viernes, 11 de marzo de 2016

I will stake you

-Night School ~ Mari Mancusi

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry! hope you're doing great n__n I've been quite busy these days and also my internet has gone crazy.. blame the weather ¬¬

actually it has been so weird that it's sunny but it's freezing! it even snowed on some states, people were saying it was snowing in my city (which I don't truly believe, but if it was true then it was almost nothing, it felt like a thin rain haha) but the wind.. ohgods it was horrible! it sounded (yes, sounded) like it was the apocalypse LOL a lot of trees fell down, not near of my house luckily..

also on wednesday we didn't have electricity for about 4 hours ¬¬ it was painful haha so I decided to read a light book! I made a bad choice but meh whatevs..
I'm glad to say the weather is better now, it's still freezing but it's okay :P

well let's start with this unfinished entry!

Night School by Mari Mancusi
this is the 5th book of the Blood Coven series and, as I said, I'm determined to finish this saga :P so I continued reading these books.. and I read this one some days ago..

but what can I say about it? well, as the previous books, this one was easy to read and funny, and actually it's easy to catch up the story no matter which book you decided to read first 'cause the author gives you some kind of summary..

plus I really like all the pop culture references (even if sometimes there are too much of them) Mancusi made, I mean, is always awesome when a book mentions  Harry Potter!

 I also like  how slowly Mancusi introduces some other creatures! and I totally love how the author makes fun of several "myths" about those magical creatures, I think it's intentional (or I hope so!) and that's what makes these books so light and funny :P I guess that's why these books are more for young readers, 'cause sometimes it may turn kind of annoying for older people, like me..

in fact I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads (the past ones got only 3), I'm not 100% sure why, maybe it was because I felt it was better (actually it's my favourite so far), and sometimes I saw a character development but other times I saw them acting the same way they acted before (*cough *cough Sunny and Rayne *cough) and also I liked the story, let's say it caught my eye more than before.. and if Rayne is the one telling the story is an A+ for me!

there were a part I found absurd and I was laughing a lot and all the time I thought WTF?, it was funny and I couldn't believe the author actually wrote that haha but again, maybe some kind of satire? I guess that's what makes this saga unique: it makes fun of cliches in a way that is almost impossible not to laugh

BUT, honestly, so far the saga it's not really really good for me, I mean, I like it and I think it's nice but it doesn't get me into it as other sagas did before; somehow each book is quite predictable that the "plot twists" are not really catching my attention, they are not enough, at least not yet..

I feel like I'm not really interested in these books like I've been before with others (books and/or sagas) and I don't know how I feel or what I think of this series 'cause, as I said so many times before, it's not attached to my heart.. but I really hope it gets better and that the next books will get me fully into Mancusi's world..

now, the book I read, or do I have to say re-read? when I didn't have anything better to do was..

La Tumba by José Agustín
okay, first of all, I remembered reading it long years ago for school (it wasn't even listed in my Goodreads books!) but somehow I didn't remember it well so I picked it up for a fast and easy reading..

I started to remember it after a few pages and I also remembered I didn't like it; and with the re-read I confirmed it T__T

maybe it was 'cause it's not my type of book or 'cause it got too weird to understand it, or maybe 'cause the lenguage/used words wre sometimes hard to understand (but I guess people used to express like that in that time, 60s or 70s..); I think the main character is not the kind you usually relate to and he was annoying; most of the time I thought "what the hell is going on?"

one point on its favour could be that it touches crucial themes like sex (not in an explicit way), alcoholism and depression.. and the end leaves an open door for you to think what happened..

maybe a lot of people would say it's some kind of master piece or something like that, but uhm.. not for me.. would I recomend it? I dunno.. maybe for teenagers, I guess it's common, in my city, for schools to make their students read it at some point..

well, I don't really know what else to say, so I'm gonna cut it here :P
thanks for reading/passing by!

bye bye!