sábado, 4 de febrero de 2017

Todos estamos rotos. Todos. Sin excepción

-Uno Siempre Cambia al Anor de su Vida ~ Amalia Andrade

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a great time n__n lately I've been kind of busy, but finally I'm here for a new entry!

I've been watching a lot of anime haha I already finished one of them.. but I'm planning to do some kind of marathon today haha so I'll be able to finish another one :P yeah yeah, I know, too much, uh?

originally I was going to make this entry tomorrow, but it'll be a busy day, so today is the day.. I don't have so much to tell, my life is pretty boring, but since I decided to read a new book I thought it would be nice to do this before I start another one

ohh! by the way, I decided to start with my "books to read for Valentine's day" list.. so.. there are a few books coming in the next entries n__n

well, I better start with this entry before it turns out to be super extra long!

Uno Simepre Cambia al Amor de su Vida [por otro amor o por otra vida] by Amalia Andrade
I saw this book several months ago and the title caught my eye but the cover looks kind of ugly, so I wasn't really interested in it

someone loaned me their kindle edition, so I gave it a try, I thought it would be a nice first book for my Valentine's list, so here we are..

the sinopsis says that it's a book but at the same time it's not, it's also like a notebook and a guide, it's kind of strange actually haha so let's say it's an "interactive book" 'cause you can write, put stickers and even cut the pages of it

it's some kind of guide for people who have a broken heart; the fact that it's not only for people who had their heart broken by a lover, but for any reason like losing somebody (death for example), was something nice for me, so one point more for this book (the title was the first haha)

I found some parts kind of funny, and I really liked some quotes, but that's all; most of it was a little bit boring.. maybe it's because I don't identify with the situation right now, probably it was not the correct time for me to read it, who knows

it was probably one of the easiest books I've read in a while, and yeah, it's pretty short, so you can finish it in less than one day

overall I didn't like it, probably it will work for other people but not for me, not now and not in future..

for the complete review in spanish click here n__n

otherwise, as I told you in the begining of the entry, I finished another anime! and yeah, the obsession continues!

Kuroshitsuji II (Black Butler 2)
Season: 02          Episodes: 12 (+6 OVAs)

well, as I told you past time (when I talked about the first season), this season is not based on the manga, it's somekind of "alternative" story

this time we "follow" the story of Alois Trancy and his butler Claude Faustus, you may think that somehow it could be the same "plot" we saw in the first season.. but no, it's not

in the very first episode whe have a big surprise, one that made me jump in my seat and I almost cried of joy haha: SE-BAS-TIAN! *-* my lovely and super hot hubby!

I have to confess that the first scene is kind of disturbing/sad and I felt sorry for Alois, but then, as time passed I got angry and yeah definitely he became an awful character, I just hated him

the more I saw of him, the more angrier I got, I honestly couldn't stand him, he was so annoying! suddenly in one episode we saw his past, who he really was and, to be honest, it was so freaking sad T__T I felt really sorry about him, and I kind of understood his reasons to act like a total ass

then something happened and I didn't know how to feel about him once again: in one hand I felt bad for him, but in the other I hated him haha

for the first four or five episodes I was really confused (not so much after I saw some spoilers ¬¬') about what was going on, gladly they explained everything and finally I was able to catch up haha

Black Butler

I was dying since the previous two episodes.. for real.. my heart was breaking with every scene and I was just too worried! I was so anxious T__T but this episode.. this episode was the death of me, it was a real rollercoaster and definitely I still don't know how to feel about it :|

it made me feel sad and angry and, somehow, happy.. I just can't think in a better ending, seriously..

I don't think I can talk about it without spoilers, so here they are! sorry u__u


okay, so, first of all, through the season we saw that Ciel was still alive! but how? well, in the previous season finale we tought that Sebastian ate his soul (as their contract estipulate) but we were wrong: as Sebas-chan (haha Grell!) lost his left arm in his fight against Ash he didn't had the mark and so Claude was able to steal Ciel's soul!

we knew that Ciel's soul was "in" the ring he used to wear.. the one that Alois had in his manor.. when Sebastian stole the soul and "put" it back into Ciel, he lost his memory so he wasn't aware that he completed his revenge against the queen (the one behind his parents' murder)

so Sebastian had to make him "find" another person to "complete his revenge", then the butlers, Sebastian and Claude, make some kind of pact: Ciel's revenge will be against Alois and when his revenge gets accomplished, Claude will eat Ciel's soul

the thing is that Sebastian fools Ciel and he thinks Alois is behind the death of his parents; they fight and Ciel stabs Alois, but Claude tastes Ciel's blood and understands why Sebastian is so persistent about his soul.. Alois goes to Ciel's manor but before he arrives Claude finds and kills him..

we see Alois past and, after all, he wasn't the real Alois Trancy, he "gained" the title thanks to the abuses he suffered from Lord Trancy, that's when he makes the pact with Claude; here we see the tragic backstory of Jim (his real name) and how he lost is little brother (Luca)

we see how Claude kidnaps Ciel and messes up with his head: now Ciel thinks Sebastian was behind the tragedy; Alois soul is inside his ring (the red one) and after Ciel starts to wear it too (and thanks to Hannah, the maid) Alois takes control of Ciel's body.. and here is where the trouble begins..

Hannah is a demon! and she convinces Alois to make a pact with her; meanwhile Sebastian and Claude unite to stop her but they get there too late: Alois made the pact..

they have to fight to death, then Alois soul will get eaten by Hannah and the winner will keep Ciel; Sebastian kills Claude and he claims Ciel but there a little trick: in the pact, Alois had a point: the winner could never eat Ciel's soul, so the only way possible for Ciel to remain is to become a demon!

we see Ciel and Sebastian in the manor, they act like it's a normal day.. Ciel dances with Lizzy and we're able to see how his eyes change of colour, meanwhile Sebastian is delivering some presents to the other characters; he and Ciel leave the manor and we see how in the presents is a little note that achieves Ciel's death..

we see Ciel and Sebastian in a path of white and black roses; as Sebastian is not able to eat Ciel's soul he is under his service forever..
is, somehow, implicit that they jump together into the underworld..


after all, this season was great, I enjoyed it a lot but I also suffered u__u
I wasn't really convinced of the opening, but after a few episodes I started to like it, but honestly the first season's op (Monochrome no kiss by SID) was better *-* and I didn't like the ending song, I don't really know why but I just didn't like it :|

now more than ever I'm dying to read the manga to know the differences.. but first I'll watch the third season (Book of Circus) and the movie (Book of Atlantic) and I hope to do it soon!

well, I don't know what else to say so I guess that's all for now.. sorry about all the fangirlism here.. is just that, as you know, I'm currently obsessed with anime -THANKS YURI ON ICE- haha

and don't forget to ckeck out the blog, I'll keep on reading the books I've got for my Valentine's special list, so don't miss them!

as always thank you so much for reading/passing by!
have a wonderful day n__n

bye bye!