domingo, 19 de febrero de 2017

the truth will change the way we fall

-Glassy Sky ~ Donna Burke

Hi cutiepies!
welcome welcome! hope you're having a great time n__n I'm currently kind of busy 'cause today is my sis' birthday so I don't have enough time for the entry.. so it'll be a quick one :P

these days have been quite.. strange haha this time I haven't read a single book since three days ago, so yeah, it feels weird.. I've been re-watching Yuri on Ice and listening to music.. actually only two songs haha is just that they've been in my head for a while and I just wanted to memorize every singe word of 'em.. actually is the same song BUT in different lenguage..

but, which song is it? uhm.. you're gonna kill me, I know.. it's from an anime!
pff I'm just a freakin' fangirl fangirling all the time..

okay okay, as I said in the previous entry (or I think I did), yesterday I had an all-day anime marathon! of course, it was only one season of one anime, don't think I'm crazy :P

I guess we better start with this, right?

first of all, let me show you something I got some days ago..

Short denim jacket by Basic House
actyally I'm not a big fan of demin jackets, but this one looked kind of cool so I had to get it..

I really liked the shape and all the details it has, plus it looks really good on
it's kind of light, so I guess is perfect for spring or summer time..

okay, now let's start with the good part of this entry haha, the anime I watched this time..

as I said before, I'm on some kind of "break", I even have some animes paused, I'm just taking my time.. but I was dying to watch this season, I was kind of scared of it haha but I decided to do it anyways

Tokyo Ghoul A
Season: 02          Episodes: 12 (+2 OVAs)

first of all, let me tell you that this season is not completely based on the manga, it's, in some way, an "original" story..

now, as you know, I became a big Tokyo Ghoul fan, so I had to watch this season.. BUT one small detail: I read a lot of spoilers before watching it T__T
it seems that people actyally enjoy to ruin the stories for other people so they just go and make spoilers ¬¬ I just hate that

what I liked about this season is how we can see the way Kaneki deals with his ghoul side and the choices he makes to protect the people he loves

[2x12] 研  /  "Ken"

I think this episode is very emotional, very very sad.. it tried to show us every character's true nature and how their choices can affect others

we also see what happens to Anteiku and with most of the people who worked there..
I especially liked how Kaneki reacted to the things going on around him, he is always willing to sacrifice himself for the ones he loves.. I think he's such an interesting and deep character, sadly we are not able to see it fully.. yet (I hope)

I think I can't talk about this episode without spoilers, so here they are.. sorry guys!


okay so.. I have so many unanswered questions left..
first of all, is Amon alive? I mean, in episode 12, when Akira goes find him, I only saw his Quinque and blood.. so I'm not convinced he's dead.. but maybe his partners already took his body out of there..

just one small question here: why the hell they showed us in one of the previous episodes a ghoul with a clown mask? who is he? is he somehow important?

I can't believe Yoshimura's story! he is the father of the one-eyed ghoul! and he is so damn powerful.. I thought he was dead but then the one-eyed owl appeared and took him, of course, he saw saw it was his daughter! who is also Kaneki's fav writer: Takatsuki Sen..
so, will Yoshimura live or not?

thanks to Kaneki we found out why Touka's brother, Ayato, joined the Aogiri Tree: to protect her
also he protected her one last time when Anteiku's blocks were falling down.. he was so annoying in the two seasons, but he loves his sister.. so I don't know how to feel about him..

I found kind of sad and emotional the fact that Anteiku's workers wanted to help Yoshimura and fought agans the CCG, one last job for them..
I was surprised to see they were the ex-leaders of two of the most "dangerous" ghoul groups..
I still wonder if they're alive or not, you know, they got really hurt and Kaneki saved them..

ohh even if Yomo doesn't have a big participation in the season, I really like him; and I loved how Yoshimura trusted in him and gave him the mission to keep Touka and Himani safe

I also wanted to know what happened to the one-eyed ghoul twins, did they survive?

now, the saddest part of the whole season: Hide; it was really, really sad that Hide died in Kaneki's arms T__T plus he told him that he already knew about his "ghoul side"..
it was heartbreaking how Hide managed to make a joke and made Kaneki smile to show him he was still human.. it was just too much for me

then Anteiku is on fire.. was Kaneki trying to die in there with Hide? why did he come out with the body in his arms? was because he saw Hide was still alive?

Kaneki carried Hide in his arms and took him to the CCG (everybody were on the streets); he wanted to be discovered, so he kept on walking..
what made the scene sadder was the freaking song, they played Unravel (opening of the first season) but accoustic O__O IT WAS AMAZING and made me cry a river.. really

then we see Kaneki face to face with Arima.. and then we don't know what happened.. did they fight? is Kaneki alright? (of course, thanks to the annoying people I know what happens in the manga ¬¬)

at the end we see Touka openning a new coffe shop..
damn everything is so sad in this freaking story T__T


for me was a good season, but honestly the first one was better..
has action but sadly not enough.. plus they left us with a lot of questions they didn't answered..
I can see a thrid season happening, honestly I hope they'll make it.. I need answers damnit

and about the OVA Tokyo Ghoul: Jack..
well, this takes place before the main story, so we don't see the main characters here

the story involves around Arima and how he deals with a ghoul incident..

I think it was kind of cool the way they showed us Arima, but I don't know if I like him or not.. I feel like I need to know more about him, for now he seems to be an amazing CCG member, great in his job.. but he kinda lacks emotions haha

then we have the other OVA, Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto
I'm not sure if it takes place before the main story or not.. but this time we see a familiar character

it's focused on Shuu Tsukiyama, yeah, the gourmet haha

I think we get to see how his mind works, but I'm not sure this OVA tells us the complete story, I feel like I need more info about him, about his early days

it was nice, and I enjoyed seeing a "younger" Tsukiyama but somehow I think I needed more, actyally, now that I think about it, I need to see how he and Touka met haha call me crazy, but I really want to..

anyways, what I love the most about Tokyo Ghoul is the OST haha, for example, I love "Unravel" by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure, is so catchy and the meaning is so powerful.. sad but beautiful..
specially I love the accoustic version, I think it defines perfectly the story

I also loved "Glassy Sky" by Donna Burke, from the second season, I think the meaning fits the story too..
I've been obsessed over these two songs for a while and everytime I hear them my heart breaks haha T__T actyally I've been loving the covers from a youtuber (BriCie), I think she has a beautiful voice and her covers are just breathtaking

actuyally, rumor has it that a third season is coming out this year BUT I don't know if this is true or not..
in case it really does come out this year, I hope it'll come out on fall or winter haha so I'll have enough time to read the manga n__n'

well, I think that's all for now.. it seems that the entry ended up being longer than I expected..
anyways, hope you enjoyed all my fangirlism.. and sorry if it gets annoying.. not my intention but meh, that's me!

ohmygods I can't believe all the official YoI art (and facts) we're getting! like, I'm dying over here! we get a lot of art but not a confirmatio of Season 2 ¬¬ some fans have the "theory" that it's a matter of time 'cause Kubo-sensei has been in some suspicious places (according to fans, in a research of info) just like she did before season 1.. sadly it's not official, so we'll have to wait..

ohh also, official merch is hitting the stores and I'm just here, broke af x__x everything is so expensive! I'm gonna die!!

okay okay, sorry.. now that I talk about YoI, I guess the entry will be here soon.. I'm dying to make it, srly..

anyways, thank you for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have a wonderful week! n__n

bye bye!