sábado, 9 de julio de 2016

you can't have everything

-We'll Always Have Summer ~ Jenny Han

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry n__n hope you're doing great! I've been quite busy doing some stuff.. fangirl stuff.. haha I guess that with that enormous hint I aready tell you what I was doing..

anyway, I wanted to wait a little to read a new book 'cause you know how much I love to make an entry right after I'm done reading.. so I tried to wait.. but I guess I failed, again :P

is just that, as you may already know, this is my birthday month! so that means NEW BOOKS! *~,* I'm not sure which ones I'll get (of course, I'm writing my "most wanted" list, so no problem :P) but still it's gonna be quite complicated..
I have some kind of "to read list", that means I have a big queue and I'm making space for my b-day books :P ohgods I'm excited! and I guess I'll have to re-organize everything x__x

so, I read a new book but I also watched the Miraculous Ladybug webisodes! and, as I'm ML trash I've been searching images and all of that haha oh dear gods, what's happening to me? I don't like this hiatus! plus on tv, the channel is showing the same freakin' 13 episodes.. what's wrong with them? I want to watch the whole season in spanish! haha

okay okay, enough for now, let's start with the entry now..

We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han
this is the final book of the Summer trilogy,  and honestly I still don't know why people keep saying they're good books, for me, the three of them were.. uhm.. bad

you already know what I think about the previous books (click here & here), now it's time to tell you about this one..

this book takes place two years after the second book, which means we kinda missed Belly's love story.. now she has a boyfriend and she's "happy", then something happens and BAM! everything collapses..

at the begining I was kind of glad to see that it seemed Belly finally grow up, she stopped being so childish and became less annoying (just a little bit), then I got angr after I saw how dumb she still was; the whole book is repetitive and boring, she was always complaining about something and it started to annoy me a lot

I just disliked to see how the characters instead of growing, they slowly became more and more annoying, and most part of the book I was angry and I just wanted it to end, it was kind of disappointing to see how Belly and Jeremiah started to act so childish and how much I wanted to shake 'em by their shoulders

one thing I liked was that we were finally able to enter into Conrad's head, but it was a shame we didn't see much of it, also I can't fully understand why he acted they way he did in the previous book, I wish the author would gave us something more..

in general, the book is easy to read and the plot is the same as always: Belly can't decided which brother she loves; it didn't catch my attention, I couldn't feel trapped into it, I thought it was annoying, repetitive and obnoxious, not to mention boring

so, no, I didn't like it and I find this trilogy one of the worst I've ever read in my entire life T__T

otherwise, my sister bought me a new polish 'cause she asked for it back in may.. but the person who sold it to her got it until now ¬¬

Nail polish in 028 Velo Nocturno by Bissú
yes, it's a deep blue, my sister asked for it 'cause I wanted a blue polish for my Mystique nails.. right now it's kinda useless but I'm thankful she got it for me :P
it kinda looks like one I already own (different brand..)

well, I know it's a crappy entry haha but it's all I have for now, sorry about that!
anyway I still think I'm reading too much but whatever I like it :P
as always thanks for reading/passing by! have a nice week n__n

bye bye!