lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

❤' sweet addiction✯

"You're so easy to read
but the book is boring me"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
again with problems writing here T____T I'm getting a little bit tired about that..
anyway, I wanted to make this entry before, 'cause, to be honest, I was dying to talk about my books :P
sorry, is an addiction I have, sometimes I feel I should say "hello, my name is Dana and I'm a bookahollic" yeah yeah, I know I already said that I love books, but I can't help it! I love to read

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Sea Of Monsters by Rick Riordan
so, I was dying to get this one since I finished to read the first book, I didn't get it for my birthday; my mom said it the book stores didn't have it, they were going to receive it a days after; I looked for it but nothing.. my sis went to another store and finally got it for me :P
anyway, I read it and I loved it! I can't wait to watch the movie this week *-*

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Titan's Curse rstby Rick Riordan
ohh I just can't describe how much I love this saga!  every book almost kill me x____x but I'm loving every second of my slow death :P I finished it in one day! ohmy.. what am I gonna do? I just want the next book so badly but right now I can't buy it >____< I'm dying..

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
so, I heard about this saga long time ago (maybe more than one year ago) but I didn't pay so much attention, I was not interested on it.. what a mistake!! when I heard the movie was coming out I feel I had to read the saga so I wanted to get the first book so badly for my birthday and I got it!!
I started reading and I have to say the book totally hooked me up! and I totally fell in love with Jace *-*  and, why not, with Jamie Campbell Bower too :P I think they made a great choice when he was casted to play Jace n_____n
I can't wait to get the next one x_____x

we can say I read the three books in a week n____n' and I'm addicted to those sagas.. ohhh just can't wait for the movies! *-*
as you maybe noticed, I love this kind of literature (for young adults?), I fall in love with sagas so fast but I can't do anything about it, actually, I love it haha

well, time ago my sis got us (mom, nephew, niece, me and even herself) cupcakes (mine was the one on the top right: pastel pink whiped cream)..
they were from a place I never tried before but I didn't like them x____x I hated everything about them! the taste was poor, the top cream was too colored and tasted strange and they were quite expensive..
I obviously prefer my beloved muffins *-*

I spent too much time making this entry LOL even seeing is short ¬¬
anyway, that's all for now :P thanks for reading/checking out
Laters, babies

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