miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2015

Poupée ~ monthly fav: September

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new monthly fav entry! hope you're doing great, I've been a little bit busy these days and also I've been feeling better! the bad thing is that my dentist's appointment was moved to another day T___T next tuesday to be exact.. I'm only hoping the pain won't come back..

okay, now, to the point :P another month came and passed by really fast! october starts tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! as every year, my halloween themed entries will start soon, wait for them!

you already know what this entry is about, so let's start!

one thing I have to say about my septembers in poupée is that in 2008 I stopped login for some days, why? well, I don't remember haha I only dressed-up like a week or something like that.. it was kinda sad to remember that haha but meh I guess it doesn't really matter..


sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2015

not again

-Thea Dorn

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great! I've been a little bit busy and my toothache came back.. actually I think there's something wrong 'cause almost everyday I'm in pain T___T it's horrible, really.. at morning I'm fine but at noon ohmygods it starts to hurt a lot, it feels really really bad, I just want to take my head off..

everything hurts, my mouth, my head and even my neck.. luckily on tuesday I'm going to the dentist.. but, honestly, I'm afraid about going, I'm really scared x__x
I am afraid that she says something like "we have to take it out", if that happens, probably I'm going to terrified, surely I'll die, the worst thing is that I'm not kidding u__u

I just hope that there's nothing really wrong.. pray for me haha T__T I don't even know what I'm saying.. I know I have, I NEED, to go  'cause the pain is unbearable and it's hurting every fucking day.. but one part of me is very very afraid about going..

okay, I know I said too much this time is just that I feel bad and I need to let it out..

so let's start with this now!

recently I got some stuff I want to show you, and I almost forgot to do it haha :P

miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2015

orchid love

-Imaginary ~ Evanescence

Hi cutiepies!
well, I was going to make the entry earlier but I started to feel bad: I had an awful headache and a toothache that don't want to go away ¬¬ and I'm starting to feel a little bit angry about it haha

anyway, I hope you're doing fine, I am really sorry that it took me so much time to come to edit the entry, right now I don't remember so well what I was supposed to say here haha but meh let's see how it ends..

I have something super I want to show you today :P so we better start with this

what I want to show you is to die for.. here is it!

sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2015

bye bye summer!

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great and welcome to a new entry!
as you know I've been sick these past few days, luckily I'm feeling better now n__n

I don't really know what's happening with me.. lately I'm feeling lazy and I just stopped editting the previous entries; I have like +25 entries that need to be finished! ohdamn this is a real mess x__x

about the weather (what? this sounds like a forced conversation, right?) finally summer is ending! ohh I can't tell you how glad I feel about that.. I just HATE summer.. now autumn is coming *-* my second favourite season.. actually it's been rainy and cloudy these days and also you can feel the cold mostly at night.. yay!

okay, we better start with today's entry n__n

today was a busy day haha I went out with my sis 'cause she had to buy some stuff, my sis, as cute as she can be sometimes (haha jk) bought me a muffin!

martes, 15 de septiembre de 2015

¡Viva México!

-Piel Canela ~Natalia Lafourcade

Hola! n__n
bienvenidos! espero que se encuentren muy bien..

la verdad es que yo estoy por la calle de la amargura: estoy enferma T__T y he estado como en la luna todo el día.. así que supongo será una entrada super corta..

ya que es la entrada anual "especial", en esta ocasión estará escrita en español ya que hoy es el aniversario de Independencia de mi país.. así que sólo cosas mexicanas hoy, eh? :P

no tengo mucho que contarles, así que comencemos con esto!

entonces comenzaré hablando acerca de lectura... si! la verdad es que quería leer algo, digamos, "mexicano" (por la fecha) pero que también fuese corto, ya que no conté con mucho tiempo u__u busqué y busqué y encontré un relato corto escrito por un autor mexicano, así que aquí está...

jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2015

Thomas... take care of them...

-Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015)

Hi cutipies!
welcome to a new entry! as you can guess by the title or the quote up there this is gonna be a Maze Runner entry!

as you already know I went to the midnight showing of The Scorch Trials; so that means I watched it almost 18 hours ago.. I'm currently feeling sleepy and tired T__T but it's okay, I'll sleep later :P

before I start saying it all, let's start with this!

martes, 8 de septiembre de 2015

you could say it's... supernatural

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a great day! I'm very tired right now u___u I've been having a hard time these past few days.. but I'm here for a new entry! so soon? you may ask, well, yes! why? ohh I have a lot to say :P

actually I don't have so much to say for the "intro" of the entry.. so we better start with this..
(NOTE: btw I don't have the pictures ready haha but I'm gonna do my best!)

first I want to talk about... SUPERNATURAL! haha finally the 10th season came to my country some months ago (like two or three); I started watching it when it came out in october but I started missing some episodes so when Warner Channel (la) announced they were going to show it on monday's night I almost died..

yesterday, finally, it was the season finale! ohgods I can't believe how good it was.. like, Supernatural has become one of my favourite TV series.. but, what do I think about the last episode? spoilers ahead!

viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2015

Neverland? not here my dear..

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great! welcome to a new entry.. this time I come with zero imagination haha plus I don't have the pictures ready.. my life is a real mess, really.. all day long I'm like "I'm gonna have the pictures ready", "today I'll edit the entries.." and suddenlt it's late and I wasted all my time.. bah.. I need more hours haha

anyway, I promise I'll come back tomorrow to edit this and the previous entries

thanks! and I'm sorry u___u