martes, 14 de febrero de 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

-Eleanor & Park ~ Rainbow Rowell

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a great day so far! n__n I'm.. uhm.. fine I guess haha
but welcome to today's entry! of course, Valentine's themed :P

as you probably know today's happens to be the blog anniversary!
or something like that haha pff.. so many years passed by.. I can't believe I'm still here haha! so happy birthday to the blog!

every year I say the same, so I guess it's gonna be idea if I don't say it this year n__n' my lips are sealed.. for now

today, and probably tomorrow, I'll take a little break from anime (well, except Yuri on Ice haha that I'm currently re-watching.. for the 4th time..), but why? well, I've been reading like crazy and I feel like I need a little break, but, let's be honest here, it gonna last only two days LOL

I'm not sure, but I'm guessing the entry will be quite long, so we better start with it!

first, let me tell you about the book I've been reading and that I finally finished today n__n

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
for a long time I've been dying to read something from Raibow Rowell, but I never had the chance nor picked up one book (honestly I wanted to read Fangirl first but meh, whatever..), and finally this year I decided to do it

this is part of my Valentine's books, and I thought it would be great to read something "romantic", and as a lot of people say this is one of those books, well, I gave it a try

first of all let me tell you that I found Rainbow's writing style really good, I liked it a lot, I think this woman knows how to write

let me tell you that I didn't know anything about it haha I never even read the sinopsis, so, I gave it a try without knowing what was it about..
first surprise: I thought the characters were older haha
second surprise: the year the story takes place in

and now, about the book.. well, I found it kind of interesting and it was, somehow, deep; I think it was not the typical love story, but still it made me feel a lot of emotions and it was super sweet but mainly I felt anger, yeah, you read it right:  I was angry most of the time..

the characters were so relatable, and I liked Park a lot BUT I had some problems with Eleanor..
don't get me wrong, I really liked how intelligent, funny and unique she was, plus she was not the "average main female character" so that was fntastic.. the thing I didn't like was that most of the time I was like "WTF Eleanor?"

what made me angry was Eleanor's attitude towards Park.. like, she opened up to him but she was still reserved and that even at the very end she thought about Park a lot but never had the nerve to speak up to him, I feel like she was kind of running away from her real feelings

also her family.. her situation.. ohmygods I just loathe Eleanor's mother.. why good lord? WHY? why I keep on reading such hideous characters? her mother is one of those characters that you simply hate.. did I try to understand why she acted like that? NO, I wasn't even able to try it, one, as a human, do not allow that kind of crap

the love story was well constructed, and yeah, it made me fall in love with the book..
the end was kind of sad and I almost cried.. I was just like "srly? is this the end? SRLY?"; even if I already read what Raibow said about the end of her book, I just can't understand why she did that to us haha

but I think Eleanor and Park are meant to be.. and yeah it was a great book, perfect for Valentine's Day :P

if you want to read my complete review, in spanish, click here n__n

otherwise, I also painted my nails! and big surprise: I totally love how they look like!
I thought about doing something really special this time..

what's better than some Viktuuri/Victuri for this day? absolutely NOTHING!
well, I decided to name them "Stammi Vicino" nail art.. for obvious reasons :P

blue roses for Victor haha *-*

since december I was dying to do a Yuri on Ice themed nail art and I thought it was gonna be a good idea to make it on Valentine's day.. so here they are!

I decided to use Viktuuri (we were born to ship Victuri) as inspiration, so.. the best moment of my OTP? the skating duet of f__king course!

I used black as a base in three nails, then I added some gold thin glitter
in one of the two left nails I used sheer pink and two different shades of purple to make a gradient, I did the same with the other one but I used blue instead; then I used black paint to make the skating costume design, added some silver details and voilà!

it was kind of hard at first 'cause I had to take off the nail polish once: it looked awful! so I had to do it once again but the result was better than I thought *-* it's soon to say it but probably the best nail art of the year haha

okay okay, now something not (too) related to valentine's day: I finally finished watching Kuroshitsuji! so let me talk about it now..

黒執事 (Kuroshitsuji)  /  Black Butler : Book of Circus
Season: 03          Episodes: 10 (+1 OVA)

okay, as I said in the previous Kuroshitsuji's entries, this season (finally) follows the manga once again, cronologically it takes place after episode 15 (the curry one LOL) from the first season (obviously second season is NOT canon and you kind of have to forget about it haha)

I have to say that the plot was really interesting and, maybe it's just me, but you can see the "real" Kuroshitsuji story here, I mean, you're able to taste Ciel and Sebastian's real personalities

also the animation is just majestic.. it was better than I thought :P
and about the opening.. well, it was nice but my fav is still the first season's one..

one thing that I liked about Book of Circus was the blood we're able to see *-* I didn't know I needed it until I saw it.. and yeah, it was amazing haha plus I really liked the fact that the Panthomhive's servants have an specific role; honestly I died of happiness in season one, and I was afraid it wasn't canon.. now I can die happy (well, no)

sadly this season only has 10 episodes T__T it's short but consistent; I really enjoyed it!

[3x10] その執事、彼の義務を果たす  /  "His Butler, Fulfilling His Duty"

what I liked about this episode is that we saw and end to the Circus Ark story but honestly I wasn't expecting what happened, I think it was too much for me.. since the previous episode I was like "WTF is happening?"

also we were able to see Ciel's true nature.. I think it's kind of scary and it surprises me how intelligent he is, plus his attitude and way to see life is overwhelming..

and now, some spoilers!


okay, so long story short, Ciel and Sebastian joined a Circus 'cause they suspected of the people in there of kidnapping kids..

I have to say it was hilarious! and I laughed a lot.. Sebby is too cute, and skilled, and hot, and beautiful.. okay okay, sorry about that!

we met the Circus team and yeah, they were guilty T__T just because they followed the orders from their "father", the one who saved them from the streets when they had no one else..

it turned out that the Doctor that worked in the Circus and that made the prosthesis for the team was behind it, he made the prosthesis with the bones of the children! WTF?!
but the Circus team didn't know this.. ohh what a shame!

the Phantomhive servants took care of the house while Ciel was away, and when the Circus team arrived to kidnap Ciel, well.. the servants protected the mannor and all of them, Beast, Dagger, Peter, Wendy and Jumbo died there, and guess who collected their "souls"? Grell!

meanwhile, Joker died in Kelvin's mannor 'cause Sebastian cut off his arm, Ciel killed Kelvin and then ordered Sebastian to kill the Doctor..
Ciel was so affected 'cause Kelvin made up a scenario like the one Ciel was tortured and almost sacrificied time ago, so he told Sebby to burn the whole place, including the kidnaped kids!

then, Doll arrived to see Joker and she saw Sebby and Ciel coming out of the burning mannor.. she was devastated and tried to stab Ciel, so Sebastian did what he had to do T__T

at the end Ciel went to visit the orphan house (according to him the kids needed a new person to provide help), but when they arrive to the place there's only ruins left.. so they start to think that Kelvin and the Doctor lied to the Circus team..
Ciel laughs 'cause he thinks they died for nothing..

so here we see, once again, Ciel's real behaviour.. I think he's kind of evil haha

and then comes the OVA.. well, the Queen knew about the incident and she decided to punish Ciel for not doing wht she told him..
they planned a party where they made Ciel look like he murdered someone.. luckily he and Sebastian traced a plan to make someone else guilty..

in the process Sebby got "killed" by one of the Queen's servants but obviously he wasn't dead at all..
at the end Snake (the one from the Circus) wanted to kill Ciel 'cause his friends disappeared.. but Ciel convinces him not to and invites him to work in the mannor for him..


overall, the season was incredible, but I still have to read the manga, so I can catch up the complete story.. I bet it will be awesome and that I'll fall in love with Kuroshitsuji even more :P now I only have one question: what kind of thing was ging on with the Panthomhive family? what was Ciel's dad into? uhm..

OVA: Book of Muder (parts I & II)
I think it's important to talk about the OVA 'cause a lot of people say it's like the 4th season, even if it's NOT

it's two hours (more or less) long, what makes each part is aprox. 1 hour..
I have to say it was super interesting and full of mystery, but of course, I laughed a lot!

honestly I think Ciel is incredibly intelligent, I doubt Sebastian has something to do with the plans that Bocchan has, he just follows his orders.. but Ciel.. ohmygods he's amazing; I was a little bit confused by the plot, but at the end I was completely satisfied and surprised about how everything had an explanation and they way they planned everything..

just marvelous!

now I can't wait to watch the movie (Book of Atlantic), I feel like I need more Kuroshitsuji in my life!
hopefully I'll start reading the manga soon *-*

well, I think that was all for now.. it seems that it ended up being a looong entry.. sorry about that :P is just that I tend to fangirl a lot

anyways, I don't know what else to say.. only that I have like two animes on a break n__n' I still have to watch like two or three episodes of each one of them to finish their seasons..
also I'm gonna have a marathon on saturday, so I can finally watch Tokyo Ghoul season 2 *-*

okay oka, I'm fangirling once again, sorry!
as always thank you so much for reading/passing by! hope you're having or had a nice Valentine's Day n__n

bye bye!