martes, 13 de agosto de 2013

. . paint it blue ღ•*

"Don't wanna hear your sad songs
I don't wanna feel your pain"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
I wanted to update yesterday but I felt lazy n_____n
these days I've been.. uhm.. sometimes I went mad (situations that happen frequently with my family) and.. feeling normal, I mean, my humor has been normal, not too happy, not too sad, not too angry.. I try to be OK.. and I guess sometimes I do it nice..

ohh did you see I gave a little makeover to my blog? haha was time to change, right? I like it more this way n____n it looks cooler, well, for me :P

anyway, this is gonna be a "blue entry", why? because all the images have something blue.. that's weird 'cause that color is not even my fav.. but I already have a lot of pictures edited..

so, my sis got me some cookies a while ago n____n

SMURFS! haha an OREO's special edition *-* I just love those cookies since I was a little girl, I fell in love with them and I still love them, our love will be forever

the color of this Smurfs' edition is, obviously, blue n____n and they have an smurf face in one side of the cookie, super cute!
the taste is the same as always (I thought they were going to taste different LOL) n_____n'

a while ago I bought a new nail polish.. yeah, I love nail polishes! they are so addictive..

Nail polish by AVON in Turquesa (Turquoise)
well, I had a bad experience with avon before: the last nail polish I got from it didn't work on my nails, the polish just didn't stay on my nails u____u
like two months ago I saw this nice color, it tempted me.. so I got it and actually, I don't regret it: this one works nice on my nails but the smell is too strong, at least for my taste.. but I'm glad I decided to buy it :P
the color is the same as you see it in the image; I like it, even if I don't believe is normal turquoise (this is darker, tho..) but is still very pretty
I used this one to make my Percy Jackson inspired nail art (on my prev entry); just to give them that greenish look the ocean sometimes has..

otherwise, I watched some movies these days (actually in the past weeks LOL), I barely watched like two or three, so I'm not gonna talk about them, 'cause I don't really paid attention to them :P

A Haunted House: so, I like to watch this kind of movies (funny ones, like Scary Movie), they make me laugh like crazy haha this one was just OK.. of course, there are things on these movies that I find disgusting but I keep on watching them.. this one had funny moments (basically is based on Paranormal Activity) but is not one of my fav movies..

Texas Chainsaw 3D: I love gore movies! as well horror LOL I liked the first one (with Jessica Biel); to be honest I didn't have a lot of interest on this one but I rented it 'cause I thought I saw Alexandra Daddario (Annabeth on Percy Jackson) on it.. and I was not wrong! she is the protagonist (and I love her) but the movie is uhm.. pathethic.. sorry! I didn't like it, sometimes I got bored of it and the story is not very good.. will I watch it again? uhm no.. at least there's nothing else to watch :P

Evil Dead: I watched this one today, it was super cool haha why? 'cause I saw a lot of blood (as I said, I love gore movies) but the movie is not scary.. I guess they lied to me when they said it was a "good horror movie", I mean is not as frightening as people said it was..

so, I think that's all for today, not a long post but not really short either..
anyway, thanks for reading  or passing by :P
Laters, babies

Paramore - Ignorance♫