jueves, 1 de agosto de 2013

❥more more more ♱*

"She's just a loner with a sexy attitude,
I'd like to phone her cos she puts me in the mood"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
so here's the second part of the past entry n____n'
I almost forgot to do it LOL I was going to update yesterday, but I was busy reading :P
anyway, I can barely contain all my happiness! why? OMFG *fangirling* I think my fandoms are killing me right now.. but, who cares? I'm enjoying it so fucking much maybe I'll talk about it (*almost dying*) at the end of the entry n____n'

well, I better start now :P

so, as I said on the prev entry, I don't usually receive so much presents, but I really don't care :P I always hope to get what I want n_____n

black flats by BERSHKA

the texture of these ones is like velvet (one thing I don't like so much) and they also have a curious design: they are open: just in one side (the outside part of the foot).. the bad thing about them is that if I wear them and then it rains they'll got messy >____< and my feet will get wet LOL

Silvery dolphin (more like a whale, right?) ring
Cat Ears ring
I have a big obssession about accessories (specially rings and necklaces), so I really loved to get them!

Tank top by Ed Hardy
I have to say I fucking love this brand! is one of my favourites n____n

Hello Kitty Body Splash
the set contains 4 different fragances: Friendship, Joy, Tender and Love ◕‿‿◕

(the top of the set box *-*)

with that stuff I finish my laaaaaarge post of my birthday n____n'
so, as I said at the beging of the entry, I'm happy! why? well, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (movie) is coming out next week! *fangirling* and obviously I'm going to the teathers (unfortunately, not to the premier T____T) to watch it n____n' also, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (movie) is coming out at the end of the month! oww I can't wait!
why fandoms, why?
anyway, thanks for reading :P and sorry about my fangasm..
Laters, babies

McFly - Five Colours In Her Hair♫