miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2016

just excited as hell

-Girls That Growl ~ Mari Mancusi

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great, I'm quite tired right now u___u but welcome to a new entry! it may seem that is too soon for it, right? is just that I HAD to do it :P I have some news!

well, honestly I don't have the pictures ready (sorry) but I'm gonna talk about it anyway haha

finally the tickets for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out yesterday!! I was kinda sad at the begining 'cause they were not selling them in my city T__T but a few hours later they came out! so I was stressed as hell and I had to buy them online 'cause they were flying!
and today I went to pick them up! so they're home with me now *-* I couldn't be more excited.. I've been waiting for this movie for a long time.. (go down to see more of this..)

aaaand, why did I went to pick my tickets today? well, the teather I choose (actually there were only two in the list ¬¬) is quite far away from my house so it's always complicated to go there.. so I decided it was going to be a good idea to go pick them up today 'cause we went to watch a movie! (keep on reading to find out more!)

otherwise, I started a new book! yes, ohgods I couldn't resist! and finally I decided to finish the saga I started this year..

Girls That Growl by Mari Mancusi
well, I don't really know how to react to this book; definitely it's better than the first book (Boys that Bite) but I'm not sure if this one is better than the previous one (Stake That)..

so, the book was nice, and as its previous ones, is not in my list of favourite books.. it was easy to read and sometimes it was funny too; as I said before I like more Rayne than her twin sister, Sunny, but this time she was uhm.. let's say "hormonal" (I know it's not the correct word, but it's the nearest I can tell..) than she was before, so it means she got angry and acted like crazy a lot..

I'm not gonna say she was completely wrong, 'cause I understood why she was acting like that, I mean, I also got quite angry haha but sometimes she acted like a little girl and I was like "calm down Rayne, breathe..", at the end we get to find out why she was acting like that and she also cooled down.. luckily my baby Jareth was there for her haha

btw, I don't know why I love Jareth.. is it beacuse he's the stereotypical emo vampire? LOL whatever he's charming and awesome (even if in this book he stressed and annoyed the hell outta me..)

for the title you can imagine the main subject of this: Werewolves! but.. haha they're pretty unique.. 'cause they're gilrs.. now Raynie has to find a way to stop the new menace in the town at the same time she has to find a way to "survive" this new life..

the plot was quite predictable but it was entertaining as well; I liked the drama haha but at certain point I got tired of it and I was praying for it to end; but in general it was a nice reading and I can't wait to start the next book in the saga.. I'm just hoping it continues to be in Rayne's PoV otherwise I think I'll go nuts!

okay okay, now here are my tickets for BvS!

well, I have to be honest: I want to watch it because of Wonder Woman! haha I really like Batman but I'm not 100% convinced about Affleck.. but I guess I have to see his work to have a better judgement..
I'm not a fan of Superman, but I have to say that I kinda liked Man of Steel, and Cavill makes a good Clark..
and I've been waiting for this movie since they announced it for the first time :P

as I mentioned up there, we went to watch a movie..and it was an special ocation.. why? 'cause it was my baby nephew's first teather movie ever!

he's 2 (and alsmot a half) so it's pretty obvios it was his first time.. we went with my oldest sister and her daughter; and honestly we were kinda "scared" about how my nephew would react.. luckily we had a great time! he was so quiet (well, most of the time) and he stood still! it was nice..

we watched Zootopia!
there's not so much I have to say about this movie.. it was uhm.. nice..
I mean, it was funny and the plot was kind of interesting, but I got bored a little bit.. sorry but I'm not into kids movies T__T so I won't say it's my favourite movie ever..

but in case you're wondering my nephew loved it! he even want to watch it again :P

well well I guess that's all for now; I don't have anything else to say T__T I know my life is pretty boring haha but meh whatever.. sorry for the crappy entry!

thanks for reading/passing by! have a wonderful week n__n

bye bye!