viernes, 1 de julio de 2016

if I don't do it now, I never will

-It's Not Summer Without You ~ Jenny Han

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry n__n hope you're doing great! I've been quite busy reading another book, after the small hiatus I decided to get into (just one week, I'm so weak!) and also I've been a little bit busy fangirling a lot T__T

I wanted to make the entry before but I decided to do it after I finished the book.. the one, I have to say, I finished earlier than I thought..

anyway, I don't have a lot to say so let's start with this!

It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han
yes, I decided to give it a chance, even if the previous one was a complete crap for me..

I wasn't expecting a lot of this book so my expectations were really low.. I have to say that this one drove me mad, I was angry most of the time 'cause I thought Belly, the main character, couldn't be more annoying than she was in the previous book, but oh dear, I was so wrong..

the plot is almost the same: it's summer and she's still in love with that boy but everything changes and everyone suffers; but this time the story is so repetitive and slow that I got upset and bored really fast, I just wanted to finish it..

I disliked Belly even more! the way she acts drives me insane! it's like reading once again a 12yo girl! she's really annoying and I dislike her a lot..
one of the main reasons why I can't stand her is that I feel the need to shake her up a little bit and be able to make her understand that she's kinda obsessed with her crush, her first love to the point that she forgives a lot: if a person doesn't want to stay then let them go! stop being so childish Belly!

so, in general, I didn't like this book, it was boring for me and I find the love triangle really awful! I just can't with it, I can't connect with these books! and I can't fully understand why the characters act the way they do, why are they so annoying? I just hope to get the answers I need in the next book, if not, then I'm going to be really mad

btw I enjoyed a little bit the ending 'cause finally I got a little bit of what I wanted since the first book: a closure, and I was dying to see Belly actually getting tired of bullshit.. about that, I liked the quote I put right in the begining of the entry but it makes me laugh 'cause I don't believe a single word of it..

I don't understand why people like these books, I just can't stand them! but I'm gonna read the last one, why? well I don't like having unfinished sagas :|

well well.. as I said in the begining I've been fangirling over something "new", but, what is it? well, a tv show of course! and I can't believe until now I'm actually dying for it..

Miracukous, les adventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir!
okay, I know I usually don't fall for animation shows BUT this one is amazing haha let me tell you the weird story behind my obsessive love for it..

I used to mock about it when it premiered in my country (like two months ago) but one day there was nothing to watch and I tunned it and watched it.. and ohgods I swear my life changed in that moment: I liked it
I kept watchingit  but not everyday, until I watched the Valentine's episode and there I fell in love

it's kinda hard to say but hey, it's my current obsession; and I still have to watch some episodes to fnish the season but I'm already Miraculous trash, srly..

I love everything about it! why? I don't really know, but it reminds me of Sailor Moon and CardCaptor Sakura *-* so I'm totally into it.. and the characters ohh they're amazing! I'm in love with Marinette! and Ladybug is awesome same as Chat Noir!

plus I'm already a Adrinette/LadyNoir/MariChat/Ladrian shipper! ohmygods what the hell in wrong with me?? everytime I see something about my ship I get crazy and my fangirl mode goes on :P
I just have to figure out some points about my ship(s) and when I finish the season I'm coming with my impression as always.. I guess that'll be a long entry haha

okay, this entry got longer than I expected n__n' but finally I'm done with it!
as always thank you for reading/passing by! have a wonderful week

bye bye