viernes, 31 de octubre de 2014

︷︸ Happy Halloween ⊰☠⊱

"I am the shadow on the moon at night
filling your dreams to the brim with fright"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
well, as I said I'm here today to edit the entry :P
first of all, Happy Halloween! as you know I don't celebrate it, but I love to stay at home and watch horror movies and stay online doing stuff..
but this year that changed! I went out with my family to celebrate Day of the Dead (yeah, in Halloween LOL) but I'm gonna tal about it in the next entry n____n

now so, let's start with this!

past year I showed my cute babies in their costumes, well, this year I dressed them up again :P

miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2014

❥somebody said Halloween? ^♦^

"Ghouls, they keep me company
it's like I'm the wife of Halloween"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
woooah Halloween is almost here!! which means Day of the Dead is sooner too!
I couldn't be more excited!

well, I was planning to make an entry uhm.. yesterday u___u but I forgot it LOL plus time passed by really fast ●﹏● I feel I don't have enough time lately.. maybe it's because in my country we changed the hour ¬¬ and I'm still a bit desoriented @___@

anyway, as I said up there, Halloween is coming and I have plans! finally! but I'm gonna talk about that in my next entry n____n'

so, let's start with this :P

time ago my sis got something really cool for me, I fell in love with it since the first moment I saw it *-*

viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014

✖~ almost there..*★

"Will you be the saviour of the broken,
the beaten and the damned?"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
ONE WEEK! one week without updating u____u I'm sorry! I really wanted to do it before, but somehow I forgot it ⊙︿⊙
but now I'm here with another halloween entry!

okay, is not like it was a super amazing entry ∪﹏∪ I think you already know that.. but why? well, as always I'm out of imagination, out of time and out of new stuff to show..

specially I've been very busy doing my special challenge on tumblr. :P
31 Days of Halloween! it takes a lot of my time to edit the freaking stuff I post.. but it's funny! ◕‿◕
plus I've also been watching the new seasons of my tv shows *-*
The Walking Dead (S5); Sleepy Hollow (S2); Supernatural (S10); The Strain (new); The Flash (new); American Horror Story (S4).. and next week I'l be watching Once Upon a Time (S4) and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (S2)..

so, as you see I don't have enough time for anything u____u but I'll finish on tumblr in a few days :D that's cool.. for now :P

okay okay, enough of that.. let's start!

as I promised here are the pictures I said I was going to post:

viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

☠' halloweenezed (|◣|﹏|◢|)

"I wanna see the dirt
under your skin
I need your broken promises"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
ohmygods I've been away for so long.. sometimes I just forget that I have a blog to update LOL
I really wanted to make an entry yesterday or even the day before but my mind was in another planet u____u

anyway, I don't have so much to upload x___x you already know all my halloween stuff, and I'm not getting anything new :( I don't have plans for halloween; weeeell is not like I've always had plans, right? but this year we (my sisters, nephews, cousin and her family) were planning a trip to Xochimilco to see the famous play of the Legend of La Llorona *-* but all the freaking tickets were sold out x___x then we were going to see the Legend of El Nahual but we are out of money and nobody said "yes" u____u so it's officially canceled..

otherwise, every year in my city are different kind of events to celebrate Day of the Dead, and now we're panning to go to two of them: the first is some kind of trip through the whole city to hear some legends.. if you ask me, it's amazing!! and the second: we're going to the Torture Expo! I've been wanting to go since some years ago and finally this year my wish will come true :P but it's not 100% official yet ∪﹏∪

okay, let's start! I'll tell you more details later n____n

domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

✬oh, sweet october ︷︸

"But I'll draw the line
there will come a time
when I am stronger
your words won't hurt any longer"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
hope you're great :P I can't say the same of myself.. today was not a good day, I felt really bad x____x but that doesn't matter now, I'm feeling better..

anyway, I almost forgot to update this! but luckily today I edited the pictures :P
I still don't like the way the freaking camera takes the pictures.. maybe one day I'll learn to like it LOL
okay, enough.. let's start..

as you know I love Halloween!  so everytime I go to the shops I have to buy something u____u every year is the same: I have to get something for my halloween collection ◕‿◕
my mom is always saying that I have this "dark style" but she doesn't mind, she keeps on buying me stuff haha I love her

martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

☥yeah, I'm not dead.. ☠

"Bang bang into the room (I know you want it)
Bang bang all over you (I'll let you have it)"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
well, yeah, I'm not dead! :P and finnaly october is here! which means Halloween-themed entries!
I left the blog updates aside, I was BUSY T____T but now I'm freeee! finally :')
now I have time to do whatever I want, like reading a book! I didn't read the past month (awful u___u) but hopefully I'll start this week *-*

okay, let's start!

as I said, I was busy 'cause my nephew first year party was coming, it was about disney and it was a costume party!! ◕‿◕ so we had to go dressed up as a disney character.. and I choose..
Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas!!

I didn't had so much time to make my costume u____u so it looked a little bit crappy, but here is it