viernes, 12 de agosto de 2016

Who you gonna call?

-Ghostbusters (2016)

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great! welcome to a new entry n__n

as I said in the previous entry, today was the day, yes! finally today Ghostbuster arrived to my country!it was about freakin' time!
so this entry will be about it :P

okay, let's start then..

first of all, let me tell you I had to wait for this movie like one month (more or less) since it came out in its origin country.. and I was fangirling over it! why? well, I'm a big Ghostbusters lover *-*

since it didn't have a midnight showing we (my mom and I) went to the first showing of its release day, and it was almost empty..

but honestly we didn't care, we just wanted to watch it :P

so, the big question here: is it good, what do I think about it?
first of all let me tell you: I really, really liked it!

I just can't believe how people started to complain about it when it wasn't even out (I'm talking about that time when the trailer came out) also, it got (and still gets) so much hate coming from people, especially from "fans" of the original movie, like, how sexist, machist and mysoginist is all that BS
people (mostly men) were crying over the fact that their childhood will be ruined because of the new female cast.. sorry, but that's stupid

yes, people complained about the female leading roles, like, srly? is it bad to have women leading this reboot? HELL NO! for me, it was the best choice ever

I find amazing how Paul Feig gave (intentionally or not) little/young girls new role models, the ones, I may add, are NOT damisels in distress, in fact they're the ones who save the world; but not only that 'cause they are intelligent (they are scientists for gods' sake!) and they're also funny as hell

I guess one thing why men are crying over this movie is that none of the ladies is what they call "a beauty", I mean, they do not enter into the beauty standards that society cares so much about: men are not getting a sexy character and that's what makes them get pissed off, also, the only sexy character we get is Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) and that's just marvelous! I guess this movie is feminist to the bone and sorry but we deserve more of that

okay, now to the point here:
the movie itself is a true gift, maybe it's not gonna be the movie of the year, but it's great!
it was really funny and the characters are unique: none of them is the "new" Venkman, Egon, etc., no, they're brand new, they have different personalities and every single one of them is amazing

for me, Kate McKinnon stole the whole show, her character Jillian Holtzmann was the best of the best, I just fell in love with her!
but don't get me wrong, Melissa McCarthy is actually one of my favourite comedians, and she was amazing too, also Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones were incredible! also the "cameos" of the original cast were great!

one thing that found quite annoying was the constant references to the original movies, maybe some of them would have been better.. also I think they used a lot of CGI and everything was full of neon colours (I thought I was going to get blind haha) but, honestly, it didn't look so bad after all..
and the final "fight" was kinda dull and it finished really fast.. like, it wasn't really important haha

so yeah, I really enjoyed the hell out of it, and yes, I really, really liked it! and definitely is better than Ghostbusters 2!

anyway, I was dying to get my collectable platic glass, but we didn't go to check out if they had them 'cause they were not displayed so I thought it was going to be better to buy it after the movie

yes! I love it *-* just look how pretty and amazing it is! a new addition to my growing collection :P

I also got the special key ring they were selling *-* haha marvellous!

well well.. this time I didn't paint my nails because, one, yesterday I took off my Suicide Squad inspired nail art, and second, I forgot it haha

anyway, right now I'm not sure what movie is the next I want to watch.. maybe Star Trek? I don't know if it already hit other countries' theaters but it'll arrive to mine next month.. so I guess I'll have to wait!

well that's all for now :P hope you enjoyed the entry!
I was thinking about starting my new book tomorrow but I guess that's not gonna be possible.. I'll better edit a previous entry..
whatever.. thanks for reading/passing by! have a wonderful weekend!

bye bye!