miércoles, 27 de julio de 2016

bursting into life

-Virgil's The Aeneid

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n I'm feeling quite lazy right now but I decided to come and make a new entry.. sadly I fell sick on monday but gladly I'm feeling better now!

yesterday another tv series had its season finale! and I'm here to tak about it.. I guess I don't have so much to say so the entry will be really short :P

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Season: 3          Episodes: 22

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y! finally my OTP became canon!
haha I had to say that first, sorry! anyway we already knew since first season that FitzSimmons was a thing but it became really canon until this season.. and guess what? I loved every freakin' second of it *-*

this season was mostly about inhumans and to be honest, sometimes I found it quite boring, I don't know why but it had its good moments and I was shocked by it most of the time but sadly some episodes bored me a little bit..

as you already guessed (or know thanks to my previous entries about AoS) my favourite characters are Jemma and Leo, it was kinda painful to see my babies suffering! and then to see them so grown up and adaptating themselves to the cruel world.. oh it tore my heart appart!

also it had some sad parts, and one made me cry a river: the goodbye of two characters.. they were not my favourite, I just liked them but it was sad anyway T__T
and oh, Ward.. sorry but I have to say this: I never liked Grant Ward, and to see him once again (even knowing it wasn't him any longer) was like a punch in the stomach..

3x22 Ascension
well, this episode was interesting but not so much.. I was thinking that since what happened to Lash, Hive was invincible and to see Daisy returning to him was kinda shocking.. but since she got "saved" I found her attitude kind of annoying but I guess I understand why she felt that way..

don't get me wrong, I like Daisy but not so much, she's cool but sometimes she annoys the hell out of me but the way she now dominates her powers is incredible!

their plan to kill Hive worked perfectly but it was kinda sad and made me cry a little bit u__u

and now here come the spoilers! ready? let's go!


first of all, Daisy vs Hive *-* that fight! that fight was amazing! we are able to see her fighting using her powers and she totally rocks! sadly she got distracted and they kidnapped her T__T
luckily May and Fitz were there and helped her.. and I was afraid for my baby Leo! he almost got killed! but he survived and I was crying tears of joy haha

Jemma subtly saving everybody's asses? haha sign me the f_ck in!

Lincoln getting injured? WHY? he's too cool and sweet for that T__T then he and Daisy saying goodbye? hell NO! Daisy running and trying to sacrifice herself for the team? that was really bad but the fact that she was willing to do it 'cause she felt guilty was ridiculous, that's not a good reason for her to sacrifice..

then Lincoln taking her place and sacrificing for her? ohmygods why? that was the worst part of the episode! he died to save the world, the woman he loved T__T not fair!

and the final scene.. "Quake" is a some kind of Robin Hood.. uhm.. what? really? too cliche, isn't it? I don't know where the series is going, they closed the "inhumans" episode, now, what's next?


overall the episode was good, not great, just good; but I don't really know what's coming for the next season.. I just hope it won't get too boring ¬¬
but I'm sure of one thing: it's gonna be about Daisy once again! and I don't know if that's good or not :|

otherwise, some time ago I got a new necklace!

Fairy light inspired necklace
well, the description said something like that haha
it looks really pretty and that "cube" shaped box opens, so I guess you can change the little ball it has on the inside.. perhaps it wouldn't be a good idea 'cause that little bead glows in the dark :P

okay okay, I guess that's all for now.. sorry for the short entry, is just that I don't have so much to say!
as always thanks for reading/passing by! have a nice week

bye bye!