watch it because of reasons (Harley Quinn, villains, Joker, Harley, Katana, did I already mention mrs. Quinn?) and it was not disappointing for me at all
I guess one of the reasons why people is saying it's "repetitive" is because it's a group of people ifhting against "evil forces" and saving the world, well, yeah, it's all of that, but remember one thing: they ARE the bad guys! the VILLAINS!

anyway, the movie has action since the firsts scenes (something that I enjoyed a lot, it was more exciting than Batman v Superman, srly) and it was also funny, but the suprise was that it has some "teary" moments too, so we can say it has almost of everything :P
the plot is easy to understand and I think they explain the characters really well, they don't take centuries to present them, and that was the best they could have done

well, I guess I don't have to say it, but I'll do it anyway: Harley Quinn was perfect! Margot Robbie made a great job as one of my favourite comic characters.. I've always loved Harley, yeah yeah, she is a villain and she's crazy, but she's also amazing!

one thing I really enjoyed about this movie is that we are finally able to meet some of the villains that DCU has; I didn't know some of them so I was glad to get to see them on the big screen and also see how they are capable of..

I have to say I wasn't expecting to really like one of the characters: El Diablo
he was so freakin' amazing! and I really liked him!
also I enjoyed Deadshot a lot! and Katana ohmygods she's flawless *-* and KillerCroc was incredible, I liked a lot the way he looked like

I coud go on and on about the characters, but I don't think that's what I should do.. but I have one thing to say: the Joker was kinda scary and Jared Leto did an incredible job! it was a shame we didn't see much of him, but I guess it was okay, I mean, he was not part of the Squad, so it was pretty obvious to not to see him a lot

one thing that that I can't keep to myself is the fact that I don't like when people say how "cute" is the relationship between Joker and Harley, beacuse no, it's not cute, it's not a sane ship
Harley was in an abusive relationship with him, and I'm so glad that over the years she moved on, hopefully we can see that in the future, I hope the upcoming movies won't romanticize that relationship and show how terrible it is

and now, some spoilers! sorry about this, I can't help it :P


okay, this is gonna be short!

first: Enchantress as the antagonist? woah that was so cool! it was sad that she killed a lot of people, but it the effects looked pretty cool and the reason behind her actions were easy to understand, plus she was presented as a metahuman (same as the memeber of the Justice League!), so that means El Diablo was also one, right?

talking about them.. my boyfriend Aquaman makes an small apparition! of course, only a picture of him.. but anyway! I saw him and my heart stopped, really..
also we were able to see how Bruce/Batman gets the info about the metahumans he's gonna search for the Justice League!
but.. why did the picture/info of Enchantress was there? isn't she "dead/gone"? uhm..
and why wasn't there El Diablo info?

okay, one big question: is Enchantress dead? uhm.. I'm not sure why but I don't think so, she was ancient and very very powerful, so, why would she be gone?
and what about El Diablo? is he dead? well, honestly I doubt he's gone, because he's so powerful too.. like his "tranformation" ohmygods that was amazing! and one explosion killed him? I honestly doubt it..


so, the ending was pretty cool and it leaves us with the idea that there's gonna be a second part, at least that's what I want/need!

I'm not sure why but Suicide Squad is my favourite movie of the year at the moment, of course, there are more to come, but until now it takes the award!

okay, now let me start showing you what I got this time!

a plastic collectible glass (my collection is growing bigger!), I picked up this one 'cause I wanted to take Harley home with me :P (click on the second picture so see it better: Deadshot and Joker, three of them in the same glass *-*)

my precious key ring *-* haha I love to collect them!

this time I also painted my nails! this was one of the easiest designs I've ever made..

first of all, I saw this design somewhere and then I started to search for pictures like crazy 'cause I wanted to know if this was really the "nail art" that Harley had on her nails.. and after hours and hours I found out that indeed, it was!

as you can see it's pretty simple: right hand only has the word "EVIL" (one letter in each nail) and on the thumb the Harley's tattoo's design (four diamonds), f curse, it was supposed to look messy and also with natural nails.. but as I don't like my natural nails I decided to use some nude polish as a base :P I just added the black "ROTTEN" word refering to Quinn's face tattoo..

the left hand is quite different: electric blue and pink, just like that, but also I decided to write "PUDDIN" on the ring finger just because :P

oh! I almost forget something important: in one of the previous entries I mentioned I got something super amazing but I didn't showed it, why? well, it has something to do with Suicide Squad! so I thought it was going to be a good idea to show it until today..

my beloved Harley Quinn lego figure *-*
how pretty/cute/amazing it is? I fell in love with it since the moment I saw her *-* I got her like two weeks ago..
all the details are perfect! on the front is says "Daddy's Lil Monster" and on the back it says "property of Joker" (you can also go and look into my Instagram and see another pic of her :P)

now I'm dying to get the one with the red(black suit *-* soon.. soon!

well well.. this entry is really long! it took me years to write it u__u but it totally worths it!
also sorry that it took me more than one day to edit it.. is just that I felt lazy x__x
anyway, thanks for reading/passing by! have a wonderful weekend!

bye bye!