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Fire and Blood

-Penny Dreadful special finale theme song

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry! hope you're doing great n__n I've been feeling kinda lazy but right now I'm super excited and happy and still in shock.. why? well, keep on reading!

I wanted to make the entry before BUT I reconsidered it and thought it was going to be a better idea to make it after the season finale of Game of Thrones!

maybe you're thinking this is going to be a GoT exclusive entry but no, I 'm going to talk about another tv series that sadly is over: Penny Dreadful..

one thing: there are going to be spoilers, many of them, but as always I'm gonna put them in a different colour, so don't worry!

so I guess we better start with this 'cause I'm really excited and I feel like I could explode any second from now :P

Game of Thrones 6x10 "The Winds of Winter"
one word to describe the season finale: PERFECTION
yes, for me Game of Thrones is one of the bests tv series now; it always gives me chills and at many times some episodes ended like they were season finale's ones
even if I've read it has so many flaws, I really love it, and it's one of those series either you love or you hate

this season was a roller coaster and it almost made me bite my nails until I have no teeth left; what I liked about season 6 is the powerful women it showed us: not only them but the powerful men supporting them

I really enjoyed this season finale for so many reasons; even if a lot of characters died (that's not a surprise, uh) a lot more have worst things to face in the future and I'm loving every second of it.. and I'm sure my favourite characters will come back stronger than ever


well, the spoilers start here, I can't talk about this amazing season finale without giving some spoilers, so here we go then!

actually I have a lot to say, I hope I don't get all messed up!

I have to say through all the seasons I think Cercei is one of the most amazing characters out there, she had moments when I loved her and others that made me hate her (like today) but let's be honest: she was strong, intelligent and a truly fighter, most of the times the way she loved was incredibly overwhelming
tonight she showed everyone what she's made of; she was smarter than the High Sparrow, who thought he won, he had everything under his control; he played with Cercei and he lost..
it was a shame that the Tyrells were there, I wasn't ready for Margaery's death! I didn't see it coming x__x I thought she had something else ahead, she had a plan but now I think it's impossible..
also seeing Lady Olenna all in black, devastated but keeping her game strong was kind of painful, and the way she spoke about not wanting to just "survive" was sad but scary..

and about Tommen.. well, I didn't see that coming either; I guess that was a big "fuck you" to his mother, but I think he deserved something better, what a shame..
talking about him.. am I the only one who thought that Cercei looked like "oh well, another dead child.. whatever.. burn him to ashes and put him with his family"? like she didn't even care about his son death! WTF Cercei? you cried for months over the other two but not for him? where's the love you always said you felt for him?
and then the news: Cercei is the Queen, well, I guess you reached what you always wanted, do you feel happy now? all by yourself?
how about that look on Jaimie's face? O__O I think we saw the moment when he stopped loving his sister!

now, Dany.. ohmygods I love her! if you don't think she's amazing then just shut up and see me fangirl about my Khaleesi.. the way she talked to Daario was just.. uhm.. well, I felt pity for him.. but whatever I never was into him anyway :P and she mentiones she's thinking about getting married.. I wonder who the lucky one will be *wink* *wink*
she named Tyrion Hand of the Queen! ohh I love Tyrion! he's so freakin' amazing!
and now they're coming to Westeros.. those ships, the Dothraki, the Dragons! our Queen is coming for her throne, watch out Cercei!

am I the only one who is thinking that Benjen Stark is dead? it seems that a lot of people thinks he's alaive and all of that but c'mon! he's clearly dead! "The wall has spells.. I can't go any further.." haha he's dead.. but.. he's not a White Walker.. how?

I don't really know how to feel about Bran.. everytime I see him I think about Hodor T__T it was so sad!
and his vision.. OH-MY-GODS! we knew it! WE FUCKING KNEW IT! but it felt good they confirmed the "fan theory", right? (talking about that in a little.. keep reading!)

Arya! haha she's so amazing *-* and she's a total badass.. Lord Fray had it coming, he was disgusting!

Sansa is so sweet and brave and strong and she's a badass! sometimes I like her and other times I don't.. and I'm not sure why :|
I love that Jon is back! *-* and I love that Winterfell belongs to the Starks again! all thanks to Sansa ;)

I love Jon, and I love how he gives Sansa her place, like "hey sis, no, I'm a bastard, remember that, but you're the Lady of Winterfell, you deserve it", he's so sweet!
and now he's the King in the North.. oh well, hope nothing bad happens to him!
I guess we're thinking the same.. he's gonna be the lucky one, uh? *wink* *wink*

Lyanna Mormont was the biggest surprise of this season, what can I say about her? oh yeah, she's so freakin' AWESOME! I hope to see a little bit more of her!

and now, the moment we were all waiting for: the big revelation of the year
Jon's heritage!
he's Lyanna Stark and Raeghar Targaryen's son! woahh! we knew it!
I know I recently read the first book but a while ago I read the fan theory that mentioned Jon's parents and I totally agreed, then I read A Game of Thrones and bam! I was like 99% sure the theory was right and now, here we are: IT'S TRUE!
so Jon is half Stark and half Targaryen.. that means the series is about him (A Song of Ice and Fire: Ice=Stark, Fire=Targaryen), so he's gonna be the one who'll sit on the iron throne, he's the "chosen one"; but now, knowing George R.R. Martin's love to kill characters it wouldn't be a surprise if at the end Jon dies after winning the war..


anyway, now I can't believe we have to wait a year for the next season T__T

woah, as you can see I wrote a lot! I didn't mean it, but well, what's done it's done.. anyway, now I'm going to talk about the finale of Penny Dreadful

first of all I didn't know it was the finale of the series! like, I thought it was the season finale T__T but oh surprise, I noticed soemthing strange was coming when I saw it was going to be a double episode.. then the special opening.. but oh it was so sad! (btw I'm only going to talk about the last episode)

Penny Dreadful 3x09 "The Blessed Night"
what a finale! ohmygods even if there were so many things left behind, things we wanted to see, I have to say it was, for me, an incredible finale..

I cried, yes, of course I did! who didn't? it was too emotional yet beautiful, it's a shem the show is over, but in my opinion the story had to end there..

now, I'll go over the spoilers, sorry!


well, as I said, we thought about more new characters for season four, or even to explore the backstories of the characters we already know, like Dorian, Jekyll, and even Catriona (yeah, I really loved her) and I know a lot of people are still mad about the finale, but why? I mean, let's face it, it had to happen..

let's remember this was about Vanessa Ives, the story was about her and the other characters were only supporting her, their stories crossed paths with hers, so it was pretty obvious that if she died the story (well, the series) had to die with her

for me it was the only way to end the show, why? well, it was a shock when she said yes to Dracula, and then the end of the world came.. she had to die to save the world, specially the people she loved; it was heartbreaking and sad but was the only way out..

but I have one question left, what happened to Dracula after he sees Ethan carrying Vanessa's corpse? he just disappeared, why? where did he go?


so yes, it was a painful finale, but for me, it was really good and I liked it a lot
Farewell, Penny Dreadful and thank you for being a great tv series and for giving us such an strong and amazing character as Vanessa Ives, she had flaws that made her real and perfect for our eyes

ohh and I have a bonus for you: the special theme song for the last episode n__n too beautiful to be true!

well, I guess that's all for now.. sorry about all my fangirl attack haha is just that I had to do it :P also sorry for the long entry, I thought it was going to be shorter!
as always thanks for reading/passing by! have a good night/day!

bye bye!