sábado, 20 de agosto de 2016

you're writing lines about me

-Is There Somewhere? ~ Halsey

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n welcome to a new entry! I wanted to make this before but I at first I had a different idea of what this should be about, but at the end I toss that idea and came up with another one..

okay, I'll be honest: this entry was going to be about the tv series I've quit through time.. but.. I don't know why I just thought it twice and said 'no'

also I was going to start a new book today, and indeed, I did it.. but I was like 10 pages through it and I realised I wasn't going to like it T__T sometimes that happens: a book just simply can't get my attention and I have to put it aside..
plus the sinopsis wasn't really catchy for me, I was going to read it 'cause it's the monthly reading in the Goodreads group I'm in.. but.. maybe in another time u__u

anyway, let's start with this entry!

first of all I've been reading a book.. is not like I put it in my "current reading" status at any site, 'cause is like it doesn't really count..

Short Fairy Tales by the Grimm Brothers
I can't believe I forgot to show this before! my sis bought this one for me like two months ago..
it's an small/short version of Grimm tales, actually is like for kids haha so it's pretty obvious they are like two pages or three long.. really nothing if you ask me :|

I really want to find a more complete book with the Grimm brothers' tales.. but it seems I'm doomed to never find one T__T

anyway, this book has a lot of short tales, I could listed them but it would be pointless, as I said, they're for kids so they don't really matter..

otherwise, do you remember I said time ago I watched an anime? well, finally I decided to talk about it!

CardCaptor Sakura
yes yes yes! my beloved Sakura *-*

I used to watch it when I was younger, more than 10 years ago! the thing is that I never watched it complete, I didn't even remember watching the first season complete; I missed a lot of episodes T__T

truth be told I remember watching some episodes from the second season, and even from the third, but not all of them.. I also watched the second movie, but honestly I didn't remembered a lot of the anime..

luckily I recently re-watched it, full! and I have to say I clearly remember now why I used to love CCS!
one thing I love about this anime is all the dressses Sakura wears through the whole thing, and every single one of them is beautiful!
my favourites are the one from the 3rd opening "Platinum" (the one in the gif above), the one from the 1st opening "Catch you Catch me" (the gif down here), and the cat-ispired one (right now I don't remember in which episode she wears it.. sorry!), of course, in no specifical order :P

this anime is super cute and I even cried with it.. the finale was too beautiful! I think SyaoSaku was one of my firsts OTPs ever haha

anyway, I'm not really sure why I started to re-watch CCS, but I'm glad I did 'cause, as you probably know, a brand new story came out like three months ago! so that means we have more Sakura *-* and, rumor has it, it's gonna be turned out as an anime once again! when? well, we still don't know but I hope it'll be soon :P

and, of course, the gifs are not mine! I usually find them while searching for a nice image..
ohh by the way, I've been editing some of the previous entries.. so feel free to take a look!

well well, I guess this is all for now.. sorry for the short entry :P
as always thanks for reading/passing by! hope you'll have an awesome weekend!

bye bye!