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you really suck at lying

-Attack on Titan vol. 8 ~ Hajime Isayama

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a great day n__n I've been uhm.. feeling quite lazy these past few days.. I actually wanted to do a lot of things but, look at me, my lazy ass didn't want to get tired haha

so yeah, I even wanted to make a special entry, which I obviously didn't do u__ú
I was planning to do an entry telling you my sweet and beautiful story with anime haha I guess I'll do it in a few days..

also I finally decided to read another book, guess what did I read? yeah, another volume of manga n__n' to be honest it's easier to read :P

ohh and guess what? I already finished watching the anime I paused some time ago.. the biggest surprise? it was shorter than I thought.. and, of course, weirder..

ah, I almost forgot it: I started to watch Sailor Moon Crystal!
I know it came out years ago (like 3?) but I never gave it a try.. until now.. have I ever mentioned that I was a huge SM fan?

anyways, we better start with today's entry..

Attack on Titan Vol. 8 by Hajime Isayama
oh-my-gods! I can't believe I finally reached the part where the first season of the anime ended!

what can I say about this volume? well, it was incredible!
I thought I wouldn't get surprised at all after knowing what was coming but oh crap, I was wrong! the last chapter of the volume was not included in the anime so.. surprise mother__ckers!

I'm still in shock.. how was I so blind? I felt like I always had this question in my head but I never bothered about really questioning it, like I didn't need an explanation.. or that it wasn't even important but damnit it really was.. and it's a huge and important part of the story

the whole thing gave an unsuspected twist, and I'm just surprised.. Isayama is a genius

if the story was interesting before, now, it's even better.. the more details it starts to reveal, the more questions are in the air..
but the main questions remain the same: what are Titans? who is the real enemy?

finally we have a "closure" for the Female Titan Arc.. but, of course, it's not over yet.. it's kind of paused 'cause we don't know the reason behind it.. I just try to figure out the things but I can't haha
now more than ever, I want to avoid spoilers but I guess I'm cursed.. the spoilers are everywhere! and with the upcoming new season.. I bet it's gonna get worse T__T

this time we didn't see Rivaille a lot.. instead we got the amazing, incredible and badass Mikasa *-* as always she took my breath away.. and, again, Armin was one of the best things in the story, I'm always amazed of how intelligent he is! he figured everything out!

I have to say that there's always some development in the characters that, even if it's subtle, it's important and very interesting.. I always find myself content with most of the characters.. but I still have my doubts about one of them: Eren

sometimes I tend to find him quite annoying, and other times I think he is incredible.. sometimes he just gets in my nerves,, I still can't decide wheter I love, like or loathe him..

and that ending.. that cliffhanger! ohgods I just can't with it.. I need to know what the hell happened! I've been thinking about the lasts pages of this volume.. I feel like in the trailer of the second season they showed us this part.. and it's gonna be so bloody amazing that it'll blow our minds!

the whole volume was filled up with action, and yeah, a little drama as usual haha I just can't even describe how amazing it was.. everytime I'm more and more obsessed with the story, now I can't wait to read the next volume!

in case you want to read the whole review, in spanish of course, click here please n__n

ohh I finally finished to watch another anime! after a long time, I'm done with it..

コープスパーティー Tortured Souls ―暴虐された魂の呪叫―
/  Corpse Party: Tortured Souls
OVA (4 episodes)

well yeah, this anime is an OVA T__T why I didn't know it before? pfft! when I noticed there were only four episodes I almost went crazy haha

so, there's this account on Instagram that is about anime, so I get most of the recomendations from it.. since some time ago I've been seeing that they usually talked about Corpse Party when mentioned a "gore" anime.. so I decided to give it a try

I have to say that I started watching it like one or even two weeks ago.. is just that I watched episode one, and then I put it aside 'cause I couldn't find myself attached/interested in it.. but I decided to watch episode two a few days later.. and nothing again; then I read it had only four episodes u__u so I decided to finish it once for all

it tells us the story of an small group of friends who realize a "magic spell" (like a pact) to stick together as a friends, but something unexpected happens and they're transported to an alternate dimension (Heavenly Host School, where a series of murderers happened years ago) and there's where the sick things start to happen..

to be honest I found the plot kind of confusing, and honestly I didn't fully understand it ¬¬
I had to read some comments and explanations about it to kind of catch the story.. I guess it would have been easier to understand if first you play the videogames (yeah, this anime is based on a game, same as Diabolik Lovers)

most of the time I was confused and I think it was too rushed, like they tried to tell the story/plot too fast (only in four episodes, c'mon!) and at the end everything was kind of confusing and weird

[episode 4] 哀しき真実  /  Sorrowful Truth

well, this is the last episode of this OVA, and here finally we get some answers, we get to know the truth about what happened in the Heaveny Host School and why the group of friends (Satoshi, Yuka, Naomi, Seiko, Ayumi, Yoshiki, Mayu, Sakutaro and Yui-sensei) ended up there..

and finally we get to see who the survivors are and how they made it..

sorry, but I have to do it: here come the spoilers!


so, Heavenly Host School was the alternate dimension the group were sent to, and in this last episode we saw how Naomi was the one who hanged Seiko, why? well, I'm not sure.. maybe she was posessed? 'cause almost at the end, we saw her surrounded by some type of negative energy.. perhaps she lost herself..

we also knew that Sachiko (the daughter of a teacher who used to work at Heavenly Host, was the one who commited the murders, the reason? she didn't want her mom to be alone, so she sent her souls..

her mom was killed by the principal of Heavenly Host, but also we knew that he killed Sachiko too.. so when she killed the kids she was already dead..

I have to say that I felt sad when I saw that Yuka got attacked, and even sadder when she died.. she was so young haha and so cute.. but why the fuck did her brother, Satoshi, left her with a freaking ghost in the first place? how stupid..

at the end there were three "survivors", Satoshi, Naomi and Ayumi, who found how they could be able to get out of that place (a confession of the murderer, contenting the ghosts, their piece of paper and repeating "Sachiko" the number of times representing them, 3)..

but Naomi lost her paper T__T and she "stole" one, Satoshi noticed and offered her his saying he also had Yuka's paper.. then they disappear and we see an ID from Yuuya Kizami (the one who killed Yuka and belonged to a different school)..

they appear in their school, in the classroom they disappeared but oh surprise.. only Satoshi's arms appear O__O 'cause they were holding hands..
some people say he's obviously dead 'cause that peice of paper beloged to somebody dead, but others said that he may be alive but that he returned (without arms obviously) to Kizami's school..

there's a scene after the credits.. we can see a lady on the phone, talking to a "doctor" saying her daughter acts different, that she has an "imaginary friend".. then we can see Naomi (I think it's her) locked up in her room.. seeming crazy..

rumor has it that, as in a previous episode, we get told that when people die in Heavenly Host (the alternate dimension) it's like they've never existed in the "normal" dimension.. but the only ones who can remember them are the "survivors"..

so we can say that Naomi kept on telling her mom about her friends but as they died in HHS, they never existed where they live..

cunfusing, isnt it?


I think this episode was not the exception, it was also kind of confusing and sometimes it made no sense.. after the ending I felt like I needed some more answers u__u

overall I didn't enjoy it as I thought.. they focused more in the gore element and the main story was put aside.. also the ending was a little confusing and I read people is still confused about it, I honestly don't know what to think about it..

otherwise, as you know, the last Wolverine movie, Logan, finally came out.. but I haven't had time to go watch it.. maybe next week.. BUT I went to buy something the cinema released of it..

a Key chain! yeah, another one for my collection! maybe it's not really pretty but it looks cool haha and I liked how it looks like the dog tags Logan wore in the previous movies n__n

I don't really have anything left to say..so I guess that's all for now.. this entry ended up really long! sorry sorry :P
oh soon I'll be posting the special entry.. just wait for it..

as always thank you so much for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!

bye bye!