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-Attack on Titan vol. 6 ~ Hajime Isayama

Hi cutiepies!
welcome welcome n__n hope you're having a great time! I've been kind of busy but finally here I am.. I honestly wanted to do this before, but at the same time I wanted to wait to have more content

of course, is not like I have tons of things to talk about, but I planned this entry carefully.. believe it or not, but most of the time I don't plan the entries haha I just randomly decide a date and them BAM! the entry..

this time I decided to continue reading the manga I've been reading.. april is around the corner, and as I said before, I don't want surprises haha I know it doesn't make any sense, but that's the truth

otherwise, I can't beleive how much YoI official art and merch we're getting! and I'm so poor T__T I really want the nendroids (even if they've only officially launched Yuri K.)! I saw the Victor one on Istagram and it looks so gorgeous.. like, I literally wanna cry of how perfect and precious it looks *-*

but damn they're so freaking expensive.. with that amount of money I could easily get like three books haha so I guess that will be a NO for me T__T *cryinginthecorner

okay okay, let's start with today's entry before I cry of how broke af I am..

as I said up there, I decided to keep on reading Shingeki no Kyojin, gladly this time I didn't read one volume.. but two!

Attack on Titan Vol. 5 by Hajime Isayama
ohmygods I can't believe I'm so close to the part were the first season of the anime ended.. time is coming.. and I'm nervous as hell!

so with this volume we enter to the Female Titan Arc
I'm not sure what an Arc is but from what I've read so far, an Arc is a way to compilate some stories (in this case chapters) that talk about a certain theme

I have to say that this volume was incredible, and I liked it more than the previous ones
finally we're meeting and seeing how the Scouting Legion works, so that means we're entering to a world full of action and, sadly, deaths

the best thing about this? Corporal RIVAILLE/LEVI *-*
actually I don't know how to call him, 'cause in the english version they call him Rivaille but in spanish he's called Levi u__u personally I like Levi better, so I guess I'll use that name more often..
I was also kind of sad to not see Mikasa more.. but I'll wait for her, I swear haha

besides the action scenes and Rivaille, what I liked was Eren, I think we're starting to see a real change in him, we're getting an slow but powerful character development and I just can't resist the urge to keep on reading..

the Female Titan is just too awesome! yeah, I kinda hate her, but she just injects adrenaline to the story.. and I'm seriously dying to know more about these Titans

plus, in just one page (actyally one line) I think we got a big hint about the real plot of the story, and I bet we'll go deeper and deeper into it..

overall, I really liked this volume and can't wait to read more *-*

if you want to read the whole review, in spanish, click here n__n

Attack on Titan Vol. 6 by Hajime Isayama
well, yeah, I decided to read another volume! this one tells us what happened after the apparition of the female Titan

I have to say that it was super interesting to see how the characters reacted to this new Titan.. personally I loved Armin's attitude, we clearly started to see a real development, with every chapter/volume I like him more and more..

plus I liked how fast and intelligent he was about getting a conclusion about the female Titan.. I'm sure as hell (well, thanks to the anime too) that he knows the Titan's true nature,,

I also was fascinated by Jean 'cause he changed a lot too an his personality is simply interesting.. sometimes I still doubt about liking him, but when I see how much he has growth as a character, I can easily say he's also one of my favs

we start to see a little bit of Captain Erwin's personality and how the Scouting Legion works.. I have to say that I was a little bit confused at some point, but they really try to explain it so you can understand it :P

we also started to see a little bit more about Rivaille's Squad, we get to know a little bit more about their personalities.. plus thanks to a little flashback we see how they "bond" with Eren

what I liked of this volume is that once again, we see Eren's trying to do the right thing, and that's when he starts to doubt about what is right and what is wrong, what would be the best choice he can make.. but, as always, is not easy

there's something running through my brain since I read the scene of the female Titan and Rainer.. is just an small theory I have.. BUT of course I'm not gonna say it 'cause it's a big spoiler (yeah, I've been spoiled a lot, so.. my lips are sealed).. probably I'll tell it when I get to that part of the story.. so.. I'm sorry!

overall, the volume was amazing, I liked it more than the previous ones, I'm sure the upcoming volumes will be as good as this, or even better n__n

in case you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here!

otherwise, as I've been saying for all the entries of this year (or something like that haha), I've been watching a lot of anime, and this time I finally finished watching another one..

ディアボリックラヴァーズ  /  Diabolik Lovers
Season: 01          Episodes: 12 (+1 OVA)

okay, so I knew about this anime thanks to Instagram (there's where I know about animes.. don't judge me haha), I liked the name so I decided to watch it

the first surprise I got: it's about vampires!
second surprise: every episode lasts about 15 min..

long story short, the story is about a girl named Yui that goes to a house 'cause it seems that her father sent her there, when she arrives, she notices there's something strange in the place..
there are 6 brothers living in there, and they seem really annoyed with her presence.. then she finds out the truth, they're not humans but vampires.. now she has to live with them until she dies or "awakens"

vampires are one of my fav paranormal/supernatural creatures so I decided to keep on watching even if the story was not the best

I have to say that I have some problems about the story itself.. most of the time I was annoyed by the situation and I really couldn't stand some of the characters :|
even if the vampires were hot (pff they were super hot haha), I was so upset about their personalities and the way they treated Yui..

also Yui was just awful.. she was, somehow, really annoying, and the fact that all the time she let everyone treat her like trash just made the whole thing worse

now.. the brothers.. damn I liked most of them haha when I say that I like them, I mean that I think they looked handsome :P we have Shu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Laito and Subaru, and personally I think every single one of them is f__ked up haha

also I'm not really sure I got the real point of the story, like, at the end I was kind of confused about what was happening.. I think they didn't explain some parts of the story and I feel like I missed a lot of details..

[1x12] Episode 12

as I said before, I think the whole season was confusing, it had some plot holes and sometimes I felt like they didn't explain the whole thing

for once I saw a determined Yui (finally, in the last episode of the season, for gods' sake!) BUT I have to say that at first it was confusing and I didn't fully understand what happened at the end.. but after catching the hints and reading some comments of people who actually know the whole story (thanks to the visual novels), I kind of understood haha

I guess I can't really talk about it without spoilers, so here they are!


okay first of all let me explain why I didn't like Yui..

I don't want to say she was weak because I don't think she actually was, instead I'm gonna say that I felt like she was a little bit.. dumb..

I mean, she had one opportunity to escape (thanks to Subaru!), because she wanted to get the hell out of there, she said it a couple times, right? but what did she do? "oh I'm gonna stay 'cause I want to know the truth about my father.." what? really? if I was in her place, and if I was as scared as she said she was, I would have get the fuck outta there.. I guess that secretly she enjoyed being bitten by those hotties haha

also, she was like "no, don't bite me.." they just got near her and suddenly she let them bite her.. srly? well, yeah, they were super hot haha but she didn't want it.. so why did she let them do it?

I just hated how Laito called her "bitch-chan" srly? what-the-actual-fuck ?? actually all of them treated her like she was a "thing" :|
and all the time they were harassing her.. and all of them drank her blood..

ohh can I say now how scary Kanato is? damn he looked super cute BUT he is crazy!

now, about the brother's story.. they're sons of three different women (share the same dad, obviosuly), the triplets (Ayato, Kanato and Laito) killed their mom, Cordelia..
Subaru's mom was in a cell.. and according to his memories, we can say that he killed her 'cause she told him to do it.. but again, I'm not sure :|
but what happened to Shu and Reiji's mom?

Cordelia came back to life 'cause she asked Richter (brother in-law) to take her heart and put it inside other person.. aka Yui
so Yui was, somehow, posessed by Cordelia and to end with all the crap Cordelia brought, she decided to stab herself with the dagger Subaru gave her

Reiji made a "potion" to save Yui.. and then she wakes up..
here is where, according to the fans and the subtle hints, she becomes a vampire..


overall, the episode was.. interesting but I don't know.. I feel like I needed more info, more backgroud, more context..

and now, the OVA..
I think this one doesn't have name haha but it's the only one, so it's called just like that, OVA (or episode 13..)

according to the info I searched, this episode serves as an introduction of season two "More Blood", they present us the new characters we'll be seeing..
I also found them really attractive haha and it looks like I'm going to like them (again, their looks..) but I have a legit question here:

how the hell Yui knows the name of one of them?
in the first season they never mention the other "family" so how did Yui know about them? did I miss something once again or what?

probably I'll be watching next season, just to know what happens haha
also there's a rumor around the anime: a third season is coming out this year, of course, as a rumor it could be fake, but, who knows?

well well.. it seems that, again, the entry ended up being really long T__T I'm so sorry! it looks like everytime I talk about an anime I could write pages and pages about it haha

anyways, hope you enjoyed the entry, or at least laughed a little bit of all the fangirlism exposed here :P
as always thank you so much for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have an awesome week n__n

bye bye!