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a boy that bites

-Blood Forever ~ Mari Mancusi

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a nw entry! hope you're doing great n___n I've been uhm.. quite busy reading haha and doing other things of course..

so, as you maybe guessed I finally finished reading the final book of the series! so, as I promised, here's my super review haha and yes, it will have spoilers :P

and well, what else can I say? I'm really, really excited about the movie I'm going to watch tomorrow! yes.. finally Batman v Superman comes out! I can't wait *-* I'm dying to see Wonder Woman LOL

but enough of all of that.. we better start with this!

Blood Forever by Mari Mancusi
okay, so this is, finally, the 8th and last book of the Blood Coven series.. I said in the previous entry I mentioned I was thinking that maybe I was not going to read it but, honestly I had to do it 'cause I wanted to "close the circle" :P

so, here I am, already done with this.. so, I have to say it was good, I mean the whole story was nice but, as the previous books, it was also predictable, and sometimes I was like "c'mon, don't you think it's pretty obvious?" but oh well, not everything could be butterflies and rainbows..

thanks to the previous book, which made me angry, the whole plot of this book changed T__T
actually it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but honestly it wasn't the best..

it was also easy to read and had some funny moments, but again, the characters seemed quite annoying, I was confused to find out that Rayne, my favourite character, changed a lot and annoyed me like Sunny did..

after all, I guess it was a nice ending.. everything fell down in place and followed its curse..

I don't think I can talk about this book without spoilers, so here they come!


first of all.. what the hell was thinking the author to change the whole damn plot?! she changed the whole story.. so.. it was like it didn't matter the fact that I read the previous seven books! like it was a waste of time :| that was what made me angry..

then, since she changed everything, Rayne and Sunny decided to make a pact: none of them would interact with vampires since their lives turned upside down when they met the vamps.. they didn't want to suffer more, so they went "okay, I won't meet Magnus so he won't bite you, we can't interact with them!" and oh surprise, both broke the pact..

Sunny wanted to badly to see Magnus "once last time" so she had the first bad idea: she decided to dress-up like Rayne and pretend she was her.. BUT Magnus fell in love with her.. and he thought she was Rayne, so he didn't know she was Sunny...

Rayne was, somehow, stalking Jareth haha! she was telling him she was his true love, and he was like "OMFG you're annoying.. who are you? I have a girlfriend" oops! what? it turned out that he was dating the Queen of the Zombies.. WTF?

then, thanks to the fact that they already knew what was going to happen, they saved Lucifent from being slayed..
turned out he had the "plan Z" (which, in my opinion was pretty obvious what was it about since the first time he mentioned it", and Jareth knew all along about that plan!

ohh and btw, Lucifent killed Bertha O__O thanks to that Sunny and Rayne suddenly realised that probably, saving him wasn't a good idea after all..
Spider was the new vampire slayer and not Raynie!!

what was the "plan Z"? well, yeah, zombies T__T
turned out that Jareth was dating the Zombie Queen to use her power to control the zombies.. why was he up to this plan? because the slayers killed his family.. yeah.. revenge..

so, as I don't want to get too deep into it, long story short, they get to save the world and avoid previous situations and they also get their vampires..

at the end they save their grandmother from being murdered so their mother won't have to be the new Fairy Queen; Rayne is not a fairy-vampire, neither an slayer, she's only the "ambassador" between the vamps and Slayer Inc. she gets Jareth to turn her into a vampire and they get married..

Sunny avoids the de-transformation, and she becomes a vampire, Magnus' soul mate and is the co-leader of the Coven 'cause Pyrus is in jail after all he's made..

ohh and Hades gave the boys, Magnus and Jareth their memories back! so they end up having the old and the new memories..


this book had two PoV, Sunny and Rayne, instead of only one like in the previous books.. which made it kinda better 'cause we get to know what's happening to both of them..

one thing that I found quite annoying was how rushed the ending felt, it was like "BOOM it's over, they're happy now", but maybe it was just me :|

I'm not gonna say it's the best book ever, it was just a "nice" one.. since it's focused to teenagers it could be kinda annoying to older people, but it had its funny moments..

it also makes me wonder if reading the whole series is really worth it, 'cause  you can get the whole plot/story thanks to this last book and not miss a thing..

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