viernes, 18 de marzo de 2016

You are the only one worth saving

-The Divergent Series: Allegiant (2016)

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great! I'm quite tired right now and I really really want to rest.. but I'm here with a brand new entry :P

as you can see this entry is gonna be about The Divergent Series: Allegiant movie! which came out today on teathers!

well, I had the option to go to the midnight showing BUT I decided not to go.. why? well, actually I thought it wasn't going to worth the uhm.. money and/or the time.. so I went today (a few hours ago..) and I took my niece with me :P

okay okay, say no more and let's start with this..

well, I went to get the tickets early today so we could be able to come back home to eat (and wait for my niece to go out of the school) and then go back there without spending more time buying them and just go ahead to the candy store.. but of course! we got there a little bit late ¬¬ haha the lights were already off when we sat down in our seats T__T gladly we didn't miss anything ;)

but enough of that, let's go to the point.. what do I think about it?

uhm.. what can I say about it? first, let me tell you I didn't had high expectations 'cause the previous movie was.. not really good (okay, maybe it was just "nice"), they changed the whole thing..
so, I had the feeling this movie wasn't going to be great 'cause, honestly the first half of the book is quite boring..

now, about Allegiant.. in general terms this movie is nice; not good not bad, just nice
of course, it could have gone worse, but I think the "thing" that saves it is the fact that they put some action parts we don't really see in the first half of the book.. and honestly I don't think it could be better..

it had some boring parts, plus Tris' attitude made me go nuts sometimes; and Four (finally) started to have a development and we started to see the way he really is, he's becoming a protagonist (thank you!)

I have to be honest, at some point I was wishing for it to end and I was wondering if they lied to us haha yes! 'cause I saw everything so familiar that I thought that there were not going to be a "second part" (aka a 4th movie: Ascendant.. is that the correct name?) and they were going to end up the "trilogy" right there but oh surprise! I was wrong haha

so yes, the movie is not better than the previous one and I really don't know where it will lead us in the future.. what will happen in the next movie? will it be as bad as the previous (Allegiant included) ones, or will it be better? who knows

this time I didn't paint my nails T__T I couldn't come with a nice idea for them and I didn't want them to look like the ones I made for Divergent and Insurgent.. so I decided it'll be better not doing a new nail art..

I don't really know if I have something else to show or not, so I'll check out my images and come back later to edit (if needed) :P

I think that's all for now.. as I said in the begining I'm really tired so I'm finishing this entry here :P
thanks for reading/passing by and have a nice day/night

bye bye!