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Hell, you're all gonna be doing that

-The Walking Dead

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n sadly I can't say the same about me, I've been having a hard time 'cause I'm still sick haha (check out previous entry!) but gladly I'm feeling better! :P

anyway, as you can see thanks to the title and to the quote up there this entry is going to have a BIG part dedicated to one of my tv series: The Walking Dead

last night was the season finale! so I had to make an entry about it, right? so.. there are going to be spoilers (sorry!) but as always they're gonna be on a different colour so you'll know when I start and finish with them..

okay okay let's start with this!

before I start with my super review haha let me tell you about my love for this series.. probably you already know this (I'm sure I said it before in the blog) but when it first aired, I didn't like it I didn't even watch it! but it was thanks to the season 2 finale that I started to get interested on it.. so I luckily watched the two seasons on a marathon before the 3rd started..

and that's how I slowly started to fall in love with it.. my fav character was Daryl but that changed when my eloved baby Michonne appeared she's my favourite, like, ever..
and I srly swore (before this season ended) that if something happened to her I was going to quit the show..

now, let's talk about the episode..

(gif's not mine)

The Walking Dead (S06E16: Last Day on Earth)
through the whole season we've seen the best and the worst from Rick's crew: how stron and determined they can be and thanks to that how ruthless and inhuman they can get.. we saw all of that mostly in the second half of this season, or part B; and with this I'm gonna talk about Carol..

Carol's break took place a few episodes ago; we all know how hard her life has been and now she's sick about how it turned out to be at this point: she doesn't want to keep on killing people
and I think this is the highest point in the series, how to know where the line ends, how do we know where the right thing ends and where the wrong ones start.. it's all messed up now..

now, after the that intriguing ending of the previous episode, we presumably know that Daryl got shoot, (probably in the shoulder/arm, not killing him! but honestly, we thought, or they made us think, that he was dead..) and now we're finally able to see Negan, probably, the most badass villain they could ever meet..

I'm gonna be dead honest here, okay? these are my impressions of the episode and my opinions, sorry if they bother you!

I was seriously nervous before it started 'cause I read the tittle of some news that said something like "The season finale will make fans cry" or "fans will hate Negan after the season finale", so I didn't know what to expect.. plus, we all knew one character was going to die on Negan's hands..

based on those articles (the ones I didn't read 'cause they also said there were spoilers in them) I thought a beloved character was going to say goodbye to us

surprise: the episode was a little bit slow, so it was boring for me T__T and that was disappointing 'cause I wanted more action and to actually cry! and I have to say that I used to watch it with no comercials so it lasted 65 minutes, on the 10 last minutes were srly the best ten minutes ever!

and now here are some sopilers, stop reading if you don't want to know!


okay, first I have to complain just a little bit about Carol, I have some kind of love/hate relationship with her; sometimes I love her to death and other times I find her really annoying and wish she was gone forever.. for now let's say I'm not her fan; I understand her point: she doesn't want to kill anymore and it tears her appart to do it BUT I think she could have stood and took Denise's place (btw her death was just horrible and felt really sad over it..) and be the new "doctor" of the community, she could have learn all of that: instead of killing, saving people's life (i.e. Maggie!)

and now that I talk about Carol, I have to mention Morgan; damn! Morgan killed a man to save her! I have to say I didn't see that coming..
I have to say this: the evolution of Alexandria's community has been huge; and the priest (uhm.. father? I don't know how to call him haha) development was terrific!

then Rick.. he spent a lot of episodes killing people and now, that they need to get through the saviours he says "oh no, let's go for another way" like, what? srly Rick? do you remember the weapon Abe found and Daryl used to blow the fuck up the bikers before? when they wanted to kill Abe, Sasha and him? what about that? but nooo!

Eugene has a big heart and now he's one of the bravest of the group! and that goodbye.. ohgods it was really touchy and that hug.. pff he was amazing.. too bad the saviours got him so fast haha
and those whistles o__o damn! they were really really scary! and the group fell into the trap so easy! like, they just did what the freaking saviours wanted them to do!

and finally, Negan.. ohmyfuckin'gods I was so ready and scared to see him! and when he appeared my heart stopped.. he looked so handsome and at the same time so imponent and crazy.. and his group is bigger than we thought it would be.. but his solely presence was enough to intimidate everyone.. and Rick's face.. damn! the actor (Andrew Lincoln) did a perfect performance, the best of the season! he looked like he was in shock, he almost passed out haha

okay, back at Negan.. his speech was crazy but eloquent at the same time, how weird is that? saying Rick's group had to pay for what they've done to the saviours.. and that he was going to let them "work" for him.. and he was going to beat the fuck out of one of them! ohshit that was bad, really bad!

and when he started with his "eeny, meeny.." ohgods I started to sweat cold, really.. I saw my babies shaking at the same time I did.. but the way Michonne looked at him.. with no fear but determination.. she's my baby.. protect her all it costs!

and his words were frightening: "you can breathe, you can blink, you can cry... Hell, you're all gonna be doing that", fuck this..

finally he starts to beat someone.. DAMN! who was the unlucky one? who the fuck? I needed to know.. and then that stupid cliffhanger! really? are you gonna play with us like that?

I have to say I got mad at that ending, 'cause I was so prepared to see who was going to die and then nothing! they just made us nervous and we all almost had a heartattack for nothing? WTF?
I get what they did this, to make us watch next season premiere but why? we were dying to know T__T now we have to wait till october! not cool, not fair!

last night on Twitter people were freaking out about theories of who was killed.. thanks to an image and the words Negan said, now they are saying the chosen one is Carl.. BUT I say that's BS! from his words we get Carl and Rick are okay, they're safe (for now..) also I don't think it's Glenn (even if he is the one in the comic) 'cause the tv series is different from the comic..

honestly I'm between three: Abe, Eugene and Aaron..
why? well, let's see the clues and remember Negan's words "taking it like a champ" (after he hits the person for the first time):

1- Abe: he's been talking about his future (with Sasha) and that he is finally finding happiness after all that he's ready for it, it wouldn't be strange to tear his "dream" appart so soon

NOTE: the next two came to my mind after seeing the picture where Negan is about to hit someone and we see Carl shadow (thanks to his hat) in his chest, but look at it; the shadow is not completely in front of him, the angle sugests that Carl is besides the chosen one, that leaves two: Eugene and Aaron..

2- Eugene: his development has been huge, he started being useless and used to be scared all the time, letting others to save him.. now he's brave enough to sacrifice himself; for Negan's words it would be a surprise for all of them to see him standing even if he's almost dead x__x

3- Aaron: to the NOTE above I can say that the beaten one could be Aaron so that would explain Maggie's screams a lot, she's very close to him!

so, that's what I think and I wish my babies Michonne, Daryl, Carl, Maggie, Glenn and Rick (Richonne FTW) are okay..
either way it's gonna be sad to find out who will be dead in the next season.. the feelings for them slowly grew up in me through the time I watched them..


in conclusion I think the final episode was good, even if it was kind of boring and slow at the begining those 10 last minutes were amazingly terrific; even if I ended up mad and nervous and almost crying that ending was not so bad after all..

now that the new season comes out till october, I'm gonna watch Outcast 'cause it looks pretty cool :P

well, I still have to edit one picture but I guess I'll come back tomorrow to upload it and finish the entry n__n

for now that's all, hope you don't hate me for the long review haha I tried to not spoil anyone, okay?
thanks for reading/passing by! have a nice day!

bye bye!