martes, 20 de agosto de 2013

☂no more stories.. ♡

"Baby, when they look up at the sky
we'll be shooting stars just passing by"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
today was a good day, it was raining in the morning! just perfect

I've been taking care of my sis' puppy these past days u____u I have to say is really hard to do it.. that damn dog bites me everytime she wants T____T she's a demon, srly..
but I try to, at least, take care of her good, I can't help it, I love dogs  that's why I always say "yes" when my sisters ask me to watch out her dogs..

anyway, time ago my sis broguht some cupcakes, but guess what? I didn't like them x____x the taste was horrible T_____T that was like a sin..
fuck's sake.. they should be punish LOL

the deco was uhm.. not even good, right? I think the colors were very bright, they looked cheap and awful :S plus the bad taste.. well.. was a bad combo u_____u
[Note to myself: never buy cupcakes there]

otherwise, my niece and nephew just got back to school yesterday, to be honest, that makes me happy LOL I'm not mean.. is just that they need to do something with their time, spend it good: not being lazy all day long :P
that's why I noticed I had a picture of a cute small bag I got as an xmas present..

yep, a Monster High bag n____n' Ghoulia Yelps is not one of my favorites, neither Cleo de Nile.. but the bag is pretty cute
I loved the design! the pattern looks like a brain haha on the back it only has the MH crest..

ohh I just fell in love with the little MH white skull charm on the zipper

well, it was an small entry, sorry about that n____n'
I barely have time.. but I try to do my best.. anyway, thanks for read/pass by :P
Laters, babies

Demi Lovato - Neon Lights♫