sábado, 11 de febrero de 2017

we were all born free... all of us

-El Chico de las Estrellas ~ Chris Pueyo

Hi cutiepies!
welcome, welcome! hope you're doing great n__n I've been quite busy these past few days, but finally here I am!

ohh I've been reading like crazy.. and watching anime like there won't be tomorrow haha is just that.. okay, I don't know why I'm acting like that, but I like it, for now :P

so.. today (or yesterday? I mean, in Japan) was an special day, why? well, because Yuri on Ice! there were some kind of "special event", and honestly I'm still waiting for some news.. like, probably new art.. or a 2nd season confirmation haha or MORE info (like if we haven't had a lot already.. thanks Kubo-sensei!)

anyways, today I have a LOT to say, so I guess this will be a LONG entry.. so prepare yourselves, here we go!

first let me tell you about what I read..

Attack on Titan Vol. 4 by Hajime Isayama
well, yeah, I actually read another volume of the manga 'cause I felt that I put it aside for a while, so I decided to keep on reading it..

as the previous volumes, this one was great too, but honestly I feel like I needed to see more action, but it was still incredible.. I love how slowly we start to get deeper into the story

the major part of it was about the past, we are able to see a big "flashback" showing us the protagonists days at the military training, so we can know them better and know their role in the future story

the bast of it? LEVI!
yes, yes, YES! we finally see a little bit more of Levi *-* and from this moment we're gonna see it more often, and that is just amazing, I love him!

the things are going to get harder from here for Eren (and company) and honestly I'm dying to see how everything's going to turn for them!

if you want to read the complete review in spanish, click here please n__n

El Chico de las Estrellas by Chris Pueyo
well this is actually one of the books I wanted to read for Valentine's Day, why? well, even if it's not a romance book, a lot of people recomend it for february, so I wanted to give it a try

I have to say that both the name (something like The Boy of the Stars) and the cover caught my eye since the moment I saw it, so I guess it was a good pick up

honestly, the hype was not wrong, this book is amazing!
Chris Pueyo opens up his heart for the reader, and tells us his experiences through beautifully writen pages

even if it's not a love story, I think it really is, why? well, I think this story is about self-love and acceptance; through all the book we can see how he grew up: he made mistakes and he learned from them; but most important of all, he lived; he reached for his freedom and found himself

it made me laugh, cry and I even got a little angry at some parts, but I guess that's what he wanted us to feel while reading his story
I'm just glad how he was able to tell us his story and showed us how brave he is and what a beautiful soul he has

I'm not 100% sure, but probably this is going to be one of the best books read this year n__n

if you want to read the whole review in spanish, click here n__n

oh and I finally went to watch a movie! I have to be honest, I wanted to watch it 'cause the trailer looked cool.. so, why not?

The Great Wall
I'm going to do this really short 'cause I don't want it to be super long..

so at first I wasn't really convinced of it, but in the moment I saw it had some kind of lizard-like creatures I had to say yes

the plot is easy to understand, is about that there are myths around the Great Wall and why it was built, this movie tells us about creatures that want to "conquer" humanity, so the warriors living in there have to fight against them to avoid destruction

I found incredible the warriors' armors *-* they are to die for! the "leader" of each "squad" (sorry I don't know how to say it haha) wears a different colour, and each one has a different purpose in the army, I specially loved the blue one, it had only women in it 'cause they are "smaller" and lighter which was the best for their job

anyways, I think the effects looked nice and the plot was good too, so yes I liked it.. probably it's not going to be the best movie of the year, but it was good and I really enjoyed all the fight scenes :P

otherwise, like two days ago I finished watching another anime.. I think I didn't mentioned its name before, but finally here is it..

アナザー  /  Another
Season: 01          Episodes 12 (+1 OVA)

I know this anime is kind of old haha but I decided to watch it 'cause a lot of people talked about it and actually liked it.. it supposedly is a mystery/horror story, but I watched it for the gore scenes haha

I have to say that at first I was super confused about the story, and I didn't know what was going on haha but luckily with every episode I started to follow up

the plot is about something "supernatural" going on in an school, where the protagonist is tranferred to due to his father working in another country.. the protagonist, Kōichi Sakakibara, realizes that something strange sorrounds his new class, and it seems that everyone keeps a secret from him..

to be honest the premise sound good but after I watched the first and second episodes, I wasn't so sure about I liked it.. but I kept on watching just to find out what was going on..

plus the aesthetic of the whole anime caught my attention.. dolls, dolls everywhere!
they looked scary and I was a little bit cohibited by them, but they were part of the story what made the whole anime look kind of creepy

my favourite character is probably Mei.. she was a complete mystery, and she sometimes was really creepy but she was also so cute!

[1x12] 死者  /  "Stand by oneself"

the whole season was a mystery and I was dying to know who was behind all the tragedies, so I kept on watching until the end..

the last two episodes were a roller coaster, everything went out of control and was a real madness! I couldn't believe what I was watching.. everyone went crazy.. but finally we saw who was the one behind the whole paranormal situation..

I'm not sure what could be an spoiler or not, so here are the spoilers!


so.. the class is "haunted" thanks to an incident that happened several years ago..
there are always an "extra" student, who is dead, but nobody knows who is he/she 'cause their memories are altered

the phenomenon is called "the calamity" and it starts, every year, after one of the people involucred to the class (teachers, students and their families) suddenly dies.. they keep on dying until the extra student dies..

everyone in the class acts like Misaki Mei does not exist, Sakakibara finds this strange so he starts to question if she's real or not.. but of course she's real and explains to him what's going on

at the end, after they go on an school trip, one of the students become crazy and starts killing his classmates until he's murdered by another student who dies a little after

we find out that Mei always knew who was the extra student: Reiko, Sakakibara's aunt
at the end Sakakibara kills his aunt (who was already dead), and everything ends there.. soon their memories will fade away and they won't remember a thing about this..

another students record a message for the future students saying how they'll be able to end up with the calamity..


so.. yeah, the episode was interesting and finally we discovered the truth, it was a shame that a lot of people died haha but it was necessary.. I guess haha

then we have the OVA 因果  /  "The Other"
it takes place before the main story, so we can say it's episode 0

we go deeper into Mei's story, and we see how sad it really is, also we fully understand why she was at the hospital the night she "met" Sakakibara

even if they explain us her "story" in one of the episodes of the season, in this OVA we see the real herself and her relationship with her "cousin"

I think it was okay but I found it quite sad.. I'm not really sure if we needed to see that part of the story or not, I guess it doesn't tell us more than we already knew

to be honest it wasn't the best anime I've ever watched; the plot was interesting but I don't know, it was just good for me, nothing really amazing..

there is a rumor that there was, or is actually going to be a season two, with the same plot BUT with different characters.. it was supposed to be ready/out some time ago.. but no news about it, so right now I'm doubting about it.. but who knows?

well, I guess that was all for now.. sorry if this ended up being so long haha I always try to make short entries so you won't get bored :P but I always fail..

as you can see, lately I talk about anime in my entries.. is just that right now I'm kind of obsessed, so I'm watching a lot of it, again I want to thank Yuri on Ice..
this will be a regular thing, so I hope you won't get tired of me and my love for anime

anyways, Valentine's Day is coming.. and you know what it means: the blog anniversary! so keep an eye in the blog.. of course, there won't be anything special haha just the common stuff..

thank you so much for reading/passing by!
have a wonderful weekend n__n

bye bye!