martes, 5 de julio de 2016

Et le chat noir n'est pas un ange

-Miraculous - adventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir (French version)

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great! welcome to a new entry n__n

I know probably it's too soon for a new entry, but here I am, making the entry I said in the previous one.. why? well, last night I finally finished watching Miraculous Ladybug season 1! and you know what? that freaking show is A-MA-ZING!

okay, this is not gonna be completely a ML entry, but almost.. maybe like 85% ..? haha sorry! is just that my obsession with this tv show is growing bigger and bigger each time I see or read something related to it :P

even I've been reading some fics! ohmygods I'masinner I'm really really fucked up, right? haha but some of them are just gold, srly..

so, we better start with this!

well, first of all I have to say I went a little bit nuts and finished watching the whole season in like 4/5 days (only at night.. actually after midnight so I went to "really" sleep late.. like 2 or 3 a.m ¬¬) and yes, I re-watched some episodes, some of them like 3 or 4 times, but I had to watch them!

Miraculous - adventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug)
Season: 1          Episodes: 26

as I said so many times in just two entries haha I'm really obsessed with this show! so I'm not gonna tell you the story all over again (for that look at my previous entry :P).. the only thing I'm gonna say is that I fell completely in love with ML thanks to the "Dark Cupid" episode *-* ohmygods *myfeels

in my country they have aired only 14 or 15 episodes and I don't really know if they're gonna keep on playing it, I was so desesperate about this show that I decided to start watching it in french (ohh it sounds so beautiful!) and I re-watched the first episodes just because :P

the thing I mentiones before (the note) is that I made a little research and I noticed that, yes, there are 26 episodes in this season BUT the episode 24 is considered the season finale, 'cause the last two are the "origins" of our heroes and they don't count as season finale for obvious reasons..

[01x24] «Volpina»
this is considered the season finale and I have to say it was not disappointing at all
the episode was full of emotions! and ohmyfeels I suffered a lot, I swear! plus we get an small glimpse of the secret, possibly the biggest secret of the entire show..

BUT I don't want to get too much into that, 'cause, you know, there are tons of theories and today is not the day to mention them..

as I said before, I laughed, got mad and even cried with this episode, but honestly, I usually do that with every single one of them haha

sadly, or gladly, I can't tell much about the episode without spoilers, and, as I don't want to ruin the show for those who are watching it or want to watch it, I'm gonna start with them right now.. you're warned!


stop reading! haha okay, here we go..

first of all: the book.. ohmygods! Adrien found it in his house? in his father's safe box! like, really? REALLY? what the hell was it doing there? and the Peacock miraculous? ohdeargods you're killing me! I need to know T__T

second: Lila.. she was flirting so hard with Adrien/Chat Noir! REALLY? don't mess up with my ship!
I saw so many people talking about Volpina before I watched the episode, and I was like "is she the new member of the gang? why is she flirting with Chat? ohmygods Mari, stop her!"; then while I was watching the show I realised Lila was akumatized so no problem, she's not the REAL Volpina.. right? but we're gonna see Lila in the next season 'cause didn't forgive Ladybug and she has potential to cause more trouble.. I don't know why but I don't like the idea of she being the real Volpina..

I'm starting to see how many akumatizations Marinette/Ladybug has caused! haha
poor thing.. I love her :P

then Ladybug thought (maybe for the first time in the whole season) about giving her miraculous to Hawkmoth! only to save people, but, what broke my heart in so many pieces was that she was really close to do it when Volpina treatened to "kill" Adrien O__O do you see how much she loves him? ohmygods! luckily Chat was there to help

then whe see how heartbroken were Chat and Lady, and that my friends was really, really sad..

and, that cliffhanger! Marinette finally meeting Master Fu! ohmygods!
I have to confess I watched Origins part I before I even watched the fisrt half of the season.. so I knew who he was n__n'' and I was almost screaming when she went to see him 'cause Tikki was "sick" but then, in this episode BAM! Marinette gives him the Miraculous book! ohmygods I can't wait to see what's coming next!


so, overall, this episode had me screaming with so many emotions that I can barely keep on going without new episodes right now..
is this the best episode so far? uhm.. I'm not sure, every single one of them is awesome for me but my heart belongs to Origins part II

now, talking about that let me have a few spotlight for that episode! the next image and text will be purely spoiler so I'm sorry!

"it MIGHT have been noticed before, but just in case, I thought you all would like to know that in french, the expression 'coup de foudre', literally trasnalted to 'clap of thunder' means the moment at which one falls instantly in love with someone else."

credit (according to image) to:

I saw this image on Instagram and I really fell in love plus I've been fangirling over that moment since I saw it.. you can't tell me it's not perfect! we saw the exact moment when Marinette falls for Adrien.. and it was super sweet!

I just really really cried on that part haha we finally understood why she loves him, and it was perf af

as you can see I'm still fangirling over this.. and with the news of the upcoming seasons ohhh I'm dying! I can't wait *-*

okay, I guess that's all I have to say about ML sorry about the long crap I've been saying..

otherwise I wanted to show you something else :P

Nail polish by Arabela in Bright Jewels
well, got this past month thanks to my sis 'cause I liked how much glitter it had so she bought it for me n__n
I guess it'll be perfect for when I want to do a 100% glitter nail haha

I'm not sure if you can see how much glitter it has, I already tried it in one nail and yes, it has a LOT of glitter

btw, see my Ladybug themed background? haha I thought it would perfectly match the ML entry :P is a shame the dots are white and not black but whatevs..

well, right now I have to do other things but I'll be back later to post another image here :P sorry!
by now that's all for today.. sorry about my fangirlsm.. but talking about that I'm thinking about making an entry only of ML about my ship haha and theories.. I guess I'll do it soon.. wait for it!

as always thanks for reading/passing by n__n
have a pawesome week!

 bye bye*