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-Attack on Titan vol. 7 ~ Hajime Isayama

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a great time, welcome to a new entry n__n
these days I've been quite busy, and honestly I was thinking about making this yesterday but I was feeling kind of lazy haha plus I thought it would be better to do it today, the last day of the month..

oh I cn't believe february is ending! as always I could say that it passed by really fast but no, this time I felt like it was endless..
and spring is just around the corner T__T I don't like spring.. too much heath..

I've been watching anime (as usual).. to be honest I re-watched Yuri on Ice haha and yeah, it made me cry, again.. is just that I love my OTP *-* pure perfection..

anyways, as I said, I've been busy doing stuff :P but yesterday I decided to read something.. and what did I pick? oh boy, I guess you already know!

okay okay I better start with today's entry!

Attack on Titan vol. 7 by Hajime Isayama
yes, yes! I'm gonna keep on reading the manga until I get to vol. 21 (or maybe when  get there vol. 22 will finally be out), why? easy: I don't want to get spoiled with season 2 of the anime

about the volume.. what can I say about it? oh yeah, it was amazing!
it's full of action, and, somehow, intrigue..

thanks to these chapters, especially one of them, we get to know a little bit Commander Erwin Smith's personality, also we see how he notices little details others don't; I honestly want to see more of him

I was so glad to see more of Armin's intelligence.. like damnit he is just incredible.. I like a lot the way he understand the situation and encourages himself to be better

also we're still seeing all the female Titan's stuff, which is pretty impressive; and it's quite obvious who's behind the Titan's body.. all the hints point to that person.. and I have this feeling that tells me that Armin knows who's that.. I'm 90% sure he figured it out in the previous volume haha

I have to say that even if I already know what was coming, I got quite sad when I read certain part.. it was just too sad :|
but here we get an important lesson: don't ever get too attached in this story

but, what did I love the most? Levi and Mikasa worked together!
I was dying, seriously.. my two favourite characters kicking Titans' asses.. ohmygods I just can't get over it.. I hope in the future we're able to see more of this *-*

and the ending.. ohh! that cliffhanger.. I'm still too shocked about the whole situation.. I ccan't believe how good and smart this story is, I love the fact that each volume gets more and more intense and interesting

in case you want to read a more detailed review (in spanish of course), click here n__n

otherwise, as I said before, I've been watching anime haha and this time I just decided to finish one that I paused some time ago, finally I'm done with it!

エルフェンリート  /  Elfen Lied
Season: 01          Episodes: 13 (+1 OVA)

I decided to watch this 'cause a lot of people said it was incredible, and since I've been into "gore" anime, it looked like a good choice (I picked it up thanks to one image I saw on Instagram haha)

the story is about Diclonii, which are human mutations with special abilities (they have "vectors" some kind of invisible arms/hands they use to reach things); they also have horns on their heads, similar to cat ears..

we focus on Lucy's story, a Diclonii, who escapes from a experiments' build, killing a lot of people in the process; after her escape she suffers an accident, causing she develop another personality, named Nyu

two locals, Kohta and Yuka, find her and decide to take her to their home.. so they get involved in the Diclonii world without truly knowing it

I think this anime was quite good, the plot was interesting and I liked the concept of the Diclonii, and how well portrayed was the conflict between them and the humans
I enjoyed the 'gore' scenes but I wasn't able to get attached to it, I wasn't really interested in it

[1x13] Erleuchtung  /  No Return

well, I have to say that I kept on watching it 'cause I wanted to know what was going to happen with Lucy and Nana haha also I was intrigued about Mariko and how they were going to deal with her

to be honest the season finale was okay, and you know what? I think I'm good with it, it had one scene that made me sad a little bit, it was too emotional.. T__T

plus we finally understood the relationship between Lucy and Kohta, also we finally saw what really happened with Kohta's sister and father, pretty f__ked up if you ask me haha and, yeah, quite sad too

sorry but here come some spoilers!


after seeign how Lucy kills the soldiers, Kohta remembers that she was the responsible of his sister and dad's deaths.. he was so messed up that he forgot every single detail of it..

I'm not really sure what was going on 'cause he told her that he couldn't forgive her but he didn't want for her to go.. uhm.. what?

Lucy fights agains Mariko (the real daughter of Kurama) and she lost T__T in this fight one of her horns falls appart.. she saves Nana and tells her to go home and to be happy with her new 'family'

the saddest part? Mariko and her dad go away and then they explode together T__T

the biggest enigma of the ending? well, we don't get to see if Lucy is dead or not; we only see people shoting at her and her other horn ripped from her head.. at the end we see a silhouette behind Kohta's door house, but we don't get to see if that's her or not

some people say she's alive, but others say that, according to the manga, she's definitely dead

in the OVA we saw how Lucy made a connection with a girl and how while she was tryin to protect her new friend, the girl got shot and Lucy asks Kurama to save her in exchange of letting them capture her..

when she's finally locked in, Kurama tells her that her friend died, that's when Lucy tells him that she will never kill him so he will understand how it feels to lose everyone he loves..


the OVA, Regenschauer  /  In the Passing Rain
this took place between episode 10 and 11
we saw how Nana debated with herself about what was the right thing to do

but then we see some backstory of Lucy and how Kurama was able to capture her alive and why she doesn't kill him

at the end we can appreciate how Nana changed her mind about Nyu and she starts to feel a little bit more comfortable with her..

overall, it was good, but not one of my favourites, also I don't know why, but I didn't like the animation.. the characters looked a little bit ugly for me haha

plus I didn't like the opening.. I found the song quite boring..
definitely it won't enter in my list of fav anime

well, I think that's all for now.. sorry for the long entry haha hope you didn't get tired of me :P

ohh I almost forgot.. on saturday I saw that in a channel of my country they were showing an anime! the best part? subbed!
the good thing about this channel is that it's dedicated to horror (sometimes gore) movies *-*

actually, it's not the first time they do that.. some months ago I saw they were showing Death Note! but I didn't watch it 'cause I already missed some episodes.. and like one year ago they had Highschool of the Dead (or something like that..)

this time they had Corpse Party (the one I'm currently watching), but I sopiled myself  T__T on sunday I saw that it was the season finale, so good thing I didn't watch it!
I'm dying to see the next one they're gonna show!

btw, if you want to know which channel is it, it's Panico (yeah, mexican channel!), I guess you can watch it from other countries, but I'm not completely sure :P

also I've been thinking about a theory about The Flash.. and honestly I don't know if I should share it or not haha

this is an spoiler, so don't read if you don't want to know

***so, Barry traveled to the future, right? and he saw Iris being killed by Savitar.. so, what if this happens in another universe and not in his? I mean, just look at the thing were the news are showed.. I think it too much technology for Barry's "original universe".. and, having the info they showed in the last episode (here in my country), "Untouchable", that Jesse went to ask for help 'cause her dad is in Gorilla City.. in another universe.. so, what if Barry not only traveled to the future but to another universe?
and since he wants to protect Iris he's gonna travel to save Wells and takes her with him..***

so, that's the theory I have.. of course, it has flaws, and it could be wrong, but.. it would make sense, at least for me :|

okay okay, now that's all.. sorry about my ever growing fangirlism..
anyways, thank you so much for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have a wonderful week n__n

bye bye!