viernes, 31 de julio de 2015

Poupée ~ monthly fav: July

Hi cutiepies!
I hope you're doing great n__n today was a busy day and it was also very hot! that's why right now I feel kinda lazy.. but I'm here for a new entry!

woah july came and went by really fast! I can't believe it's the last day of the month.. and that means it's time for a new monthly favourite!!

I don't have so much to say so we better start with this


20 - my first event ever! I liked that dress but I sold it long time ago.. on the last days of PG I wanted to buy it again but I only got the pink version instead..

19 - that event was not one of my favourites but I liked a lot that heart printed shirt! and my beloved boots

18 - ohh I loved the background of that event.. sadly the items were not my favourite so I didn't buy a lot of them.. I like a lot the red/ white combo and again, my beloved boots (this time in white) make any outfit cute!

17 - the kimono looks stunning and I think every item in the whole outfit match perfectly


16 - the swimsuit was not one of my favourites and I sold it later but again I tried to get it once again but I wasn't able to find it...

15 - yes, a lot of beach events, and of course, I love dark outfits! so the purple swimsuit was one of my favourites

14 - black and white will always be a winner for me, so this outfit totally rocks! and those boots were one of my favourites!

13 - birthday outfit! haha I always tried to dress up in purple on that day.. why? well, 'cause it's my fav colour *-*


12 - I liked a lot the surfer outfit.. even if I don't like pink so much looks cute

11 - haha I think it looks kinda funny my "ninja" outfit but it also looks awesome

10 - again the purple swimsuit.. is just that I liked it a lot :P

9 - that were probably my favourite fairy dress.. I love fairies and this dress-up looked very pretty


8 - I think this is from the last event ever on PG.. when they announced they were "taking a break".. I loved that wig *-* and the colours of this outfit looks so weel together

7 - arr! aye matey! haha I love that pirate dress-up *-*

6 - ohh one of my favourite dresses! I love all the items in this!

5 - that wig it's too gorgeous! I loved how the swimsuit and that pareo matched and looked great together


4 - oww I think you already seen this outfit more than once.. is just that I like it alot! I love that gothic touch it has!

3 - what can I say about this? I love everything about it!

2 - ohh I love that dress *-* the goth style is one of my favourites! the dress, the shoes and the mini hat were from the last piyo catcher u___u I was so glad I had the opportunity to have them!

1 - and, ta-dá! this is my number ONE! I love the rocker/nerdy style of it! the shorts, the horns, everyhting is amazing!

well, that's it.. that's my top 20 of every july in Poupée.. damn.. one hour to make the entry x__x and I still have to do another one (on my side blog, check it out if you want to).. so I better hurry up :P
thanks for reading/passing by!

Cya' *