domingo, 27 de marzo de 2016

Happy Easter!

-found on tumblr.

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n___n and welcome to a new entry! yes.. that time of the year again! it's not like I celebrate it haha but it's always a good opportunity to see a lot of pastel colours.. *-*

well, I've been quite busy doing.. some stuff.. okay, I've been feeling really lazy these past few days T___T that's why I haven't started to read a new book yet.. but I swear I'll do it soon :P

anyway.. I don't have so much to say in this entry so I guess it will be short.. here we go then!

you know how much I like to make easter themed entries haha that's why I always make at least one.. this time I only have like two or three pictures Y__Y 'cause I don't celebrate easter!

anyway, my mom bought me this delicious-looking pastry! *-* even if it was not so tasty after all T__T I really liked all those forest fruits! plus is looked pretty haha :P

and I also painted my nails again! you know how much I love I like to paint them easter related! I love pastel colours and this "holiday" is a great opportunity

this time I went for an easy design and used a lot of pastel purple *-*
in two nails (index & pinky) I made a "blend" using pastel purple, pastel blue and pastel pink, then added two different glitter polishes
I used pastel purple as a base in the other three nails: on thumb I made some easter eggs and dots using bright purple, bright blue and bright pink; on the middle finger I used white, black and a touch of pink to make a bunny head; on the ring finger I made two flowers and two hearts using the same colours I used on thumb.. finally I added glitter polish to them all :P

I didn't have so much time to paint them u__u so I'm not so glad with the final result, but I think they look really cute! I specially love the blend ones.. maybe I'll do that again other day 'cause it looks simply lovely!

and finally, what would be easter without a bunny?

haha that's my super cute bunny plushie! I re-found it on my pile of plushies.. and, as a plus, you can see some of my books on the back :P

I was thinking about reading a book for this entry.. but I felt lazy and forgot about it! so I guess I'll start a new one soon..

well, I guess that's all for now.. as I said up there I don't have so much material for this entry 'cause I don't celebrate easter.. is just that I love to paint my nails haha that's why I always make an entry..
anyway, hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for reading/passing by!

btw, Happy Easter!

bye bye!