viernes, 10 de julio de 2015

just breathe..

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a good time :P I've been feeling lazy.. that's why I haven't edited the past entries yet T__T but I swear I'll do my best :P

do you know what july means? my birthday! haha and that means presents *-* and that, my friends, means, I hope, books! I want, no, NEED more books!

well, I don't have so much to say today, so we better start with this new entry :P

this week I finally was able to play a videogame after some time without doing it! my nephew and niee brought their xbox to my house and we rented a game we wanted to play..

Lego Jurassic World
I LOVE Jurassic Park franchise! *-* so when I knew there where going to be a game based in it I went crazy! I also love Lego games so it was perfect!

one thing I liked about it was to play as the dinos! as every lego game, it's funny and addictive.. my niece and I were the ones who played more (or should I say the only ones?), and the day before we gave it back to the store, 'cause we rented it, we ended up with 70% done of it! haha so you can see how much we liked it :P

otherwise, some weeks ago I got new nail polishes! *-*

Nail polish by KleanColor in 24 Bikini Green
I picked up this one 'cause if you got two the price was cheaper and they didn't have so much polishes T__T

this shade is like a neon green, and as the name describes it, it's perfect for summer! I haven't painted my nails yet, but I hope to to it soon..

Nail polish by KleanColor in 339 Sunset Grace
I saw this one first and I liked it a lot; even if I don't like yellow I have to admit this polish is very pretty!

as you can see it's textured 3D and has a lot of glitter! I can't wait to use it, I hope it looks good in my nails :P I think it's also perfect for summer, I wonder if it would look good on autumn too..

I know the entry is very short, and I'm sorry! is just that I don't have so much to say and/or to show.. plus as I waited sooo much to edit it I don't know if I had more images for it or not T__T I promise I'll edit the entries that need it.. just be patient :P

as always thanks for reading/passing by, have a wonderful day!

Cya' *