jueves, 23 de julio de 2015

.. not anymore, never again. I am Dauntless

Hi cutiepies!
ohh almost a week since my last update! I totally forgot this u___u I've been.. busy.. very very busy.. I had a little bit of time to edit two entries from my side blog ¬¬ and finally I'm here to edit, at least, this entry!

well, I hope you're doing fine; fnally my sister and her children are on vacations! that is supposed to mean that I'm on vacations too haha woah the heat has been horrible these days! but also it's rainy and a little bit cold at night x__x I hope I won't get sick..

okay, I don't have so much to say (as always) so we better start with this!

one of my birthday presents were books, so I was dying to start a new one *-*

Four: A Divergent Story Collection by Veronica Roth
with this one I officially finished the Divergent Saga; with the other books I wanted to know more about Four (Tobias) and finally with this one we get a little bit of his story..

I found quite pleasant the fact that he and Tris had so much in common, like the way they think and see their world; also I liked to discover Tobias' past.. it was awful but he survived.. I guess that's why we all love him: he became strong and learnt how to carry his scars in his own way

to be honest I wanted to know Tobias' Point of View in Insurgent and Allegiant (how cruel, right?) but I guess with this book we have so much, we got to know Four a little bit more and why did he take the choices he took..

one thing I liked about the book was the back *-* the starry sky looks very pretty!

yesterday I got a new polish! I bought it with the money my dad gave me for my birthday, so we can say it's a nother bday present :P

Nail polish by China Glaze in Sexy Silhouette
I got this one 'cause it was on sale (50% off) and 'cause I liked the colour :P
it's a bright pink which almost looks like red haha it looks incredible pretty on (I tried it just in one nail) now I can't wait to wear it n___n

while I was visiting the shops (yeah, I visited a lot and only got one nail polish haha oops!) I decided to take a break and eat something.. it was 2x1 in a frozen yoghurt shop, so I said, why not?

the store's name is yogen früz and you can pick whatever you want (flavour and toppings) but also you prepare it! mine was strawberry-banana flavoured with some gummy bears and other candies :P inluding a waffle cookie! I really liked the napkin and the spoon!

well, I think that'¿s all for now, sorry for taking so much time to edit this.. I promise I'll edit the previous entries soon!
thanks for reading/passing by

Cya' *