sábado, 4 de julio de 2015

it's Summertime!

Hi cutiepies!
I hope you're having a great day :) I'm fine but a little bit busy T__T these past few days have been crazy.. and I still have to edit the previous entries! I was going to do it today but I went shopping with my sis, so I ended up very very tired..

I wanted to make the entry earlier but I didn't had the pictures ready so I decided to edit them first, so I could make (finally) one complete entry..

okay, as I don't have so much to say, let's start with this!

a few days ago I bought a Peace Tea! you know how much I love them.. this one is raspberry flavoured!

Republic Nail nail art pen in White
also my sis got this polish for me a while ago.. she only bought one so I could try it and see if I like it.. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope to do it soon!

Hello Kitty nail file & nail clipper by Sanrio
I saw this set and I fell in love! I had to buy it, it's way too cute *-*
even if it's pink, it looks super adorable! it has some cupcakes and candies on its print.. ohh pure love!

now that I'm talking about nail things, I finally painted my nails again! this time I wanted to start with a project that has been in my mind since some time ago.. I was dying to start some kind of "Challenge" featuring Monster High! this means I'm gonna make some nail art based on MH dolls..

so, the first one is Lagoona Blue! (click here to more pictures)

but, why Lagoona? well, since summer is officially here I thought about Lagoona and her unique "summery" style!
basically I used the colours she normally wears: blue, pink and black, I also used mint ('cause her skin has this kind of shade) and, yes, a lot of glitter!

NOTE: I used the first doll image as inspiration, and I'm actually going to do that: paint my nails according to the first edition of each doll.. but maybe, just maybe, I'll use another edition as inspiration, who knows?

well, that was all for now.. I hope you enjoyed the entry! and sorry if it was too short :P
thanks for reading/passing by!

Cya' *