sábado, 30 de enero de 2016

it feels like hell

- Stake That ~ Mari Mancusi

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry! the last of january o__o ohh the month passed by really fast, uh? anyway, hope you're doing great n___n I'm uhm.. sick again u___u and, honestly, that sucks!

I plenty recognise it's my fault: on tuesday evening I was playing xbox with my niece and I was shaking a little bit haha 'cause the weather has been really cold but I didn't want to go for something to cover up (my hoodie, which was on the couch while I was sitting on the floor haha) so, thanks to my super lazy ass I was like that for more than one hour.. when we finished playing I went out (to the patio/garden) with the puppies but this time I finally put my hoodie up, I was still shaking!

then when my oldest sister came back from work she showed me a video and I choked ('cause a part was really unexpected and funny) since that "incidental choking" I started to feel how my throat sore.. and the next day I woke up with this infernal throat pain! I went out with my sister and I was shaking all day long.. I had cold and when we came back home I was feeling really bad.. so all day long I felt like I was dying haha

so that's how I got sick.. today I feel better but I still have the remaining cold and a little bit of cough.. the lesson? whenever you feel cold, listen to your body and cover up!

there is something I like (and at the same time I don't) to do when I'm sick: READ a book!
I like it 'cause I have so much time to do it and no one disturbs me haha but the bad thing about reading when I'm sick is that sometimes I can't do it correctly (tired/teary eyes, headache, sleepless, etc.) so I don't do it very often u__u

since tuesday night, before I go to sleep, I started re-reading one of my favourite books, but I'm not gonna talk about it right now (maybe in the next entry) and I'm taking it easy, I just read one "story" per night so I'm not even close to finish it haha
BUUUT this is not what I wanted to say! what I wanted to say is that I started (and already finished) a new book!

wanna know more? well, let's start with the entry then :P

domingo, 24 de enero de 2016

pastel colours are life

Hi cutiepies!
okay okay, I know I still need to edit a lot of entries x___x (and I guess not only that!) but honestly, I tend to forget it haha sorry :(

anyway, welcome to a new entry! I hope you're doing great; I've been quite busy but it's okay, I guess :P
today's entry gonna be "short" that means I only have a few pictures haha but I'm going to write a lot! so what's better than a "to read" list? but this time is a little bit more complicated than my previous lists.. so, are you ready for it?

okay, let's start!

I was going to start with the list but I'd better start with another thing.. this is what I got some days ago..

martes, 19 de enero de 2016

I was biten... again..

-Boys that Bite ~ Mari Mancusi

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great, I've been kinda busy.. reading.. haha yes, finally! as you can see I started with another vampire saga! I know, I know.. I shouldn't do that but, I couldn't help myself.. when I noticed I was already reading it..

I knew about it thanks to Goodreads and I said "why not?" I wasn't expecting so much about it, so, what could go wrong?

actually I wanted to read a completely different book haha but I don't know why I didn't.. maybe I'm kinda afraid or something like that about reading that book.. but I PROMISE to do it as soon as I finish this saga :P

okay okay, let's start with this!

jueves, 14 de enero de 2016

cut me and I bleed Dior

-Liz Taylor ~ American Horror Story Hotel (2016)

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great!
well, as you might guessed by now, this entry will be focused on the season finale of one (if not the #1 of my list) of my favourite tv series! yes, American Horror Story!

I have to say I fell in love with AHS since it came out, when I saw the tv promos/spots of the first season I thought "now, this is my kind of series" and, honestly, season one was my fav.. until now!

so, how did "Murder House" become my fav season? well, it was because "Asylum" was killin' it but, suddenly, they introduced the aliens into it u___u I think that was really bad, and honestly, just because of that MH had the first place..
"Coven" was pretty cool, I love witchcraft! but I guess it wasn't enough.. and then.. "Freakshow".. I didn't like it at all.. I mean, the plot was not really interesting for me (I don't like circuses) and then the "killer clown" just became the "how sad! poor clown!", so you can say, for me, it was a horrible season, it even bored me in the first episode!

and then.. "Hotel" came out.. and without Jessica Lange, don't get me wrong, I think she rocked but I was getting tired of the always-the-same kind of leading female character, and when they announced Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer I freaked out..

the thing I love about AHS is the fact that each season makes you feel you're watching another show, and, luckily for us, all the seasons are connected! I'm dying to see how and why!

okay, now that you know my story haha let's start with the entry!

first of all, I was freaking out, 'cause the whole day my tv signal sucked and I was afraid I couldn't be able to watch the final episode.. gladly it came back when it started!!

where do I start? I have to say this season is my favourite so far! it reminded me of MH beacuse of the ghosts and all of that but I liked how they used the vampirism as a "virus", and all those kids were scary as hell haha

lunes, 11 de enero de 2016

no need to get warm

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great! welcome to a new entry n___n I've been feeling quite lazy these days.. I wanted to start a new book since jan 1st (or 2nd) and look at me, I haven't been able to start reading..

anyway, I have some news.. they're kinda sad, or at least for me haha but I'm gonna tell later in this entry.. now let's focus on something else.. the days are getting really cold and, according to the weather info, they're gonna get colder *-* perfect! I hope not to get sick again ¬¬

I also had some kind of "challenge" for this year but I already failed haha so.. I'm not gonna do it :P it was about posting one picture daily on instagram T___T but I have a pretty boring life.. I guess I'll keep posting whenever I want to.. btw don't forget to follow me! I tend to follow everyone back ('cause I wanna)

okay okay, let's start with this now

some days ago my sisters went shopping with their kids, they asked me if I wanted something and as always I said no, before I was telling my sister about the nail oil I saw some girls use to take care of their nails and my sister decided to look for one and, again, I said no haha

when they came back my sis brought me something..

miércoles, 6 de enero de 2016

Día de Reyes

Hi cutiepies!
I hope you're doing great in this new year :P I've been a little bit lazy and kinda bored haha but here I am, yes, again!

well, today is Día de Reyes, and I'm sure I mentiones this at least once in the past.. so, as you probably know I often receive presents.. I don't really know if people celebrate this day in another countries T___T

anyway, I came today to show you what I got :P
so let's start!

lunes, 4 de enero de 2016

it's a new year, follow your dreams

-Promise Me ~ Harlan Coben

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great, I've been a little bit lazy and feeling tired all along and I wanted to make the entry yesterday but I forgot it haha

anyway welcome to the first entry of the year! I was looking at my past year's 1st entry and I thought about making this one like that (with a wishlist) but at the end I decided to do a different thing..

I know I still have a lot to edit u___u and I promise I will :P just be patient please..
okay, we better start with this!

on new year I received another present from my mom..