sábado, 23 de julio de 2016

You must forge your own path for it to mean anything

-The Lost Hero ~ Rick Riordan

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry! hope you're doing great n__n I've been quite busy these days but finally I had time to do what I love: read!

yes, as I only have (for now) one book from my birthday I decided to start it as soon as possible and finally I finished reading it *-*

also I've been watching, well, re-watching a tv show! well, it's an anime.. but ohgods I'm loving it! I'm starting to remember why it was one of my favourites.. but I'll tell you about it after I finish with it..

anyway, let's start with this!

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
this is the first book of the Heroes of the Olympus series that take place after the Percy Jackson saga! and as you already know I was DYING to read it! even if I always postponed buying it and put first another books..

call it destiny or fate haha but luckily it was one of the few books that were on my "list" so I picked it up.. and ohgods I don't regret it at all! it was amazing! why the hell I didn't get it before??
I can't even describe how much I loved this book, it has adventure, action and even humor! I was shocked most of the time but I also cried once.. and oh I laughed a lot!

as it takes place after PJ saga (which is not necessary to read in case you want to read HoO) you are able to see some characters from it! also you meet new ones.. like the main characters: Jason, Piper and Leo..

I'm not gonna tell you a lot about the story 'cause I don't want to put spoilers this time.. but I'll say I liked a lot the plot and now I'm dying to get the next books!
probably I enjoyed it a lot 'cause I love PJ and to have another saga about it is awesome for me :P

I've only read the PJ saga but so far I can tell you Rick Riordan is amazing, I love greek mythology and these books make me love it even more, plus his writing style is so easy to read that it's possible you won't get bored through the books and he always has this sense of humor that you can't resist 'cause it may be silly but it's funny

about the characters of this book, as I said you'll find some of the previous saga which was really cool for me 'cause I missed them haha and then the new ones.. I was expecting to love the "main" character (Jason) but to love the other two (Leo and Piper)? woah that was a big surprise!

one thing that surprised me was to find different PoV, sometimes it was nice but other times it kinda bothered me and I wondered why would Rick do that but I got it and got used to it..
it also made me wish that PJ books had some Annabeth's PoV haha

so, overall it was an amazing book! definitely it will be in my "2016 read books top ten" haha and now I can't wait to read the next one *-*

otherwise some weeks ago I got a "present"..

Zara black&white dress
yes, it's a dress.. and I'm not really happy with it haha
I'm not the kind of person who enjoys dresses.. the pattern looks kind of pretty but I just don't see myself wearing it..

it has a zipper on the chest and on the sleeves.. and the picture is a closer look, so you can see a little bit better the flowery pattern n__n'

oh I can't believe I'll have a little bit more free time! now that the tv series I usually watch are havin' their season finales (after like 100 years T__T), I only have 3 series left to watch.. busy days are coming to an end.. and you know what it means: time to read more books! *-*

okay I guess that was all for now, sorry it took me a long time to edit this ¬¬ is just that I was sick and also I felt kinda lazy.. but finally I did it :P
hope you liked or enjoyed the entry, as always thanks for reading/passing by!

bye bye!