miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2016

we live and breathe words

-The Infernal Devices #2: Clockwork Prince ~ Cassandra Clare

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great! I wanted to make the entry before but I was busy.. really busy.. but even if my feelings are all messed up I'm here for this :P

so, yeah, I've been busy reading, as usual haha this time I finally opened one of my new books *-* and ohmygods *myfeels

I don't have so much to say right now, as I said, I'm still in shock thanks to my book.. and honestly my emotions are all mixed up 'cause even if I'm dying to start and devour the next one, I also don't want to read it 'cause I'm afraid it'll play with my heart and leave me crying like a baby haha

anyway, before I start spatting around all my adventures, let's start with this!

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
this is the second book of The Infernal Devices trilogy, which is some kind of precuel of the main saga (the one, I have to say again, I haven't finished reading..)

I was dying to get this one 'cause as you know I got the 3rd on january x__x and it has been laying on my bookshelf since then..

okay okay, now let's go to the point: I LOVED IT!

even if it has some flaws like not having answered yet why the antagonist, the Magister, wants Tessa for, but we start to see the wise movements he is doing to get his main plan done..
one thing that I really liked was that we finally discover more of the characters' past, we get closer to the ones left aside in the previous book (like Charlotte, Henry, Sophie) and, of course, we meet new ones!
but most important of all we finally discover Will's secret!

I'm not gonna give you spoilers here, but all I'll say is that this book is full of one of the most beautiful and tragic love triangles of the history (haha too dramatic, I know, but I wanted to say that and it sounds kinda cool..); and yes, I cried a lot.. thank you for breaking my heart Cassie!

abou the characters, I'm glad to say I saw a development in most of them, specially in Tessa, and, as I said before, I really like her BUT this time, almost at the end of the book, I saw something in her that I didn't like and it even made me quite angry, I just hope she won't break my heart in the next book (which I think will happen anyway..)

and, as always, I just fell in love, deeper, with Jem and Will.. they are super lovely! I just can't pick one of them, like, it's impossible!
plus their love confessions.. OH-MY-GODS (yes yes, more tears for me..) I-I.. they left me speechless and took my breath away..
why the hell I can't find a Jem or a Will for me?

as Clockwork Angel, this book was easy to read and I found myself trapped in it, sometimes I wasn't able to put it down! it made me laugh and cry (ohh my fav love triangle..), and it even made me get angry at times.. so it was a great book for me

I'm so glad to say that so far, I'm completely in love with this trilogy and, but this moment I think it's better than the main saga, but of course I can't say I'm 100% sure about it..

[EDIT: click here to see the complete review with spoilers; in spanish
and click here for the review of Clockwork Angel in spanish]

otherwise, today I went to watch a movie with my sister, my nephew, my niece and my mom..

The Secret Life of Pets
well, yeah, my nephew wanted to watch this one, so we went early in the morning..
after the big failure of Finding Dory, I wasn't sure about this one, but I was surprised to find out that this movie is, indeed, better than Dory's movie

I just love dogs so I kinda was in paradise haha but I also was afraid it had a sad part (main reason why I don't like movies which involves dogs, I usually cry a lot), gladly most time of the movie I laughed and only one single tear fell from my eye at the ending

I can't complain about this movie 'cause it was good, but it's one of those movies I'm not dying to watch again :P

as my nephew got an special collectible glass of this movie I got one too, BUT mine was not of Pets..

I bought the one I didn't get when I went to watch Suicide Squad *-* I honestly wanted to get the two of them, but that day I only got the one I wanted the most, gladly I was able to get the skulls' one! and it's awesome 'cause it has my favourite characters on it!

well, I guess that's all for now.. this entry is definitely shorter than the previous one :P but it's kinda long, isn't it?
anyway, this friday finally, finally, Ghostbusters will arrive to my country! I waited so long for it.. so you're gonna get a new entry haha stay tunned!
thanks for reading/passing by! have a great week!

bye bye!