domingo, 29 de enero de 2017

black, as my soul

-Kuroshitsuji (2008)

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry! hope you're doing great, I'm actually feeling a little bit sick ¬¬ but it's not so bad.. yet; anyways I wanted to do the entry yesterday, but I was so tired that I didn't want to do it..

so I haven't read anything new on these days, why? because I've been feeling lazy af haha BUT I did important (haha sure!) things.. like.. uhm.. I finally finished watching the first season of an anime, and I went to watch a movie..

okay okay, so let me start with this :P

first let's talk about the anime I watched: Kuroshitsuji! of course, I only watched the first season haha so I still have to watch a lot (two more seasons and I think two movies? ohgods I'm bad at this..)

黒執事 (Kuroshitsuji)  /  Black Butler
Season: 01      Episodes: 24 (+1 OVA)

to be completely honest I heard about this anime a while ago, but I never really cared about it, until now.. and ohmygods I totally regret not watching it before, it's amazing!

I fell in love with it!
the story is about a kid, Ciel Phantomhive, who lost his parents in an "accident", so he becomes the headmaster of the Phantomhive family, and he has a "misterious" butler, Sebastian Michaelis, by his side..
Ciel knows that what happened to his parents wasn't an accident at all, so he seeks revenge, but how? well, let's say that Sebastian is not just a butler..

I have to say that I fell in love with Ciel and Sebastian, they are just too amazing! I like a lot Ciel's personality, he just shines! and he's very cute *-*
and Sebastian.. ohmygods he's a sexy motherf_cker!

this season had great moments, it made me laugh and cry, also I loved how everything was in dark colours
one thing I loved about it was that it takes place in a victorian era, so that means the general style of the anime was some kind of goth victorian; I loved Ciel's outfits, they gave me life, really

I made a research of the anime and it seems that after episode 15 they change the story: the anime doesn't follow the manga anymore, apparently the people behind the anime decided to make their own path, so it's a brand new plot

then comes season two, which apparently is a brand new story.. then season three follows the original story, so that means that some people prefer to watch the first 15 episodes of season one and then season three right away.. BUT I'm goinf to watch the entire anime in order..

[1x24] その執事、滔滔 (Sono Shitsuji, Tōtō)  /  "His Butler, Fluent"
«Ese mayordomo, fluye»

okay, so finally we're able to see how Ciel's mission gets an end..
even if he lost himself a little bit through the lasts episodes, he was able to "open his eyes" and continue with his main objective

they were into a big problem, and I even thought there was no way out of it, but I was so wrong! luckily Ciel, and Sebastian, were there to save the day haha

well, prepare yourselves, here come the spoilers!


a few episodes ago we found out that the Queen was behind Ciel's parents murderer and that his "butler/servant" was an angel O__O Ash/Angela

also Sebastian left Ciel! my poor baby T__T all beacuse Ciel started to have feelings again..
actually I felt disappointed of Ciel's behaviour haha after everything he went through, suddenly he is all like "oh lord.. why the Queen? I can't kill her!" WTF Ciel? but I also felt bad for him.. he was all by himself!

Ash (or Angela) went after Pluto and somehow "convinced" him to start a fire.. so he burned everything!
I felt really sad when Ciel gave the order to his servants to stop Pluto T__T by that he meant "no matter what".. so they did their best and then we can see it seems that Pluto is dead, and the servants? at the very end we find out they're okay (luckily)

Ciel went to kill the Queen but he found her dead ¬¬ and then the guards thought he killed her so they shot at him! he got injured! but Sebastian appeared and "saved" him

then we finally saw the battle between Sebastian and Ash! it was amazing! I was almost crying when Sebby lost his arm u__u but then he orderer Ciel to close his eyes and BAM! he used his true form to kill Ash..
sadly they didn't showed it to us u__u I really wanted to see it! I bet is incredible but scary haha

after winning the battle, he went after Ciel.. but Ciel decided to let go the hand he was using to stay on the bridge and he fell down to the river.. it seemed that he wanted to die O__O but Sebastian went after him once again and took him out of the water

here's where the "second ending" makes sense: we see Sebastian in some kind of boat and Ciel is there too, at first he's sleepy but then he awakes.. they start to talk and all of that

I honestly enjoyed seeing Ciel in peace.. he looked so relieved.. because, after all, he completed his mission; he doesn't look afraid or worried, not even happy, just in peace.. also he finally gets the chance to be himself, without masks, without a nobility title, he's just Ciel

then we see that the country has a false Queen and now everything is "okay"..
also we get the chance to see that Elizabeth is alright, but she's worried about Ciel 'cause nobody knows about him :| I'm sure that when she finds out about him, she's gonna be so sad, devastated.. but time will heal her

Ciel and Sebastian arrive to some kind of island.. we see that the purpose is, finally, to consume Ciel's soul..
here's where I started to get teary eyes haha I mean, the way Sebby treated Ciel.. damn.. and how my abby Ciel is so brave.. ohmygods.. ohh and the way my husband Sebastian took away the eyepatch; he approaches to his face and.. we can asume his soul is gone x__x

the end was so beautiful.. yeah, sad but really pretty T__T
it tore my heart appart, but I firmly believe it was the best way possible to end this story.. I really liked how Sebastian didn't hesitate.. that was his prize after all.. he kept his essence until the end


overall I think it was a great season finale, it really closed the story
and of course I cried! I was crying during the whole episode, it just f__ked me up so bad.. I wasn'¿t ready for it haha

if you ask me to rate it, I would say it was an 7 or 8/10, why? well, I think that they left a lot of plot holes, I felt like I have several unanswered questions, like they didn't give us the info we were looking for

I've been reading that there are another two seasons, but it's a little bit confusing 'cause, according to the info I read, second season has another characters and third season is loyal to the original story.. so I don't really know what to expect..

I really enjoyed this anime, so now I'm looking forward to read the manga, which, for what I've been reading, is still going on, I'm not sure when I'll be reading it, but I hope it'll be soon!

the OVA, その執事、興行  /  His Butler, Performer
well, I have to say this was super funny! I laughed a lot with it

in this special episode, we see the crew performing a Shakespeare play, and, somehow, the play is the parallel to Ciel's story haha so is kind of revealing..

I don't think it was really important the info we got from it, but it adds an special touch to the story.. we're able to see how Sebastian plays an important role in Ciel's behaviour

I think that with every action Ciel does, Sebastian is more interested in his soul, and I'm not sure if it's a good sign or not haha

oh and a little side note: I love Episode 4! it was probably my favourite episode so far.. but why exactly? CIEL

I've never imagined, not even in my wildest dreams, to see him in a dress!
a pink dress to be precise haha.. and you know what? he looked fabulous! amazing, incredible.. so pretty.. so pure! *-*

I fell in love with him even more! I'd never imagined how easily for him could be to look like a girl haha and a precious one uh..

this episode was also super funny, I laughed a lot.. my baby Ciel is just perfect!

otherwise, yesterday I went to watch a movie, Resident Evil: the Final Chapter

I'm not gonna say I'm a big fan of Resident Evil, I just enjoy the movies (and yeah, I've played the videogames), so I wasn't  really excited to watch this "last" movie..

I think it was good, not my favourite of the franchise, but still it was great

the main problem I have with it is that I wanted to see more of the zombie theme (like in the first movie); now everything is a mutation.. yeah, I get it, everything evolves but.. the zombies are no longer zombies, I mean, they don't look like they actually are zombies.. sadly this is not something new, we start to see it in the second movie, and with every movie that came after that the thing got weirder and weirder..

somehow I feel a little bit disappointed, I honestly wanted to see Ada, Leon and Valentine.. so.. where are they? what the hell happened to them? why the hell did they introduced them in the previous movie is now they are just gone and they don't even tell us what happened :|

one thing I liked was that finally we get some answers! honestly it was some kind of surprise 'cause I didn't know I had those questions until they mentioned them haha

and also we got a freaking plot twist.. even if it was pretty obvious I didn't see it coming haha I fell a little bit dumb, but okay, I accept it


so, the main point of this movie was Alice's true story

she was a clone after all! the "original" Alice (Alicia?) was the girl behind the image of the Red Queen, the daughter of one of the co-owners of Umbrella; she was sick so her dad "invented" the T-Virus

then, what the hell happens with the story they showed us before, in the second movie? is it fake then? I don't know what is real anymore! wasn't dr. Ashford the one who created the T-Virus after all? WHAT-THE-FUCK?

also dr. Isaacs (the one of the 3rd movie) was also a clone.. so all this time they fooled us.. but that's not all 'cause the one we see n this new movie is a clone too! the original was in some kind of "Noah ark" that Umbrella built up at the Hive.. for the "survivors" (aka. the rich people haha)
so.. are you telling me that all the freaking movies we saw clones? and we didn't even knes it? WHAT?

we learned that Isaacs released the virus on purpsode, so a "new generation" could rule the new world..

again: what about the plot they presented us in the second movie? is everything pointless then? what happened to the story?
if Umbrella wanted to exterminate the humanity, why the hell the second movie came out? I need the truth here, what should I believe in?


I have to say that I loved to see Ruby Rose haha how to describe her? PERFECT *-*

overall I think it's a good movie, but it wasn't espectacular.. I expected more of it, at least I wanted to see Ada T__T

well, I think that's all for now.. hope this entry is not too long haha you see, I'm kind of obsessed with Kuroshitsuji, so I wasn't able to stop writing about it :P I already watched the first episode of second season, but note that I didn't talk about it..

ohh and I'm still watching Death Note, and with every episode I get more and more confused haha but also it amazes me how well constructed it is

I also want to watch Tokyo Ghoul, but I don't know when I'll start with it, probably after I finish watching DN :P

anyways, as always, thank you so much for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have a wonderful week n__n

bye bye!