martes, 7 de febrero de 2017

I'm breakable, unbreakable..

-Why We Broke Up ~ Daniel Handler

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n I've been quite busy these days, also I've been feeling lazy haha but finally here I am with a new entry!

I on't really have so much to say, only that on saturday I had an "special marathon" of anime haha with that I want to say that I watched a whole season that day, but honestly I only had two episodes left to watch, but I watched them all anyways! and you know what? it was marvelous *-*

I also started to watch another anime (yeah, again), but I'm going slow with it this time, why? well, I'm not sure I like it.. but I'll see how it turns out in the next days..

ohh! btw I'm thinking about starting to watch the third season of Kuroshitsuji tonight *-* so in a few days I'll have the review ready :P

finally I decided to start with another book of my "Valentine's list", and, of course, I'll talk about it today :P
so, what if we start with today's entry?

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler (illustrated by Maira Kalman)
so.. about this book.. I have to be honest about it, so let me tell you that nothing about it caught my attention before.. I saw it numerous times in the past, but I never wanted to give it a try.. until this year thanks to someone who loaned it to me

so.. the premise is clear: a girl named Min writes a letter to her ex-boyfriend Ed, in which she explains to him why they broke up; she also gives him a box full of stuff she "collected" through their relationship

honestly, at some point I didn't know why the hell I was reading it.. I found it very boring and kind of annoying
I don't really know why but everything about it was flat, and the main question in my head is "why they got together in the first place?" I just don't/can't understand why..

showing the stuff in the box and explaining the story behind each item, we know their "love story", the one, in my opinion felt unreal and stupid.. sorry, but I just couldn't get into the book, it was too pretentious for me, and most of the time it was pure nonsese

I just kept reading 'cause I wanted to know the "real" fact why they broke up, and, when we finally know, I have to say it was kind of predictable.. I felt bad for Min and also I was really angry 'cause there were so many times when she said "I should have broke up with you that time" then, why didn't she do it?

one thing that I thought wouldn't bother me at all, but sadly did, was that Min, all the time, compared the situations with old movies, yeah, she loved movies and wanted to become a director but, seriously? for me was too much, almost at every page you can find her saying the name of a movie and comparing the current mood/situation with a movie, sorry but it was really annoying..

so yeah, I didn't like this book.. it was a hell reading it and, most important, I had to push myself to finish it.. I got distracted a lot while reading it 'cause I wasn't able to really focus on it

if you want to read the complete review in spanish, click here n__n'

otherwise, as I was telling in the begining of the entry, I finally watched the complete season of this anime I'm currently obsessed with: Tokyo Ghoul!
I watched it uncensored *-* and it was A-MA-ZING! I just love it, really

Tokyo Ghoul
Season: 01          Episodes: 12

to be honest I was thinking about watching it before Death Note, but I choose DN (obviously)..
the big surprise is that I fell in love with Tokyo Ghoul since the first episode, it's just too perfect for me..

the story is about some kind of creatures similar to humans, named ghouls.. it's pretty hard to say who is a ghoul and who's not.. the difference is that ghouls actually eat humans..
it takes place in Tokyo (obviously haha), and it has been under the mysterious attack of a ghoul, who, they explain us, is a "problematic" one, that has been killing a ton of people lately..

it begins with Kaneki Ken, our protagonist, who is a quiet and shy guy, oh and also, he's a real tragedy walking on earth haha
one day he has a date with this super cute girl, Rize, they seem to have a lot in common and they're getting very well along.. but oh surprise, she suddenly attacks and tries to eat him..

the things go crazy after this attack, the surprise? Kaneki survives but there's something wrong with him..

I have to say that I really enjoyed the plot, but I'm not completely sure I got the right idea of it; of course is about the ghouls but, there's something deeper there, believe me..

[1x12] 喰種

this episode.. this episode broke me.. I was so anxious since episode 10, then episode 11 was just too much for me, it was full of action and I was really worried about Kaneki..

then the season finale came and, I was ready but at the same time I was not.. it was just too much to handle.. my baby Kaneki.. ohmygods I still can't get over what he went through

we finally start to understand Kaneki's behaviour, we see how tragic has been his entire life and how it suddenly affects him; we are able to see why and how he changes

I feel like I can't talk about this without spoilers, so here they come!


it really hurt how much pain Kaneki was feeling.. he was tortured by freaking Jason! it was awful.. and the fact that people say it's even worse in the manga is just scary as hell..
I was really impressed of Kaneki and how he didn't give up.. but when he said "kill me" my heart broke..

plus his inner dialogue with Rize.. ohmygods, thanks to it we saw how tragic Kaneki's life has been: his father left, his mother worked like crazy 'cause her sister asked her for money and she wasn't able to say no, and at the end that was too much so she died..

Kaneki explains how his mother always told him that was better to get hurt than hurt the others, so he applied that to his life.. but somehow Rize convinces him to accept his ghoul side.. so he does

there's where his transformation begins: his hair turns white (OH-MY-GODS! *-*), his nails are black (damnit), he's fierce now and fights back..

the fight against Jason was too cool.. Kaneki's fighting level increases x1000, and even if he receives damage he doesn't even care and eases 100% faster than pure blood ghouls ('cause half-blood ghouls are way better)..

he's able to kill Jason and.. he ate him? WTF? ?? Kaneki.. are you okay?? srly? did he really eat Jason? I need to know!

what got me kind of sad/angry is that when Kaneki embraces his ghoul side is because he changes: he's not willing to be the victim never again, he, somehow, lost a part of him, and here's where the opening starts to get a meaning and it's just.. sad..

what bothers me the most is that he acquired some gestures of Jason: the thing he did with his fingers.. really scary..
I think Kaneki finally lost his identity thanks to the necesity he feels of "saving" or "protecting" his loved ones

tere's one thing I wanted to see but they didn't show: the complete fight the Anteiku team was having.. like, I want to see Touka vs her brother! and the other fighting.. I'm dying to see it! I just hope season two starts with that..


the whole episode felt like a roller coaster, even if I was kind of happy and excited (and completely fell in love with Kaneki) I also was angry, sad and worried about my poor little (and hot haha) baby

one thing you need to know is that I'm in love with the opening (Unravel)! is just too perfect.. too catchy but too meaningful.. and what irritates me the most? I still can't learn it full T__T

overall, I'm in love with this anime, it just got an special spot in my heart; I really enjoyed how they showed Kaneki's duality and how hard he fights against himself and how he tries to stay in control

I never imagined how deep my feelings for this anime could really be, it made cry and I even felt hollow inside; it played with my feelings and I'm still all messed up..

I've been reading that second season is really different from the canon story.. and of course I'm gonna read the manga! I bet it's amazing.. sad but cool haha

and I'm going to watch season two, when? I don't know, I guess right after I'll finish Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus!

well, I guess that's all for now.. sorry for the long entry n__n' is just that I had a lot to say, especially about TG :P
anyways, hope you at least enjoyed all my fangirling haha

I'm thinking about making an special entry about TG, but I'm not sure.. maybe after I watch season 2..
btw there's a rumor about season 3 coming out this year.. but, of course, I don't know haha I guess I'll have to do a research, right?

ohh I'm also kind of excited about february 11th! why? well, that day is going to be something special about Yuri on Ice in Japan.. there's gonna be a re-watch of the complete season and news.. YES! some news about it from Kubo-sensie herself! and I think from Yoshi-sensei too haha ohmygods I just hope it has something to do with a second season *-*

as always thank you so much for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have a wonderful week n__n

bye bye!