sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

♚' hello disappointment..

"Sometimes I don't even know if I'm wrong or right
I try to drown the sorrow that surfaces every night"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
I totally forgot to update haha but here I am :P I always say I have tons of pictures for the blog, but sometimes I say "I don't have pictures, what am I supposed to upload?".. stupid me LOL

so, like two weeks ago my nephew and niece went to another state to visit their family (they stood there for a week) as part of their vacations (before they got back to school) and they surprised us bringing some PopTarts ◕‿‿◕

I ate a blueberry tart, it was so delicious!

is not easy to get them where I live.. sometimes the stores just don't have them T____T and another stores stopped to sell them, why? I don't know.. but we missed them!
they left in my house an strawberry tarts box in my house and they kept the blueberry one..

otherwise, I still have the "Demigod fever" haha I'm crazy about Percy Jackson.. and I'm dying to get the next book.. so as I'm totally obsessed with the saga, I've seen there are so many quizzes to know "who's your goddy parent" LOL

I had to do it! to be honest, I answered like 5 diffrent quizzes.. and in 3 of them the result was the same "Athena child" (the other two were Zeuz and Apolo.. WTF?), I guess is my destiny haha
could be that the reason why I identify a lot with Annabeth? uhm..
anyway, I'm happy with the result ◕‿‿◕

right now I don't feel very good.. since monday to thursday I was checking like crazy the web pages of the cinemas in my country.. for what? just one reason The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Premier..
but nothing! I mean, not midnight showing.. WTF? really? I was disappointed.. but then, my mom said she's going to have a dental surgery at wednesday.. and everything tore appart..

the midnight showings are practically on wednesday (the movie starts after 00:01 hrs on thursday), so that's the big problem: if there's gonna be a premier I just can't go.. I prefer to stay home with my mom in case she needs something..
the other option would be going on friday (the first day the movie officially hits teathers) but I can't go either haha why? well, my nephew and niece come to my house after school 'cause my sister works and nobody can take care of them, only my mom and I, and sometimes my other sister.. plus I told my mom some time ago that she's going to watch the movie with me (she wants to watch it too :P), I think it would be unfair if I go without her..
so I'll have to wait and watch it on saturday T____T is just.. sad.. at least for me..

after I spent more than one hour here writing, I finally finish this entry haha
as always, thanks for reading/passing by :P
Laters, babies

Jessie J - Magnetic♫