jueves, 31 de marzo de 2016

lightning in my veins

-Last Rite ~ Lisa Desrochers

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry, hope you're doing great n__n and.. I can't say the same about me Y__Y I'm sick! haha yes, again!

but I'm sure I know why: yesterday we had a little water war! my niece, nephew, sister and I were playing; and everyone ended up soaking wet.. the worst part? they were throwing at me cold and hot water haha and then (after we all took a shower) we went out to the grocery store and the sun was horrible! I guess that's why I'm feeling bad now..

everything hurts: my back, my legs, my head, and, specially my throat.. it's burning! but meh whatever.. I'll survive..

I waited till the last moment to make the last entry of the month.. I can't believe march is over! ohgods time is flying by so fast..

anyway, let's start with this..

the main reason why I waited to make the entry is because I was reading a book! haha I wasn't really sure about if I was going to be able to finish it today.. but I made it!
I wanted to read ASoIaF but.. it's really big.. so I decided to try an smaller one.. and here is it!

Last Rite by Lisa Desrochers
this is the third and last book of the Personal Demons trilogy, and after like two years (yes! can you believe it?) I'm finally done with it!
as you know (feel free to check out this and this) I wasn't really into these books 'cause the story wasn't able to really catch up my eye

the main character, Frannie is not one of my favourite characters, sometimes I just couldn't stand her, I understand why she felt guilty but, all the time? really? c'mon! she felt guilty for a lot of things, specially for what happened to "that" member of her family.. and you may think that only happened in this book but no! it happens a lot that you can get quite tired of it

also she acted in such a dumb way in this book.. I thought she was smart enough to realise when "people" manipulated her but guess I was wrong! and maybe that was the big problem I had all the time I read Last Rite

so, this book is not one of my favourites, 'cause sometimes I found it boring and repetitive and I think 3/4 of it are just the same thing, I mean, they told almost nothing 'cause I guess all the "important" thing were on the previous books

honestly I was quite afraid about not remembering some details thanks to all the time I put between reading the previous book and this one but surprise, I guess I remembered the essential stuff

I saw a character development after all of them stopped being annoying and whining about their "love" problems (even if they had a war coming they were so busy thinking about "does she/he love me?" which was really dumb, they had more important things to do); and that ending.. well, I think that was the best way to close the story, it was kind of weird but was not so bad after all..

I gave it 3 stars on Goddreads 'cause I liked what happened to the one character I liked..
I don't have so much to say about this book, so I'm just gonna stop and leave it here :P

otherwise on monday I went to watch a movie with my niece, my sister and her baby.. so, what movie did we watch? well, my nephew wanted to watch Zootopia again BUT they only had one single showing in the whole day and yes, we didn't get in time to watch it.. so we had to pick up another movie..

Kung Fu Panda 3
okay, first of all let me tell you I just can't stand Kung Fu Panda x__x I only watched like 10 minutes of the first movie and then the ending of the second one and I found them really really boring.. so my expectations for this one were like really really low

I HATED this movie T__T it was very, very boring and even if I laughed like two times in the whole time we were there, most of the time I was like WTF; I just wanted to go out and scream and kick the person who dared to make it

and well, my nephew got bored and went out with my sis for a while, and my niece also thought it was boring so.. I guess I'm not the only one thinking this movie sucks..

well, I guess for now that's all.. sorry for the short entry and also for the lack of good info haha
as always thanks for reading/passing by! have a nice day/night!

bye bye!