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four wings, two hearts, one soul..

-Ember X ~ Jessica Sorensen

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n I'm actually a little bit sick.. so I'm not having the time of my life.. but I'm finally here for a new entry!

woah! february is here! is it just me or january passed by really slow? I hope the rest of the year goes as slow as january did haha

I've been quite busy these past few days.. I started to read a new book (and already finished it!), I kept watching anime, I finished one AND I even started a new one :P so yeah, my days and nights are pretty busy..

talking about animes, everyday this strong feeling of wanting to read manga becomes stronger.. I feel like I need to read more and more manga haha specially Kuroshitsuji (since I'm watching season two I need more Sebastian in my life..), but I don't really know when I'll be able to read it u__u hope I can do it soon..

okay, we better start with this..

Ember X by Jessica Sorensen
first of all let me tell you that this is a trilogy (Death Collectors) BUT there are six books in total, why? well, the thing is that there are the original ones and the "adult" variations (you can identify them thanks to the "X" added to their names), the difference? is that the X variations supposedly have more violence and adult situations (like sex scenes)

so, what is this book about? I wasn't so sure at first but slowly we start to comprehend: is about good vs evil; but it essencially talks about death
the protagonist, Ember, is able to see the death of people when they touch her, one day, after years of trying to stay away from a normal life, a boy appears and something strange happens: she cannot feel his death..

the fact that is a paranormal story made me want to read it, plus the cover (not this one, but the original one) looked really nice and everything about it screamed dark haha

I have to say that I think the plot is interesting but I'm not sure that the story was executed in a good way, sometimes I was really interested in it, but other times it bored me a little bit; it also was predictable at some point, I wanted to badly to be mistaken about the whole thing, but sadly I wasn't

the chacaters were uhm.. not really good; Ember was okay, I liked the fact that she seemed to be a goth/dark girl haha and the fact that she was into poetry, a little bit too cliche, but it was okay..
now, her best, and only friend, Raven, was quite annoying, and most of the time she was mean.. the kind of person who always takes and never gives (even if it's explained why she acted like that through the book, I couldn't feel anything good for her)

then we have Asher and Cameron, two strange and mysterious guys, who Ember feels attracted to; most of the times it was pretty obvious the role they played on the story, I think that once or even twice I was confused about them, but suddenly the light appeared and I knew who they were

about the "adult" parts.. ohgods, sorry about this, but they weren't so hot after all; for me they even seemed a little bit forced into the story, they weren't so important after all (for now), they were just there, nothing more nothing else..

overall, the plot is great but I couldn't feel so connected/attracted to it; the characters were good but not great.. but yeah, I'll read the next one just to see what happens :P

for the complete review, in spanish, click here n__n

some days ago I got a new polish! I saw it and I fell in love so I had to buy it *-*

Nail Polish by KleanColor in 314 Bright/Moody from the duochrome 3D Collection
I'm not sure if you remember it, but I already own two polishes from this collection and I fell in love with them! so when I saw this one I knew I had to get it

the colours looks incredible, it looks purple but also black and blue.. is just so beautiful *-* I can't wait to try it on!

otherwise, like I mentioned at the begining, I finally finished to watch one of the animes I was watching: Death Note!

デスノート  /  Death Note
Season: 1          Episodes: 37 (+2 special episodes ; 3 live-action movies)

well, first I have to say that I'm not completely sure it has just ONE season, some people say that there are actually two (season two starts after episode 20), but I'm going wth the thing that says that it's only one..

so, I started to watch it 'cause I feel like it's one anime you have to watch at least once

I have to be completely honest about it, so here I go..
I'm not really sure how to feel towards it; in one hand I liked it but in the other I didn't

the story follows Yagami Light, who finds a mysterious notebook, which was the property of a Shinigami (god of death) named Ryuk, this note can kill people.. so Light starts to use it; the thing gets complicated when the police starts to notice the mysterious deaths, this catches the attention of famous investigator named "L" who will dedicate his entire life to find the person behind all this mess

I think the plot is really good and it makes you re-think about what's wrong and what is right; I honestly still don't know in which side I am; in one hand we have Light/Kira who decides who dies based in their behaviour; and in the other side we have L (and so much more people haha) who wants to stop this serial killer

I think Light was relatable, and I think I kind of understand why he becomes Kira, but I don't know how to feel about the whole thing: is it right or not the way he acts?
L is such an incredible character, he is very complex and made me laugh a lot and I simply love how intelligent he is

but since Light is also a genius, it was really hard to pick a side and the whole story was a war between two magnificent minds; I just adored how intelligent and well constructed was the story, simply phenomenal

sadly I also think that it became a little bit boring after the big shocking moment happens (it's an spoiler, so I won't say it), and that made me a little bit cringy about the whole thing, I found kind of pointless to continue the story but did it anyways and I don't know how to feel about that :|

[1x37] 新世界  /  "New World"  /  «Nuevo Mundo»

so this is the final episode of the anime, and I was really nervous about it 'cause the first thing I thought when it started was "fuck"

again, I don't really know what to think about it, all the time I was just thinking "fuck, fuck fuck, no, what are you doing? fuck..", so you can see I got quite anxious about it haha

after all it was a good closure for the anime but I'm not sure if I liked it or not..

as always I can't talk about something without spoilers, so here they come!


damn.. where do I start from?
Light seemed to be always a step ahead L, and thanks to Misa, who also had a note, the things became easier.. the fact that Light used Misa (who made the Shinigami eyes pact!) made me feel angry, she claimed to be in love with him (I don't think she was, but whatever..) so she did everything for him..

things got complicated when Light made his move: since L thought he was Kira, Light claimed to be innocent but he decided to "give up" and asked L to put him under custody so everyone will know he wasn't Kira..

L also had Misa under custody but he was intelligent enough to not let her see his face..
after some torture she quit the note, so her memory got erased; after a few days Light also quit his note, so a brand new start: he forgot everything!

long short story, Light got back his memory after touching a note, and so did Misa thanks to Rem (her previous personal Shinigami haha)

somehow Light made Rem kill L.. and it seemed it was going to be the end of everything..
if you ask me, this is where the story lost its charm, L was one of the best characters of the anime and when he died the thing became boring

I don't want to put a lot of details, but Near "N" (L's sucesor) appeared and he also thought Light was Kira; at the end thanks to Mello (the other guy "fighting" for L's place), N caught Light..

so Light got injured and was bleeding to death.. but then we saw Ryuk writing Light's name in his note.. so that's how he died

there are theories saying that L is not really dead, and I have to say they are convincing haha but at the same time, why did Rem died if he didn't kill him?

there's also a theory that says that the Shinigami we see in one of the special episodes, the one who asks Ryuk his story in Earth, is actyally Light 'cause according to what Ruyk told him, he wasn't be able to go neither to Heaven nor Hell..

I have to say that the theories are interesting, but I don't really know what to think :|


overall the anime was great, and it has incredible characters, also the story is really catching and interesting.. I understand why people love it and why they keep on talking about it, but I don't think it's my favourite

for me it's the kind of anime I'll only watch once..

well, I think that's all for now, sorry for the long entry.. is just that I had a lot to say haha you know how things usually go when I fangirl here..

ohh, remeber I told I started a new anime? well, finally I decided to start watching Tokyo Ghoul! and I honestly have a good feeling about it.. I only watched the first two episodes, but it looks pretty cool!

anyways, hope you liked it or, at least, enjoyed it :P
as always thank you so much to read/passing by!
hope you'll have a wonderful week n__n

bye bye!