martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

✖*salty water ♡

"Lights will guide you home
and ignite your bones
and I will try to fix you"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
these days have been crazy! and right now I'm not in mood u____u today was or is gonna be the premier of TMI in my country.. the cast came and I feel mad.. I'm just trying to handle it.. ohh hello frustration!
anyway, I don't think that even matters now.. right?

so, my mom got me a cookies & crème chocolate bar by DOVE
yeah, DOVE! the brand of beauty supplies haha WTF? it was good, but I prefer the one by Hershey's :P

Nail Polish by Sally Hansen in 570 Water Color
finally I decided to upload a closer look to my SH nail polish that I got as a birthday present n____n is the one I used to make my Percy Jackson inspired nail art n_____n
I confirmed I love this brand  was easy to put and easy to take off
the blue is a gorgeous shade, even knowing I already had that shade in another brand; is bright and looks awesome on nails n____n just loved it!

I only have to wear the other one soon.. I'm thinking about to paint my nails on thursday, so I'm gonna use it :P

otherwise, at the beging of the entry I said these days have been crazy, why? well, on saturday and sunday I read a book.. yeah, the addiction continues

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
well, I saw (mostly on tumblr) a lot of people talking about this one.. I wanted to give it a try but suddenly I started to see that people said "the book that makes me cry", "saddest book ever" and shit, so I was like "OK.. maybe I won't read it.." but, I saw some reviews of it, even spoilers T____T and, of course, I knew it was a sad book, not really my type..
but a friend loaned it to me (yeah, I forgot to take a picture of it, sorry!) because I was not really sure if I wanted to buy it..

I read it.. and yes! I CRIED! OMFG! maybe is the saddest book I ever read in my whole fucking life!! well, I thought I was going to cry a river, well most like an ocean, but no, I only cried a little bit (maybe because I was with my mom and sister and I hate when people see me cry..)

I didn't know the author (John Green) before and now I know he has another books, but not gonna read them.. myabe I already had a bunch of emotions with TFiOS.. anyway, I think the book is very sad because is so real.. maybe not my favorite book, but it was great and at the same time it was horrible haha I don't have a clearly review of the book without some spoilers :P

one hint: people with cancer.. when have the story of a young sick girl and the way she feels and sees the world, suddenly someone enters into her life and everything changes.. she starts to see things a little bit different..

definitely I won't read it again.. I had enough of it u____u
do I recomend it? uhm.. yeah why not? but I guess if I recomend it people will kill me for make them unhappy haha! I really liked it, it's sad but beautiful..

so, after more than one hour writing the entry I have to say that's all for now :P
Laters, babies

Coldplay - Fix You♫