miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016

b l o o d y h e l l

Hi cutiepies!
well, I've been quite busy reading :P and guess what? I've just finished to read a new book :P so in this entry I'll show you the two I've read so far!

it bothers me a little bit the fact I'm reading like there's no tomorrow haha but I'm almost done with this series (Blood Coven) and that means I'm gonna be able to start the book I've been postergating since past year.. and I'll do whatever it needs to be done before april starts!

I don't have so much to say so let's start with this now!

Blood Ties by Mari Mancusi
this is the 6th book of the Blood Coven Series..
as you can see for the cover this one is narrated by Sunny and continues the story from where the previous book ended and that's one thing I like: the books are not like "some months later..", no, the whole series happen in uhm.. like a year? (more or less, doesn't matter)

in this book, Sunny's relationship is pending from a thread and she is facing a lot of problems, one thing I didn't like is that she continues to be annoying and kind of selfish most of the time, and yeah, she grew up as a character a little bit 'cause she now is stronger and and she's still smart but thanks to her big heart she sometimes seems a little bit uhm.. dumb (sorry Sun)

somehow I also find annoying (well, sometimes) that she's always worried about her boyfriend and it may seems she doesn't believe he can take care of him by himself (and all of us know he surely can), plus she thinks about him every single second of her life and that makes it looks like he is the only one who matters (not even her life, c'mon Sunny!)

in conclusion I like Sunny but not much, I prefer Rayne :P
and now, talking about her.. we are able to see that she grew up even more than Sun, we see her character development thanks to what happened in the previous book (Night School) but I don't like how she risks her "life" without thinking really clear, in the consequences and all of that.. but I'm always glad to see how they (in this case Sunny) save the day..

in this book we start to see (clearer) another kind of conflicts like the ones about "power", so that means probably next books are not fully centered in romance haha

as the previous ones it was easy to read, and, again, it doesn't matter if you haven't read the other books before, the author gives you an small "so far in the series" resume.. so you can easily catch up what's happening..

Soul Bound by Mari Mancusi
this is the 7th book of the Blood Coven series.. now that I think about it, I guess I forgot to tell you that here, in my country, we only have the first three books in spanish.. and the other ones are in english, so, do you see the problem? but don't get me wrong, I'm glad they're all easy to read haha

anyway, as you can see for the cover, this one's in Rayne perspective, yes! we came back to Raynie! and again I'm glad to see her character development; we see her a little bit more centered and, yes, she keeps on taking bad choices and sometimes I was screaming beacuse they cannot see what was going on T__T

then we have the, probably, highest point in the whole plot, and guess what? I liked it and honestly I didn't see it coming haha somehow it was good and made me like the story even more, then it turned out quite depressing and then weird

yes! you read right: WEIRD.. and a lot of times I thought it was nonsense, but sometimes the author, Mancusi, has a way to explain how or why she put those things and the thing about it is that you actually believe her haha it was so weird that it ended up being kinda nice,, but then.. ohgods.. she threw up the bomb.. the final chapter and the epilogue were.. too much

too much but in the wrong way! I'm not gonna put spoilers (maybe I'll do it in the review of the final book, but not now) but let me tell you it was awful

I was liking the book, I was even enjoying it and Iwas thinking about giving it 4 starts on Goodreads but when the end came I was (and I still am) so angry that the idea of giving it 2 or even 1 star crossed my mind T__T at the end I gave it 3 just because I liked most of the plot..

but, c'mon! why Mancusi, why? maybe it was the only escape for your story but it was horrible! it made me so upset till the point about questioning myself about reading or not the next, and final book! I felt like she gave me a kick in the face and I'm kind of disappointed of how the story has turned out..

so you can clearly see how mad that book drove me haha sorry! I guess that's all for now, sorry about writing too much :P
hope you at least enjoyed reading how frustrated I feel..
thanks for reading/passing by! have a nice day/night

bye bye!