jueves, 24 de marzo de 2016

do you bleed?

-Batman v Superman: Down of Justice (2016)

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n welcome to a new entry! as you can obviously see, this is gonna be a Batman v Superman themed entry! beacuse it finally arrived to teathers today, so, why not?

I'm quite tired right now.. I've been having a bad time about my sleeping time.. T__T

but whatevs.. as you already know, I went to the midnight showing *-* buuuut before I say too much, let's start!

[NOTE: I don't have the pictures ready, but I'll come back tomorrow to edit, so, for now, the whole entry will only have text hah sorry!]

so I went to the midnight showing as you already know, and we got there early 'cause according to the teather's page they were having like 7 showings at the same time and our room was almost full.. plus I wanted to get my claws on the beautiful glass they were selling :P

we got to the teather and there were a bunch of people so we went to walk around the whole place.. 45 minutes before midnight I had the amazing idea to get in the queue's candy store, so I could buy something.. a few minutes later the queue was enormous! luckily I had the great idea to get in it before, right?

okay okay, now to the point: the movie.. I'm gonna put some spoilers (sorry!) but, as always, they're gonna be in a different colour so you'll know when to stop reading, okay?

so, what did I think of it? honestly? okay then.. first of all, I really enjoyed the movie, I think it was great, amazing! and I feel like I need more.. BUT I also think that the first half of it is kind of.. slow.. and I even think it needed a little bit more of action parts, but, again I guess is because is the "opening door" for the future movies (aka Justice League) and it introduces us to that universe..

then we have the second half I have to say it was really amazing; the characters (yay! fav part, the cameos and Wonder Woman *-*) and the battle were simply incredible..

now, I'm going to the plot, well it was nice and easy to follow, plus the whole point about their ideas why the other was "the worst", I mean, you clearly understand why they have those thoughts; plus is kind of hard to pick a side :|
and, of course, the battle was "epic", I mean, not everyday you see two superheroes fighting against each other, right?

and then we have the characters.. this is a little bit complicated (of course, I'm gonna explain why :P), 'cause, first of all, I don't like Superman! sorry sorry, I know a lot of people is going to hate me, but that's the truth.. maybe is in part, because I find the previous, well old, movies boring (yes, I'm talking about Superman I, II, III, IV, etc. and Superman Returns) and well, I have never liked him anyway haha but I like a lot this new version, I think Henry Cavill was a good choice, plus his evolution is kind of inspiring

Bruce.. well, Bruce will always be Bruce, I love Batman! I have always loved Batman (even if I don't like the previous trilogy.. sorry!), but honestly, I'm not sure I liked Ben's Batman.. at first when they announced he was going to play that roll I wasn't convinced at all but I obviously gave him a chance; after watching the movie I noticed that I still think the same: maybe he was not a good choice, sometimes he even looked heavy, like he didn't have enough agility.. by now, I think this Batman is not what I wanted

now, my favourite character ever: Wonder Woman
I'm a big fan/lover of Wonder Woman! she's, without doubt, my favourite superheroe ever *-* and to finally see her on big screen is a delight, srly (and I can't wait to watch her movie!)..
same as happened with Ben, at first I was not convinced about Gal Gadot playing my babe Diana, I thought she was not the correct actress to play that part but again I decided to give her a chance
when the posters, stills, trailer, came out I saw her and I couldn't help it but fell in love, why? one reason: Wonder Woman
after watching the movie I realized that I still think the same: she's not the one; she's not Diana.. I kind of have a love/hate feeling for her; but at the end I have a lot of problems with it, and for me it was a BAD idea to cast her (to clarify: I don't hate the actress)

Lex.. well, I think Lex is an intelligent villain and also he's serious, he's not laughing and making puns/fun of everything like the one we see in the movie
most of the time I found him annoying, like I was seeing a Joker wannabe and that's the biggest problem, sometimes I thought he was overacting T__T

now, the cameos.. ohmygods I have to say I love, LOVE Jason Momoa (Aquaman!) and I want more of him! The Flash.. well, I'm not sure of their choice, but I guess I have to give him a chance too, right? and Cyborg.. uhm.. I don't really have something to say about him haha I guess he's okay :P

in general, as I said, the movie is great and now we have the door open for the upcoming movies, so it's a good start for what's coming..

well well, I have to leave it right here honeybees! sorry, I'll come back tomorrow to edit and to put the spoilers haha okay? thank you!