miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012

☄ I talk about LOVE! ❤

"And that was the day that I promised
I'd never sing of love, if it does not exist"

well, not much to say.. I just wanted to write LOL

btw, I took all the pictures in my garden n______n
I saw a flower with a heart-shaped hole O___O and I knew I had to take a photo!
so I went out while it was raining LOL and when the rain stopped I took the last picture (you can see the gray clouded sky)

see you!

Paramore - The Only Exception♫

lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

☠ boring, boring, boring❣

"We have the answer to all your fears
it's short, it's simple, it's crystal clear"

soooo here I am.. again! yeah.. I'm gonna write whenever I want ◕‿‿◕
as the tittle says, I'm bored u____u that's new.. bah..

a few hour ago I watched HP7.1 ◕‿‿◕ haha! I just love HP
and I realized how much I love the part when Hermione and Harry dance too lovely!

ohhh I would love they ended up together  LOL always thinking about impossible facts u____u

whatever.. yesterday I watched WWE SummerSlam ◕‿‿◕
yeah, I love wrestling LMAO obviously, the one is pure show haha! I mean, I love CMLL, WWE, TNA :P but that doesn't matter now..

haha photos I took of my TV's PPV n_____n
at night (when the show ended) I took a photo of my shadow.. wearing my beloved cat ears!!

everything looked pretty big LOL so I had to take a picture.. btw my hair was a mess!
that's all for now.. see you! ◕‿‿◕

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - O Children♫

jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012

❤ vampires *--*

"Honey leave me alone
I'm living just fine on my own
And the more that we try, it always just ends with goodbye"

well well, another week!
did I say I'm obsessed with The Vampire Diaries? OMFG I just love Damon.. Delena forever
this tuesday was the season (3) finale and it was lovely! I can't wait to see the next one.. all the chapter I was like "boo-hoo" all depressed LOL but when Delena part was on.. ohh! I cried haha!

ohh poor Damon! I was like WTF and at the same time I was crying haha! 

"So Damon, tell me, what is it that I want?
-You want a love that consumes you, you want passion and adventure, and even a little danger"

well, before I start crying again LMAO I better write about something else.. today was not the best day ever.. I was really angry 'cause I went to pick up my THG dvd copy, I wanted the combo (BR+DVD) but they gave me only the dvd u_____u and now I have to wait if I want to change it.. one week.. one week without watching it!! WTF x______x

whatever.. tuesday I watched two movies.. ohhmy.. I totally regret it!! they were boring and stupid.. Mirror Mirror and REC3 >_____< stupid and silly movies!! don't watch them haha NEVER!

and my mom gave me a sweet surprise! she found her first dissection kit (she got it years ago) and she gave it to me!! I was really excited

and she bought me a "Scratch" glass, from the Ice Age 4.. maybe not my fav movies ever (for me they're boring) but I just love that squirrel haha and of course, Diego

so.. I think that's all for now.. next week I'm gonna talk about my THG movie
see you n_____n

Low vs Diamond - Wasted♫

lunes, 6 de agosto de 2012

ϟ about ME ✖❤✖

"And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I ever had"

well, too soon to write here, right? last entry was on aug 3th.. whatever..
I don't really know why I wanted to write.. maybe is only because I feel.. a little bit bad.. angry.. and hurt..
yesterday a person (that I really love) told me a few things that were not really kind..

the point is that person talked really bad about volleyball.. and I LOVE that sport u____u I don't know if that person remembers I used to play it until I got injured..

sometimes I wished so badly I was born in a country where this sport was "important" and popular.. where people who play it have more support and opportunities.. but we can't have everything we want..
so I started to think about those years when I practiced it, I was like.. 12 or 13, and some persons were a little bit rude with me just because I liked and played volleyball..
but.. I was strong and ignored everything..

so.. shit happens.. and you just have to stand up and don't let anything or anyone try to break you down

I'm a volleyball cutie.. and I'm proud of it n_____n

so.. my sis brought a movie called "Chain Letter" and she told me it was good and it was like SAW (I love Saw saga), a gore movie.. the ones I like a lot LOL so I watched it..
what do I have to say? uhm.. is not really good.. I still prefer Saw.. she said I was gonna like it.. but.. the truth is I didn't haha!

that's all for today.. see you next time!

Adam Lambert - Mad World♫

viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

Vacations ◕‿‿◕

woahh! finally I decided to write LOL
I've been like "I'll write tomorrow" and all days were like "tomorrow" .. n_____n'

so.. this week I went to rent movies :P and I watched two..

-Wrath of the Titans - well, I have to say I'm really disappointed of it :| I was expecting something else, it was boring.. I was glad I changed my mind when I wanted to watch it on theathers..I liked the first (Clash of the Titans) is waaaaaaaay better

-The Devil Inside - not what I expected.. there were like.. two scenes when I was like WTF O____O but.. is not even cool..


what else? uhm.. oh yeah, I wanted to show my small book collection ◕‿‿◕ I love to read, so when I can, I try to buy a book, sometimes I receive them as presents :P