jueves, 14 de julio de 2016

How I wish I could promise that

-The Shadow Rises ~ K.S. Marsden

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry! hope you're doing great n__n I've been quite busy doing stuff.. like reading haha and trying to convince people to buy me books, and feeling kinda depressed about my upcoming birthday.. pff a lot, right?

well, I decided to read another book before my bday, why? well, I'm expecting to get at least a book and that'll mean I'm gonna be busy reading it (well, them :P) and I wanted to read the "july book"..

what else? oh yeah, another tv series' season finale aired yesterday, so I'm here to talk about my thoughts of it..

oh oh oh! and also I finally got my "tickets" for Suicide Squad! haha I'm super excited about it *-* you just can't understand my big love for Harley! it's like a dream come true to see her on a movie, fucking finally!
the thing about the "tickets" is that I don't have them, like, physically, when I bought them they sent me an email telling me to print it and to take it with me to the midnight showing, so I won't need to go and pick up the tickets.. weird right? I want my tickets :( I collect them.. I'll ask them for one I guess..

okay okay, we better start with this!

The Shadow Rises by K.S. Marsden
as I said up there, this is the "july book", as it happened with june's book (click here), this one was picked up to be the monthly reading on the Goodreads group I'm in.. and, as it was free (yay!) I decided to give it a try..

I have to say I saw the cover and read the sinopsis on GR before and thought it looked interesting.. little did I know it was for free! so glad the group choose it :P

this book is the first of the Witch-Hunter trilogy, which I want to keep on reading, when? I don't have idea!
it's about witchcraft, yes! witches, witches, witches everywhere! one of my favourite subjects and "paranormal" creatures..

I don't know why, but I felt that I was going to like it, and, honestly, it was incredible
of course, since the beginning I had my theory and what I suspected was not wrong, it was kinda pleasant to find out that I was right! but that didn't stop me to be like "oh my gods, I can't believe it!"

I really, really enjoyed this book, BUT I gave it 4 stars, why? uhm..  well, the fact that I was able to predictate the "main plot" was kinda pleasant but annoying at the same time (haha sorry!), also, the sinopsis says something like "witches are real and they're evil.." so I was waiting so really see bad witches, I was waiting to see their "bad side", something that made me enterily hate them in the story but that was not the case.. maybe I'm twisted, but most of the time I was like "damn, they're right", so that kinda disappointed me..

and the ending, overall, was good but kind of plain, I mean, those last lines were just like "uhm.. so.. now what?"

so yes, I liked it a lot and I want to read the next two but I'm not dying to do it, maybe I'll read them this year, who knows?

as I said at the beginning, another tv series finally had its season finale! and obviously I'm gonna talk about it..

Season: 5          Episodes: 22

okay, so I really like Grimm. but I have to say the firsts seasons were better.. I kinda feel like the lastest ones were a little bit boring.. plus I always liked the opening quotes BUT they're not from fairy tales anymore, and that's something I don't like so much ¬¬ where are the fairy tales btw? that was the main reason why I enjoyed this series..

sadly that's what I think about this one; I don't really know why but some episodes were quite boring and had in my opinion some of them were there just to fill up the season

I kinda enjoyed not seeing Juliette 'cause previous season made me dislike her haha but I really liked the relationship between Nick and Adalind, sorry but they were too cute!
Black Claw was an important trouble going around this time, it's interesting but what happened to the Royals? we're not going to see more of them anymore?

but I'll admit that the last two episodes were amazing and after watching them I was dying to know how everything was going to end

[05x22] The Beginning of the End, part II
so, part I and II were like a heart attack, but the 2nd part was even better.. why? oh well a lot of suspense and action! I was almost bitting my nails T__T

I liked the finale but sadly it was not the best.. of course, I was like "srly? why? oh no.." I guess we all saw it coming, it was a surprise of course, but not the biggest.. I just can't stop with previous' season..

okay, you know I don't like this BUT I'm going to start with the spoilers :P sorry!


first of all, Eve.. what? she was maybe the biggest plot twist of the whole season.. so, Juliette is dead but not quite haha and at the finale.. ohmygods I bet she's not longer a Hexenbeast O__O Nick "cured" her! I bet now he can make that with all the wesen from the Black Claw..

at first I wasn't really sure about Meisner and the organization he was into, and, what did they do to Trouble? is she really okay? remember her fully black eyes in the firsts episodes?? I need to know!
actually I'm not 100% sure I trust in this "group" but when Bonaparte and Renard killed Maisner Y was like "oh no, why him!?"

I am in love with Nick&Adalind! they are just too cute.. but now I'm not sure what's coming for them.. what if Eve is no longer her and now is Juliette? that'll be too bad for my new ship T__T
now that I mention Nick.. I can't believe how amazing he is! he managed to fight 10 wesen! and he won O__O then when the last one shoot him I was like "noooo Nick! wait, he still has the stick, right? he's gonna get up and kick his ass, right?" and oh boy I was right!

and now, Diana.. ohmygods! that kid is dangerous! who'll be able to stop her?


well, I guess that's all about the season finale.. as I previously said, this season was kind of boring but it had its cool moments, I just hope next season will be better :P

okay, I finally finished the entry! it's longer than I expected but whatever.. but that's all for today!
as always thanks for reading/passing by! hope you'll have a nice week!

bye bye!